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    I'm honestly baffled by your response abla, you certainly have grown over time and are able to look behind the whole emotional thing. Thumbs up for that, its a hard thing to do.

    Your sensible reasoning for why you want to take your time at the moment to think about it, makes perfectly sense also.

    When you said this is the only thing you've achieved so far (in that size at least), thats something we all should keep in mind. IC is one of the best Mods in Minecraft, people will be talking about IC when it comes to Minecraft, its a part of gaming history... in short, the thing is huge. Its not easy to make decisions in regards of that lighthanded. We consumers tend to forget that, this is Albla's lifetime chance where he actually had/has a huge impact on many many peoples live.

    Your Mod has been a great source of joy for me and my friends for a veeeeerrry long time so far, and i hope it continues to.

    Did you actually come here to add anything worthwhile to the discussion or did you feel this was a good time to brown nose?

    Thats a very good point! And it should be something you should ask yourself about your video, the valid claims you make in your video could be easily cut down to 2/3 Minutes the rest is useless sidesentences that don't add to anything you mentioned in the video whatsoever. Except for creating drama maybe.

    I even made a TLDR: I agree they should communicate more. Thats the point where i agree with you. The rest i can't comment, i was usually satisfied with the delivered quality of IC.

    I haven't written anything on this forum for a very long time actually and while you may have some points you shoot yourself in the knee by making some stupid assumptions "forge is an excuse" "this is an excuse" "that is an excuse". The part where you start to tell Ablaka that he "wants to kill industrial craft if he keeps the dev team". These are BOLD claims that need sensible reasoning. You are criticizing abla and his whole team yet you cannot reason why the team and not him (can't replace him, can you, no abla, no IC) and then your most valid point just gets swallowed by that insult: That they dont communicate. This is a widespread problem for ALOT of the big mods in minecraft. Another one that was ridicoulosly popular was Flan's Mod and he is for some reason not fucking able to communicate anything and he's generating quite some hate with it.

    I know (in the context of following this mod since the start) abla a little bit on how he reacts to criticism and unless he has changed in a substantial way: there is a certain point where you can push him and before that everything is fine but afterwards he's getting majorly pissed off and blocks off completely that is partly because he is (rightfully i might add) very protective about his work and IC in particular.

    I just want to STATE that, i'm not saying its good or bad. The reason why i point that out is, by knowing that it is that way, and it is pretty obvious that it IS that way, it demands a certain tone which should be a respectful tone without any stupid assumptions or dramatizing. You're not talking about a product you bought here, lets be clear on this, while you CAN demand a certain quality to work, while you can field your concerns about anything, there is no, Absolutely NO justification for anger or worked up attitude to say anything. People in help centers for paid software get PAID to listen to people that are raging because they spent money on something that doesnt work. Guess what:

    No Helpdesk.

    No Money spent.

    Talking about being professional:

    00:53 "What i get to view is a storybook[...], but it may be a good point to restructure the development team"

    That doesnt even make any sense. Don't bring his writing in, when it has NOTHING to do with the problem. Absolutely nothing. No. That reasoning is just bad. You pretty much ignited abla in the first minute and you pissed him off at 1:20 i bet on it without even bringing a sensible reason in yet. Insult people at least AFTER your rant.

    08:00 "Your testing is disgusting"

    Oh boy, i would LOVE to work on a project that i do voluntarily if someone approaches me with that kind of carefully formulated critics. Gosh, that would motivate me so much. What exactly are you trying to achieve with a comment like this ? Wouldnt "I'm under the impression that testing does not deliver the needed quality because of example a), b), c)" suffice ? What do you think provokes a constructive answer ? Thats a childs insult to dramatize and make a show, achieves nothing.

    11:25 -.-

    11:55 "I use you guys as an insult"

    Lol. Wow. Time for the rethorics trainer. The shady justifying "i feel bad for it" doesnt help. You MADE your point already after a minute that you're not happy, what does THAT add ?

    14:25 "You're not communicating enough, there's more talk about books [...] and thats fine [...] I'm just telling you what my personal experience is"

    No, its NOT fine according to your 15 minute rant. And i understand also that it is your personal experience. But you lack a proper reason still. Stop to attack him on stuff you can't back up. You're very sleezy and glitchy. Your sentences seem to make sense on first glance but hey... they dont, they just provoke.

