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    Also, as I can see, Tri-Addon (ASP part of it) adds recipes for uranium ingot.

    These recipes use as input crushed uranium, purified uranium, uranium ore, enriched uranium fuel.

    But, see on other IC2 recipes with uranium. These ones use uranium ingot as equivalent of uranium-238.

    So, I highly recommend to add just one recipe to compress uranium-238 to uranium ingot instead of all recipes, which mod adds currently.

    Also, it would be very helpful to have (extractor) recipes for converting uranium and iridium ingots back into uranium-238 and iridium ore.


    After little bit of testing I found some issues of Tri-Addon. If possible, fix ones and update.

    1) GraviSuite: Armor reacts on keybinding even in inventory. For example, typing space (' ') in JEI causes flight (while wearing Nano/Quantum Chestplate).

    2) AdvancedSolars: Helmets' energy capacity less then energy capacity of Nano/Quantum Helmets (100k instead of 1M for Nano, 1M instead of 10M for Quantum). Is it intended?

    Some thoughts about last build (pre3).
    1) Please, fix name of Assembly line controller. I guess, it's name should be "Assembly Line" (not "Assemblyline").
    2) Also, check algorithm of Assembly line multiblock forming - it forms event it has length less then 5.
    3) To obtain Radon (required for new components for Field Generators), I need to process 3 Plutonium ingots in Chemical Reactor. Also this recipe returns 3 Plutonium dusts. But it is dupe (3 Pu ingots => 3 Pu dusts + 50 mB Rn). Either the recipe should have large energy cost, or the recipe should consume items.

    Скорее всего нет. Гречка сама включает руды/пыльки/стержни/пластины/рецепты/... и т.д. если какой-то мод регистрирует соответствующий материал.
    К примеру с добавлением галактик крафта появляется возможность настроить греговскую генерацию метеоритного железа и дэша. А без него этих материалов в гречке как буд-то и не существует.

    Materials, such as Desh, already has this bit enabled (see:…enums/ For such materials GT register recipes regardless of whether the mod is installed. For example, GT variants of ores from Metallurgy mod (Celenegil ore, Ignatius ore, etc.) has processing recipes even if Metallurgy isn't installed. But GregTech doesn't show these ores (in creative or NEI), while Metallurgy (in this case) isn't installed.

    Materials (about which I'm asking) doesn't require any other mod. How to enable processing recipes for ones? (In other words, is there way to change materials' type bit without recompilation of mod?)

    Hello there!
    AFAIK, GT can generate "strange" (non-realistic) ores (such as mob drop ores, clay, glowstone as ore, etc.). But these ores by default haven't any usages at all. After reading bunch of code on GitHub I understood, that GT adds ore to OreDictionary and adds processing recipes for it, only if type of it's material has specific flag:

    (aOre.mMaterial.mTypes | 8) != 0

    But I didn't find any way to change this value using configs.
    Is there way to enable processing of these unusual ores with config option?

    P. S. // Sorry for my English, I'm from Russia.