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    The problem i'm having with BC pipes is that the item pipes are fine, but liquid pipes interfere with Optifine (which is the only mod i could find that does actual clear water). I haven't tried a pump cover on GT pipes to pull fuel, so i may have to try that. The main reason i don't want steam is that i have far more uses for coal and a LOT oil in my world apparently. That and i was able to find the resources to go straight from steam to diesel generator to start electric age, so i figured it would be worthwhile to save the resources and skip turbines since i was able to.

    yeah, i tried the fuel from refinery, and it didn't do anything. I couldn't even find out how to remove from the buildcraft refinery. Then went creative mode and gave myself fuel, then oil, then fuel bucket, oil bucket, then fuel cell and diesel cell... none of them worked when placed in the basic diesel generator... so there's obviously something i'm doing wrong with it, but i can't figure out what... everything i've put in, liquid contents of generator still read 0

    Ok, next snag... got to Electric (Basic Generator) which requires fuel... Made a refinery, made fuel... can't get fuel out of the refinery... can't use buildcraft pipes (game crashes with liquid buildcraft pipes for some reason). Tried using GT pipes, but nothing... how do i get fuel to power generator? Which, i even (just to test) gave myself fuel and fuel bucket, even tried fuel cell... Diesel cell... all of it... put them in generator and no power... so, how the heck do you power this thing?

    And finally.... Red Alloy Wire... how to get that... i have no seen anything called red alloy, or is there an ore i'm missing?

    managed to figure that one out too via google search... redstone + copper... not sure i have enough redstone, i haven't found as much of that as others. Only 34 or so of those.... well, here's hoping.

    wow, and with only 7 sulfur, that was close... really close, but... ELECTRICAL AGE legit style... yeah, now i see why people making the Youtube doing this... i should have, and might have to start again and do it myself to show how with newer updated versions... this is insanity... pure insanity...

    or not... need a few more sulfur... *sigh* back the mine....

    ok, who can solve my confusion today... Need an electric motor to make the basic diesel generator. The problem with this is, to make the electric motor, you need magnetic iron rod... in order to make magnetic iron rod, you need machines that run on... electricity... it's self defeating... unless there's a recipe not in NEI that explains how to do this? So, how do i get a magnetic iron rod in the steam / bronze age to progress?

    nvm, found it by accident. well, not 100% by accident. Googled the issue and found a PDF so that we could use Red Stone with Iron Rods to "charge them". Tried it out and viola, magnetized iron rods. Wouldn't hurt to add recipe to NEI

    i will go out and say this though. compared to the youtube tutorials i saw, the new recipes... are a bit ridiculous... i know there's been a huge debate over this very topic, but i have to side with the people that there's a difference between more difficult and just plain tedium for tedium sake. Really wish there was a config file for "old recipes" vs "new recipes". A difference between needing roughly 30 Steel to almost 2 stacks of steel is not a slight increase in difficulty... not to mention that if someone has found a vein of iron to actually start the process, they more than likely have enough. It's just a waste of time waiting for that slow ass furnace to smelt the iron into steel... That's not difficulty, that's just plain waste of time tedium.

    actually, it does help, like Bear99 or... sorry... been drinking and names not 100% remembered, but something like that... good to see a play through for style ect.

    now, another problem i see in both videos, yours and his, vs mine... i have "timber" from axe = true in config, but when i hit a tree with axe... i still have to go block by block... wondering if another mod is controlling that, if so, i can't find it Searched config front to back and can't find anything in there to conflict with it. So it must be an actual programming confliction between some mod or another.

    oh, and i do have vanilla ores turned off in GT config... but still getting some (not a lot, but some) from other mods
    Diamonds and gold i've gotten were primarily from mobs from other mods (which GT controls ores, not mobs... and thankfully, since i LOVE MoCreatures... but that's not the one to give me those). So, it's rare, by mob standard AND drop rate... so, not QUITE as rare as actually mining it, and i don't have to actually have a pick strong enough to. So, that's how i've been getting my ore, saved diamonds from said mobs to make a diamond pickaxe to mine all the ore i need and using stone / flint pick axes for everything else that doesn't need it and have a decent stockpile saved up so far from the mine / caves i've found... left a lot just because with specific veins of ore, inventory fills up faster than i can handle. So, grab all i can, then move to next when in a mine / cave / dungeon.

    that and my night / day cycle is a LOT faster than these guys...

    yeah, tutorials i watched showed the image of the multiblock change when assembled properly. appears to be working when i put iron in it... going full bore, iron ore - macerator - crushed to smelter - nuggets to ore. put ore in and it fired it up... just... wow that's gonna take a while... well, gives me time to harvest my rubber farm

    can't make a conveyor though. not that far progressed to start automation. by the time i get there, i'll have electrical anyways, so useless

    Ok... what did i do wrong? Followed the instructions... 4 tiers, bottom tier fully filled, 2nd tier has the blast furnance in a ring formation... 3rd and 4th tier in a ring formation... not working... and grrrrrrrrrrr!!!

    nvm, appears to be working... just very... very... very... slowly, and didn't do a "cover change" when the last piece connected like i've seen on tutorials. *shrugs* oh well, at least it's doing what it's supposed to

    If you want to transport items from something that isn´t an electric machine, you´ll need to set up an item pipe between the macerator and the furnace and then place a conveyor module cover where the pipe is connected to the macerator, than right-click it with the screwdriver and set it to import. Electric machine can output items and fluids, you don´t need pump or conveyor covers for them. I´d recommend that you automate the steam machines using hoppers.

