Highest Forge Version 1.23 working for IC1.81 ?

  • We're using Zeldos Additional Pipes on my Server and they are seriously bugged with Forge .57 (not compatible anyway), however if i upgrade Forge, Inudstrialcraft stops to work, whats the latest version of forge that works with IC for Minecraft 1.23 ? What are you guys using ?

    Is anyone by chance using Zeldo's Pipes along with Industrialcraft and has probably already a solution ?

  • Build 64 (last 1.2.3 build) works just fine with IC2 1.81.

    *edit* I dunno, for some reason I didn't see richards post before submitting mine.. Oh well, enjoy already stated info */edit*

  • I did upgrade forge to .64 and now my map is broken, of course without a backup. I want to congratulate myself to succesfully fucking up the day of 3 people tonight.