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    Snyke thank you for all your hard work I absolutely cannot live without this mod.. One question does it work in 1.2.5? I know people have gotten the 1.2.4 version of ic2 to work in 1.2.5 so i'm wondering if your code works in it as well or have you not tried? Are you planning a 1.2.5 version as soon as ic2 updates or do you already have it done like cpw did for the solars? Thanks and keep up the fantastic work.

    The 1.2.4->1.2.5 update brings Forge dropping MLMP for good, so most mods do have to update, like us.

    Behind the scenes, we already switched to NetworkMod, and everything is working just fine with FML.

    Thanks for clarifying this I was wondering if you guys were already working on implementing Network mod since its well known MLMP is going the way of the fishes.

    What I wanna know is what is taking Eloraam so long to update Red Power to 1.2.5?? That's like the only mod I'm waiting on, ic2 isn't officially updated to 1.2.5 but there are ways to get it to work.

    I support whatever makes the modders lives easier in the long run, and helps get updates out as quick as humanly possible.

    here is what i do.

    i put a snow man and myself trapped ontop of block completely surrended my obsidian pipes (from Buildcraft) being powered by redstone engines to vaccuum snowballs that don't touch the pipes, i then look at the ground with a Drill (not diamond to save EUs) or a bunch of stone shovels. i then use the shovel like a man man on the snow that the snowman instantly regenerates causing me to make thousands of snowballs in a very short ammount of time. i then have those obsidian pipes piped to 40compressors using fiber glass cables then pump into chests directly beside my reactors. i then have a "overflow" loping sytem of iceblocks that pump out about 8 iceblocks a second to the reactor and any iceblocks that don't get used simply come back to the ice-chest. this was the most cost efffective way i could find, also, as appealing as a 1,800+ reactor is you burn ALOT of ice that way, it is far more effective to make a 500EU/t reactor and use alot of coolant cells and heat dispensers to adsorb the majority of the heat, and use Ice merely as a stabalizer/backup. i find this the best use of the reactors, when i need more power i simply make more of this same setup. however my next idea has yet to been tested which is:

    Idea #2, make 8-12 reactors and run them at around 500 EU/t, then make a redstone Clock systm that is take turns turning them on and off, basicaly a Vanilla MC Redstone clock using plain restone torches. this will cause the reactors to constantly fluctuate between Power and Cool-down mode. if i can set this up to make only 1 reactor run at a time and i have 12 reactors then i could set this up and have the powering in a cycle that would allow me to never need to introduce SUC or have a long cooldown period when they are all drained. furthermore, i could use this for a 800eu/t power source that would last alittle over 24 hours.

    That would be terribly inefficient having to stand around shoveling snow all day manually. Redpower ftw IMO. And logistics pipes etc. Who wants to babysit a reactor all day? hehe

    The biggest issue that most people have with stryker is that he didn't get permission from zippinus and I'm pretty sure zipp would not want upgrades to work in the machines. He nerfed the machines cause the friggin IC devs say its OP but who are they to tell us what mods we can and can't use who cares if they think its OP, in my opinion I don't think it is but thats my opinion just like being OP is theirs.

    I just don't like that he didn't get permission. CPW on the other hand did. I trust cpw to keep mods true to their original form just like the iron chest mod but he made even more stuff for it that actually stays true to it and is quite cool. /endrant

    Got to be the most stupid post today

    Not really, I too am impressed no one shat talked Stryker for molesting the hell out of the original advanced machines. Sure I'd like to but I'll keep it to myself cause I'm better than that.. So maybe our community isn't half bad after all. People here can hold their tongues :D Either that or they are just so excited to have original adv machines again they didn't care to post much and just DL'd it and went back to playing lol.

    Just knowing that a brave man like you has the courage and fortitude to play a computer game with some stuff disabled will get me through the rest of the day. Thank god for you, sir, and your selfless contribution to humanity. Maybe if the rest of us could emulate your tenacious dedication to justice and purity in computer games the world would be that much better. Alas we may never know because too many poor souls are occupied with showing strength in their lowly jobs and lives to summon the immense moral and ethical courage needed for shunning a feature of a computer game.

    Let us dream though, brothers. Let us dream...

    I lol'd super hard.

    I hate how uptight the damned IC2 team is.. they are always like "FUCKIN TAKE THESE CHANGES OR GO KILL YOURSELVES, THERE IS NO IN BETWEEN".... For christ sakes give us a damn config option for people who do want it... Don't you want your mod to appeal to the masses? Well you have to start with things like that.. If people want something as an option that they need to turn on then let them have it.. It was already there and working so why the hell not. As long as its off by default then its not hurting a damn thing. But NOOO you guys are too anal with your mod where you can't even fuckin add extra output slots to the macerator like adv.machines does because you're just too lazy or want people to have to babysit that stupid machine. Same with the extractor etc. You guys say "well automate it!" what if people are only using IC2? and don't have BC to pump shit out of the machines? Exactly.. you guys don't like to take any criticism from the community or any suggestions of the sort because you're too stuck in your ways of doing whatever the hell you want when you should be looking at what your fans want. Keep it up and one day you may not have any more fans left. We shall see.

    Ugh where the hell is zipp when we need him.. these guys are destroying his work. Upgrades are an abomination and I will refuse to use them. Zipp please come back and just port this over PLEASE. We need "classic adv. machines" not this derpy junk. Can't believe someone would just take adv machines "without permission" really and then just go balls out with it and turn it into something completely different. Ugh maybe I'll just play vanilla 1.2 since it just came out and avoid all of this for a while.