    15:08 "I don't know why you don't put it (energy grid code) open source [...] I'm not trying to be an asshole [...] because you guys can't even figure it (the energygrid code) out yourselfes. *laughs*"

    If you would talk about my work, in that way about me, with that lack of respect that would have been the point where i would have switched off the video. You ARE an asshole right at that point. And you ARE entitled to your opinion. There's a pattern to this, you usually notice yourself when you're saying something you shouldnt and you try to confront it with adding in a sentence that you're not doing what you're doing. It's like throwing a stone in a persons face while yelling "i'm not throwing a stone here! i'm not throwing a stone here! TROLOLOLO"

    This is a bad video and you should be ashamed of it because somewhere buried in there, there WAS some valuable feedback in it, but you manage to increase the chance of it being ignored by being a major dick.

    TL,DR: I agree, people should communicate more. You're a dick.

    We're using Zeldos Additional Pipes on my Server and they are seriously bugged with Forge .57 (not compatible anyway), however if i upgrade Forge, Inudstrialcraft stops to work, whats the latest version of forge that works with IC for Minecraft 1.23 ? What are you guys using ?

    Is anyone by chance using Zeldo's Pipes along with Industrialcraft and has probably already a solution ?

    Cheerio guys, whats the latest version (minecraft) you suggest if we are using IC2, BC and RP ?

    For Server and Client, i'm getting back to the game after a 4 month break and just noticed that RP and BC haven't been ported yet to a recent IC release...

    And how does one now handle the thermometeraddon since i seen it has not been updated lately ?

    I did watch the new video - I guess I just don't know where that fine line is between "not enough buckets in the system" and "too many".
    Not sure how to tell if it's on a chunk border, but the fact that it happened twice in different locations makes that less likely.

    It's clear that the trick is in getting the right number of buckets moving through the system, but how many and how to accomplish that aren't clear in the video.

    Stupid Question are you trying this in SSP or SMP ?

    The implication that his design does not work and that you should be spending your time studying the current state of this art in the game.

    Wtf is wrong ? Got out of the wrong side of the bed ? This is my current understanding of reactors, and imagine i read alot about them, all stickies, ablakas tutorials, the wiki entries, numerous topics otherweise... doesnt say i'm right about everything but thats why i posted my opinion as i did. His design is not working proper, is it ? What the fuck is wrong with me saying that ?

    Telling me that i'm an uneducated fuck that has to do some more reading is not really helping but thank you for nothing. But maybe, just maybe you're going to fill me in in your elitist knowledge so that an iliterate dumbass as me is finally getting it.

    Are you kidding me ? They are GREAT as they are right now. We have a mining Chest containing the following:

    1 MFE
    5 Electrolyzers
    Numerous Electrolyzed Cells
    3 Miners
    3 Diamond Drills
    3 OV SCanners
    Copper Cable
    LV Transformer
    Mining Pipes

    We're not always setting up mining operations and we load those cells up while we're doing other stuff all the time but WHEN we do, we simply set up an MFE in the wild surround it with Electrolyzers, LV to the output, and connect 3 Miners with Diamond Drills and Chests to it. Huge Profit, no lavacell running around, rather good output, no stupid long distance wiring.

    Its simple, effective and cheap as shit, i love electrolyzers as they are, they are certainly not overpowered but i think they are just right for what they do. I wouldnt want to miss them.

    Consider that this will still only be possible in SMP, and that you need someone on both sides to initiate the transfer of items across dimensions.
    If no one's in the Nether (or the overworld), time doesn't pass there - that means engines don't pump, items don't move through pipes, machines don't process and essentially, nothing happens.
    Just because an Ender Chest inventory is accessible from one realm to the other won't suddenly make your Nether lava cell factory work unattended.

    Chunkloader doesnt load another Dimension ?


    I got this thing down pretty much perfectly. I've noticed that each cell needs a few seconds more than 1/2 a cycle of uranium, so I built another breeder that just runs long enough to finish off the cells. Not really a big deal. I get every cell just 1 tick away from being done before all my uranium runs out.

    I've completed 2 cycles (each cycle is 1/2 a uranium cell) and I have to say this thing is quite amazing.

