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    waiting for update here

    PLEASE UPDATE *sobs at the ruins of my fusion reactor*

    anyway, suggestion:
    get miner, attach to rocket, *add return modual*, target moon, fire off, wait 3 minecraft days, return to launch site, open inv to find lots of regolith (moondust), some iron, copper, tin, gold ect.(the moon is basicly made of the same things as earth) and a little bit of helium 3

    behind the scenes of the mod: have it despawn when it hits the sky, about an hour real time later, pop back a used miner with an inventory filled with stuff based on a random number generator

    after watching the benchmark video i thought

    thats not a tunneling machine, that a mobile fortress

    speaking of mobile fortresses... do want

    immagine building a house that moves as you craft, or do your macerating and stuff, then when you finish, your in a completely new area, with fresh resources to mine

    since your useing a recycler to make it

    why not just consider it an advanced recycler

    it takes the same amount of time to break an object down, but i could see slag as being useful, both as a building block, but a new mass fabricator fuel, perhaps lasting twice as long as normal scrap (another option is, perhaps if you get slag from every item, but it only lasts a 4th of the time that scrap does, overall net+ but not by much)

    thats a machine i could get behind, i dont however, think that it should produce power, perhaps it just uses less power, being as other advanced machines use quite a bit of power being as they are well.. advanced

    Have you ever wanted to use a batpack and a jetpack at the same time?

    how about the ability to combine a pair of quantum boots with an electric jetpack, to create a jetpack you wear on your feet

    they would function similarly to a jetpack, but with the power supply of the quantum boots giveing it a slight increase in flight time
    naturally, rocket boots would completely replace the jumping functionality of the normal quantum boots

    suggested recipie:

    I = iridum
    J = electric jetpack
    R = refined iron
    B = quantum boots

    two new machines centering around hydration of materials

    a Hydrator would be made by putting 4 water-cells around a compressor

    it would be used to hydrate coal dust, fill empty cells with water without needing a pump, or nearby water, and to cook foods twice as fast (though injection of heated water)
    undoubtably other uses could easily be found

    a Dehydrator would be made useing an extractor with 4 empty cells

    it could be used to turn hydrated coal dust, back into regular coal dust, you could use it to turn raw meats into jerky, or saplings into sticks, it could also be used to empty filled cells, at the cost of whatever was currently filling them

    i realize that neither of these machines are strictly necessary, but they could be useful for undoing mistakes, say, if you hydrate a little too much coal, or ran out of tin but have a bunch of filled cells lying around
    they also have potential for use in creating materials for later machines that have yet to be added

    this is now officially a kreek supported suggested :thumbup:

    i generally only play single player, but id still like to see the total power draw of anything i might make

    and i like your ideas for multiplayer servers, this would basicly be how they do it in RL

    i have not tried this myself, however a friend of mine runs a number of mods on his world

    he has tried to add industrial craft 2 to his list of mods however came up some conflicts

    it also seems that industrial craft no-longer has a config file for switching block ids or some-such

    i was wondering if its possible to make these mods work together somehow, or if there will be the addition of a config file again in a later version

    i would like to note that i havent played the latest industrial craft or build craft (let alone together) however after watching videos and knowing things from the past, i see some opertunity for a bit of bridgeing that can be done

    first off, you could add an electric engine, it would power buildcraft items such as quaries or fillers, but would itself be powered by minecrafts electricty system, perhaps the electric engine runs faster the more power you send to it, so a current of 5eu would produce the same as say, a buildcraft stone engine, but if you send it 10eu it does the same as an iron engine, or 30eu and it would be like 3 iron engines

    it might explode ofcorse if you overload it, say at 50 eu

    second, buildcraft now has oil, perhaps you could add an oil burning generator to produce EUs for your minecraft system

    im sure there are other possibilities for bridgeing these two great mods which just beg to be used together, but these are the things that come to mind