    Thank you, will research that one for sure. All greek to me for now, but sure i can figure it out pretty quick.

    btw. if u need just water - u should use drain cover on fluid pipe closely to water source

    Unfamiliar with this method. Would help to see how that's set up...

    My new question for the day, is how do transport pipes work now? And do Buildcraft Cobblestone pipes still work?

    Got a full blown bronze age working and trying to automate it from machine to machine to chest and then autocrafter ect. also, trying to find out how to differentiate where input / output ect is on machines now... going through the wiki isn't exactly helpful in this regard.

    What i'm trying to do -

    Steam Macerator - manually place product inside (ore) - Auto transport (pipes) crushed Ore to Steam Furnace - Auto Transport (pipes) the nuggets to autocraft table to make ingots - auto transport ingots to a chest (will do 2 chests once i find more diamonds so i can build a sorting pipe) and then have ingots go to Alloy Smelter and from there to a final chest.

    Steam connection (fluid pipes) are connected to the back of each machine in a line. Each machine is 1 space apart. Small boilers on each side of the assembly. Vent for each machine is facing to the right side.

    annnnnnd... i think these videos i posted are outdated... to can't find the steam generator and boiler requires hatches ect that aren't in those videos... back to drawing board to figure this one out...

    *edited* of course i was looking for the wrong thing... my fault... but... now to get started, i have PLENTY of bronze and such.... no clay... need clay, WTF to find clay, i'm in a plains / scrubland / jungle cross biome with PLENTY of water sources ALL over, not a single bed has clay... WTF?!?! if we have to go through this progression, at least let the materials required be available... this... this is where i get REALLY frustrated trying to do it legit.

    go figure, i post this and suddenly, next stream bed i come across gives me about stacks of clay... *rolls eyes*... this randomness is absurd

    and thus, thanks to other mods i have installed...i am already at bronze age... btw, for those making mod packs ect.. i HIGHLY recommend Treasure Chest mod + Marvel Universe... Already have gold and diamonds all legit through mods. You have to actually mine / kill things that GregTech doesn't interfere with. Treasure Chests give you "rare" items when you kill one of the's random, REALLY random, but gold / diamonds are options, as well as iron. With Marvel, you get Titanium and Adamantium ore that spawn past Gregtech buffers, but when smelted turn INTO gregtech versions that can be used to make things like wrenches, hammers (until bronze age ect) to help out... past that, you can actually use said ore to make picks and such to actually mine with... which will make life MUCH easier... not complaining about this combo at ALL... not a fan of the time consuming tedium / nerfing. I want to build / create / make pretty things, but i do want SOME challenge / thought and automated processing as well as actual tech stuff. This... seems to be a close enough balance between the two for my tastes... not the route i'd have gone with it, but functional and acceptable.

    Cool, cause, i have been watching yours too. you've actually done a few things i didn't think of in your videos and nice to see anothers game play for that reason. Always room for improvement :) . Mostly, i do what you have though, with a few other tactics as well. Been debating doing the same as you do, but editing it for some of the running around ect to condense. And honestly, not that many tutorials... it took a full days searching to find those condensed tutorials i did and posted earlier... they're pretty buried.

    For informational, THESE videos have explained everything needed to know from start to finish. Math solutions / equations and how to... everything... literally... everything.

    No offense to Bear989. Saw your videos out there, but some were just as long without nearly the information. It's not that they're not good (they serve a good purpose of a step by step WHILE in survival mode and how to), but for specific mechanics, it's a bit of trudgery to sit through for the specific info you need. As you can see from these videos... almost 8-10 hrs of STEP BY STEP Explanation. No playing, no survival, simple cut and dry explanation of this mod takes 8-10 hrs total... Doing that much information WHILE actually playing the game would cover WEEKS worth of video. Which is still awesome, and good for those that JUST starting with GT and don't have at least a basic understanding of it from previous versions.

    my big deal was knowing the exact changes and how they influence the goal i'm trying to achieve with what i know is possible. which still is totally possible, just more difficult and with more steps now.

    oh, and i do have Reis Minimap for WP teleporting to and from waypoints (cause seriously... just traveling that distance is nothing but a waste of time if you're going for something specific. I don't mind "cheating" to bypass straight tedium as long as it's not killing the spirit of the game and you know you can already do it with what you have already done).

    Cool, appreciate it PaladinOne, but gonna give GT5 a chance. We'll see how it goes. From the initial play throughs i've tested with today, the ore spawning isn't THAT bad. It's not as great as i'd like, but not horrid. Will be a pain to get to the point it's really reliable work with, but doable. already built a new world and luck would have it... i spawned literally about 100 blocks away from a mineshaft... already have stacks of copper / dusts, some tin and working on building the bronze age now. have plenty of wood planks from the structures in mineshaft and even some rail now... so, shouldn't be too bad.

    Heh, actually, my research today found out a lot of this. Broke my old world (which i actually was hoping to save... i was going to just delete the mystcraft world i'd created and experimenting on)... Actually had a solid base build up going and the pixelmon app mod, already had 2 legendaries... oh well... went back and pulled all the dross from my mod list (no use for some of that stuff with the other mods... such as big reactors, rf windmills ect...) got GregTech working properly and figured it out... as well, found about a 10 hr tutorial that isn't actual gameplay, but a straight 10 hrs of explaining each and every machine / how to wire / how to configure ect all GT5 setups from start to finish and through the ages. I got through about 2 hrs of it today which should get me started well. So, just about to create my world... probably gonna give myself those 2 legendary pixelmon i lost just cause... that's not something you get every game...