    It looks very interesting to say the least, gonna give this a try then. One thing though... why the need for that complex redstone mechanism with the counter ? Why not just use one timer that ticks once per second ?

    My advice is not to go in such breeders types-most beautiful breeder is :

    Just throw some buckets(5 >_>) and it may go like forever,just be sure to time cycle and replace cells,as when uranium burns out-hull will start to cool and you won't know the value (10000>),I suggest you use desktop notification :D
    Hope you like the disign (probably,I'm not the first to invent it :( )

    Am i missing something here ? Aside from this, "interesting" design, the Isotope cell on the top right is NOT charging like this,

    Whats it mean starting hull heat anyways?

    You can up the hull heat by many means. First you could start another cycle after one other has finished, your reactor will still have some heat left in it.

    You can up the heat with lava buckets for instance before you start the process.

    Or you intentionally overheat the reactor with to many Uranium Cells before you put in the proper design.

    I prefer perfect breeders that keep their temperatures this one heats up rather fast and on SMP i havent managed to duplicate the measures that this tool spits out. So, i'm not confident enough to try this, it requires alot of babysitting i guess.

    Too late :<

    I am reading this while my reactor room is burning to the ground. I expect an explosion in just a bit.

    There it goes, my 2nd breeder reactor :<

    Are you using the Thermometer addon from the addon section ? It helps alot to determine when something goes wrong, and also always have an emergency switch ready to shut down that pesky reactor incase all goes wrong! (ice helps as well)

    Really strange bug there, sometimes this also happened to me, but usually just once, so I didn't need to constantly replace a cable. I am not sure how it works, but if splitter cables cause an update to the Enet you might be able to do an automatic reset for that power line.

    As you have redpower it should work quite well. Basically once the detector cable goes off start a 1s timer that turns the line off, then back on. That might fix your problem.

    Brilliant idea, thx mate, gonna try that tomorrow!

    We have a simple 70 EU / t reactor (Reactor -> 512 Cable -> 512 Cable -> 512 Cable -> 512 Cable -> MFSU) directly under our base generating power on our Server. We have like 3 different reactors but this one gives us occasionally troubles for some reason.

    I noticed yesterday that sometimes the reactor stops to output power although:

    a) There is room in the attached MFSU
    b) There is NO redstone Signal
    c) There is Uranium Cells in the Reactor still.

    I took the EU reader and checked the cable, 0 EU/t going through. When i remove one of the cables and rebuild it immediately the power starts to flow again. I started to replace on of the cables with a detectorcable and attached a Redpower Lamp to it, so i can see wether the bug appears without having to check all the time. Still, everytime the lamp goes out i have to remove one part of the cable, rebuild it and the reactor starts to output properly.

    Does anyone have an idea what that is the case ? I suspect its a bug but i might have missed something since i couldnt find any bug in the bug section... Is there a way to eliminate that behaviour ?
    Installed Mods:

    [INFO] ModLoader Server 1.0.0 Initializing...
    [INFO] Mod Loaded: mod_BuildCraftCore 2.2.8
    [INFO] Mod Loaded: mod_BuildCraftBuilders 2.2.8
    [INFO] Mod Loaded: mod_BuildCraftEnergy 2.2.8
    [INFO] Mod Loaded: mod_BuildCraftFactory 2.2.8
    [INFO] Mod Loaded: mod_BuildCraftTransport 2.2.8
    [INFO] Mod Loaded: mod_zAdditionalPipes Rev31.3-A
    [INFO] ModLoaderMP 1.0.0 Initialized
    [INFO] Mod Loaded: mod_IC2 v1.43
    [INFO] Mod Loaded: mod_IC2Thermometer v1.18b
    [INFO] Mod Loaded: mod_RedPowerArray 2.0pr4
    [INFO] Mod Loaded: mod_RedPowerCore 2.0pr4
    [INFO] Mod Loaded: mod_RedPowerLighting 2.0pr4
    [INFO] Mod Loaded: mod_RedPowerLogic 2.0pr4
    [INFO] Mod Loaded: mod_RedPowerMachine 2.0pr4
    [INFO] Mod Loaded: mod_RedPowerWiring 2.0pr4
    [INFO] Mod Loaded: mod_RedPowerWorld 2.0pr4