    I liked advanced machines the way they were.. WE ALL DID.. now we have this abomination using the new stupid OCers and all of that abomination the IC2 team spit out.. I hate those upgrades witha passion and I guess I'll just stay at a version of ic2 prior to 1.7 because these machines... No thank you, they aren't even advanced machines anymore. Unless Pwnedgods version of them works fine then I'll be staying where I'm at.

    You really shouldn't take someones work then just destroy it.. You should follow the ORIGINAL representation of the mod instead of just completely tossing zipps machines out the window and making your own.. might as well call this a different mod. Ugh so upset.

    Just do what I'm doing, update to 1.1 and just use the normal machines until adv.machines is updated.. works fine if you're starting a new world because itll take time to get what you need for advanced stuff anyway and you can always use the overclockers as a temp solution.

    Yes like Killerbees said (btw KB I love your LP :) anything us the community can do to help you guys get this out faster? So many server hosts are waiting on it and tons of us other folks are as well. Not trying to be pushy just curious as to why this addon seems to be the mod that is taking the longest to catch up. Hope you guys get it sorted out soon, and CPW if zipps gives you the go ahead on a quick port of the old version to 1.1 as a temp solution until hes done doing whatever that would be fantastic, currently I don't really need any new features from adv.machines personally hehe. That's just me though. Thanks for all the hard work you guys

    CPW we need you man.. Help this get updated please! I'm done even thinking about the silly OC upgrades and junk lol. If someone knows CPW pretty well shoot him a msg and let him know zipp needs help updating this. The sooner we get the word out the better and quicker we'll all have our beloved adv.machines and NOT the bad machines without enough output slots lol. Design flaws for the lose.

    And to the person who is butthurt about me saying that the dev was being "uppity" go read his posts.. He is acting this way, he's basically telling everyone to F' off. but yeah I'm done talkin about it. I could care less, adv machines will be updated and I will install it as I always do and enjoy every second of our "OP" machines... rofl

    Many disagree with you but we respect your decision not to add Advance Machines to IC and people need to stop being rude about it. But I'm a bit curious about the feature that was implemented changelog etc. What are you actually referring to hehe?

    Almost any server that runs IC2 disagree's with this "dev" Like I said before, shouldn't you guys take into concideration what your community wants? Or you guys just making the mod for yourselves? You have a fanbase now, usually that means changes happen based on what your fans want, thats how a lot of games go. Instead of being rude about it you could of been nicer instead of just attacking the guy and having such a terrible attitude.

    Why wouldn't you put multiple outputs in the macerator? Seems like a poor original design choice to me... Put a stack of iron in and it stops only half way through... Were you guys just unable to code the multiple slots or what.. It doesn't make sense that you wouldn't add that to the machines that actually NEED it, macerator, extractor etc. I could care less if they didn't have advanced speed but at least put the damn slots in there be smart about this. Because if it stays the way they are, then it's just poor design. Just ends up looking lazy.

    Anyhow I'm done talking about this, especially in my favorite IC2 mods thread, i'll talk about it somewhere else if I need too. Zipp, get this thing updated!! lol or CPW doesn't matter to me

    Take care guys.

    Honestly calling adv machines OP just seems silly.. It was around first and they act JUST LIKE the induction furnace.. Is the induction furnace OP? probably not in your guys's opinion because YOU made it but since we're talking about a mod that isn't yours you guys are all uppity about it. Solar Arrays are genius and rotary macerators are friggin fantastic. This is supposed to be about FUN is it not? Overclockers and the other things aren't fun it's just more annoying recipes to learn and then you STILL have to babysit your machines instead of working on other projects. What if some people ONLY play ic2? They cannot automate pulling crap out of their macerators because you guys wont put extra slots in..

    Here's an idea, put adv machines into the mod but tone them down to speeds you feel aren't so "OP" as you put it? Give us the choice instead of making us use the silly OC'ers etc. I personally don't want to have to make a ton of little components that waste my energy like crazy. I certainly don't want to continue babysitting my macerator and extractor etc. There is a reason so many people love this mod.. because it is a FANTASTIC addition to IC2. Hell you guys could add them and tone em down and add the slots for the OC'ers and the other upgrades.

    I could probably live without adv machines but I don't want to. That's the thing they feel like a part of ic2 to me and many many others now so I won't give up on them. As mod developers shouldn't you guys be listening to your fan base about changes? We aren't asking you guys to give us machines that macerate all our ores instantly or anything like that. Usually game devs get feedback from their community and use it to better their games, I know this isn't a full on game, but in a way it kinda is.

    I just wish you guys weren't so negative towards stuff like this and embraced what your community loves/wants. That's my 2 cents.

    ps. if anything add the solar array things, those are just SMART. It would reduce server lag for everyone in smp greatly. Maybe even make watermill arrays etc condensed versions of all the power generating blocks that people use in bulk? Just a thought.

    i cannot WAIT till its updated!!! :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond: :thumbup: to u man!!

    Here here! I'm chomping at the bit waiting for this to get updated. I did start a new world when updating to 1.1 though so I'm not to the point where I need/can make rotary macerator etc but Soon enough I will be.. I'll just have to use the stupid overclocking junk until then :( Overclocking still doesn't fix that you can only macerate half a stack of ore at a time, so you basically have to babysit the machine and take the dust out =\