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    diary entry # 102i walk the wet muddy wasteland around me in my jappanese school uniform and gasmask i push my skirt down as the wind blows by its been maybe 5 months since they invaded tokyo they detonated a nuclear war head and i feel am i the only one in this country alive anymore sometimes i feel like takeing my gasmask off and ending it all i have done it many times but i always put it back on it seems something keeps my going weither its hopeing others are alive or my sadness i dont know i can feel the radiation killing me i just hope i live long enough to see my friends again

    This is not something the "Community" can or should bother with. Its between the finite liquid developer and the Forge maintainer. If he doesn't want to ask the forge hooks or W/E he need to move his mod to Forge or if he just simply don't want to work with forge, then that is his problem.

    well it seems you sir are a asshole because technically this is in support and this is support needing for the community so fuck comrade dont anger a russian

    good evening ladies and gentlemen i am reviewhunter and here i would like to discuss with all of you your ideas and thoughts on finite liquid incompatibilitys possible soulutions reasons and what could we or alblaka do to fix this and add compatibility what it would be like for example finite water must be flowing or running to make power some what like a hydro dam instead of unrealistic still water pumps could fill lava into the generator and thats all i came up with its up to you guys to come up with other ideas now i know this has been suggested but its because alblaka has a plan for oil its self but why not he just make it so finite liquid could also be used as oil to just to point that out|EDIT: i know this should go in a different section but this is some what support needing so yeah and im not asking for intigration alblaka just to put that out im just asking for it to work and no black screen that is all|

    I've been thinking... should I answer? I'll do, just because I feel like it. First, the date on my profile is wrong, it should be 5th Jan 1998, but even if it says 1st May 1998 that's 13. Maybe you should go back to primary school and learn some basic maths. Second, your posts seem quite childish, as opposed to mine, and your grammar sucks so much it's not even funny. So, even if I'm younger, I am more mature, and if I'm not, you aren't demonstrating it, and quite frankly having worse grammar than a 14 year old is quite seems AND IM A DICK

    well i didnt know you put that in there

    I'll tell you why. BECAUSE MR.COMMA AND MR.FULL-STOP LIKE TO BE USED. No, seriously, his posts are very, very, very annoying to read. Imagine he wrote a wall-o-text, your eyes would be bleeding before you could say HAYO! So yeah...

    the internet isnt safe for 12 year olds it seems im talking about *puts sunglasses on* YOU YEEEEEAAAHHAAAA

    Well, you don´t make any sense at all.
    You have to go coding, you use periods in coding, you have to wait for the API before you can continue with your coding.
    BUT you don´t code you only do the sprites.
    Yeah right, I think we´ll see a release of this addon around the day the sun burns out?

    ahem gentlemen i am sorry for the confusion but i write really early in the morning and so i am confused alot so i am sorry for the confusion so to make it up i will show you some recipies of the items when they come

    If you can't spell or use punctuation properly, your code is going to be a mess and won't operate properly.
    Forgive me for basing my evaluation of your upcoming mod's quality on your ability to communicate, but unlke us, a computer won't be able to "figure out" what you mean if you miss a comma or period or uppercase letter where it's needed. And you can't convince me that you're more precise when coding than you are when writing a simple sentence - unless you think your audience isn't worth the effort of communicating clearly.

    hey i do use periods in codeing but not in conversations okay god and besides i have to wait for the ic2 api to be fixed and yes i dont really reply to stuff that often so i only use periods in codeing and my friend dose most of the codeing and he uses periods im doing the sprites

    hello everyone i changed the name of this to industrialcraft+ it adds new stuff like the bio mulch and the presser and still from before and because nobody has done this and i know alblaka is gonna love this i am adding a lightning rod generator to this addon because everyone likes those


    :Treetap::Electronic Circuit::Treetap:
    air :Treetap:air
    the tree taps are to extract the pressed items and the compresser to press them that is all for now
    (STATUS: starting now release estimated 3 days)

    so the problem here is when i start industrialcraft 2 v1.43 up i dont get the sounds how ever my friend dose and i installed it just like him and all of the mods he uses i even installed audio mod i try to find a soulution but i cant find one nor can i find where to download a seperate sound pack can somebody help me and also my sounds are enabled equivilent exchange sounds work but not industrialcraft 2 o please help