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    I have the feeling that sometimes my quantum boots don't absorb as much as they should when flying with the jetpack...

    On the wikipage, it says that quantum boots absorb ALL falldamage, but that is 100% not true. I often lose up to 5 hearts (I always hold CTRL on landing) when flying with the jetpack. Also I died a few times while doing some tests where I flew high up and then let myself fall. I have the feeling that quantum boots will only absorb the damage if you pressed CTRL on jumping and do a high jump...

    Definitely not supposed to be doing that much damage. Most damage I've
    ever had with the quantum boots on is 1 heart max. 90% of the time I
    take no damage at all, and the distance of the fall makes no difference
    on when I take damage. It's a bug I'm pretty sure, and it's been a bug
    for quite a few versions now. Also the quantum boots, for me at least, do absorb the damage I have described all the time not just when doing a high jump. However you definitely seem to have some
    sort of problem. Are you using the latest version of Forge and IC2?

    Would love to use this, but I have to wait on the update to 1.2.5. Right
    now I have no conversion addons because none of them are up to date but
    i'll be waiting on this one.

    I was using the Crossover mod and I
    liked it pretty okay, but I completely agree the coolant was
    unnecessary and created a lot of problems for SMP which is all I play on
    with a few friends. And power converters was okay except for the Energy
    Link, which most of the time drew WAY too much power for something that
    really didn't need that much.

    In the meantime I suppose all of
    my Fuel will be sitting around not generating EU. Guess I'd better get
    to work on bulding a lot of fermenters and stills to compensate for my
    lack of EU at the moment Lol.

    Not exactly sure what you mean by instant or not, but I'll explain.

    Just did some more testing by replanting the crops, because the crops that were turning into dirt were planted in the earlier version. Thought that may make a difference but it does not.

    And as for in my earlier post, yes I meant the farmland was being turned into dirt, not actually destroyign the plants, but this causes the cropsticks to drop so..therefore the plants are messed up anyway. Sorry for the confusion.

    Anyhow, as for the time it takes for them to be destroyed this to be a random chance like it was in vanilla minecraft when you could destroy the farmland by walking on them. So I walked on a row , 10 each, of wheat and melons. For the what I walked over all 10 of them 3 times back and forth before finally two of them were trampled, and the farmland turned back into dirt. The cropsticks dropped from the farmland when it turned into dirt. This immediately said to me that yes, they were actually "trampled" because the cropsticks dropped, but I disconnected and reconnected anyway as you suggested, however sure enough yes they were still dirt blocks. Similar results were experienced with the row of melons.

    Now I did another test with sneaking after replanting them. The sneaking actually makes them be "trampled" and turn into dirt even more severely than walking. By sneaking over the both rows of melons and wheat, nearly all of the wheat and melons are turned back into dirt in one go of sneaking over the entire row. Tried this by replanting 3 times. On the third test, all of my melons were turned into dirt in one sneak.

    This sounds to me like the sneaking is causing more damage because it takes longer for you to move over the plants than by walking.

    Edit: Edited for more clarification of the issue

    This is the new 1.95 version, I read the patch notes and I saw nothing about crop trampling while sneaking, however it sounded like it said crops were not supposed to be trampled while walked on? But I Thought they were supposed to do that, Lol.

    And this is in SMP, I haven't tested SSP as I only play in SMP. My crops are now being trampled on while sneaking and walked on (though they always were trampled while walked on), and I was just wondering if this was on purpose to make the resistance stat even more useful or what?

    Edit: Forgot to post IC2 version like a nub

    Well after some small world corruption (Nothing to do with your fix vinko12) I have everything set up and everything is working great except for the known texture problems, but that's no big deal. =D Thanks for this awesome fix vinko12. Oh and glad to see the official 1.2.5 IC2 will be out soon. =P

    Now it's time to go play with the new Redpower Frames and see if I can attach some IC2 Miners to them. =P

    I thought you were going to suggest Maglev trains or something when I saw "Magrail." Is the concept supposed to be similar to a Railgun? A gun that fires projectiles via Electromagnetism?

    Actually Creative Mode will work with spawning items with full charge. There is two diferent versions of the Powered Items in the Creative Mode List, one depleted (without a bar) and one with a full bar. The full bar items WILL work.

    I had this happen yesterday. I couldn't figure out wth was going on either. It just randomly happened after closing MC for about an hour, came back and suddenly all that was happening. I even tried on a flatworld too and I was getting like 22-25 fps. I closed EVERYTHING as well, I even defragged both partitions of my hard drive, ran some diagnostics, scanned for viruses and stuff. The only solution to the problem was...restarting my PC. I have no idea wth that had to do with MC, but it worked. (Note: Tested other games, everything else worked perfectly fine.)

    Might be a silly question, but is the box discharging and being charged at the same time? Because if I'm correct, the box would constantly be in a state of "fully charged" and not, thus the redstone signal is probably toggling off and on at such a state that you cannot actually see the results of the signal.

    If you are, do this. Have two boxes, Box A and Box B. Have Box A being charged with a generator, and have it's output being directed into the input of Box B. When Box B is fully charged Box A will start charging and when it's fully charged, it will stay fully charged until Box B is completely depleted, and thus it will emit a constant redstone signal.

    Edit: Actually now that I think about it, that won't work. The charge will keep flowing through Box A when Box B is discharging, keeping Box B fully charged while Box A is actually the one being depleted. I need to think about this more. :pinch:

    Just crafted some Rubber boots a bit ago, they 95% of the time work correctly, the other 5% I take half a heart damage no matter the distance I fall. As for Jetpacks (the Electric One anyway, the only one I use) I only seem to take fall damage whenever I switch between Hover Mode and Normal Mode while in the same "flight." If I initially start my flight in Hover Mode and do not switch midflight, I never take fall damage whenever I land.

    I mean, I left the battery inside, it did show up on the ground, but could not be picked up. It vanished while I searched the rooms beneath and the area around me trying to find it :(

    I've experienced the same thing in SMP. Seems to be fine in SSP. I couldn't pick up the items, so I thought, okay maybe they dropped inside the block or something? So I was breaking blocks around trying to pick them up, but no luck. Eventually they just dissappeared (note: the time was shorter than when they would have naturally despawned)