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    Hmmm ... I make a Big Fail then I turn this thread into an other in order nobody to see it ^^
    I let what I said for the passinglurker replies.

    I find it useful in order not to spend your time Mining Obsidian
    Assuming it cool down Lava, couldn't we make a machine wich turn it into Obsidian (from Cells or Bucket)
    Or simply can be dropped from GeoGen after having used the Lava source
    Or Use EU ?

    I thougt you meant you could only put LESU on Controlblock :p
    NP like that :D

    For electrolyzer ... it's too slow, it's boring always using water cells, it's only 10 EU/t, it's not a block stacking energy VS space (or space in your chest)
    I spoke about percentage of losses in order to make it unuseful as wire ...

    "Storage block:
    :Cable: :Advanced Circuit: :Cable:
    :RE Battery: :Tesla Coil: :RE Battery:
    :RE Battery: :RE Battery: :RE Battery:

    Where :Cable: are 3xinsulate iron cable, :RE Battery: are re-batteries and :Tesla Coil: are a lapp block.

    Any of this units hold 100.000 EU (1/6 of MFE also like a energy crystal but not so easy to use so not that op)"

    Good Idea of recipe, I thougt about something like that but ... do you really think 5 RE-battery is cheaper than 1 Energy crystal ? It won't cost you diamond, but for so many others ressources, I would use the diamond ^^
    Maybe 1 Lapis block more and 150 000 EU don't you think ? And concerning the :Advanced Circuit: , I would prefer :Electronic Circuit: , because of the following title ^^

    Other point: Tier III LESU ?
    Would be like that I think:

    :Cable: :Advanced Circuit: :Cable:
    :Gold Dust: :Teleporter: :Gold Dust:
    :Tesla Coil: :Tesla Coil: :Tesla Coil:

    :Cable: =Gold or higher level Cable

    :Gold Dust: =Glowstone (not glowdust)

    :Teleporter: = Tier II LESU

    :Tesla Coil: = Lapis Block

    Agree with you for the control block :)
    (but :Electronic Circuit: not :Advanced Circuit: for Tier II)

    Hmmm ...
    Sounds good, but it means that for one ControlBlock you could only use 6 LESU ... (Or I misunderstand what you mean, maybe I'm wrong here ^^)

    If you mean that by ControlBlock would solve (in my mind) all our problem:
    Each LESU-Building has 1 Output, 1 Input etc ...
    So, the ControlBlocks is a storage Units, but its storage capacity is upgraded by LESU.
    With that, no means to use LESU in wiring (But 1 output/1input can be boring, and give strange shapes to your LESU Buildings)
    And you were right, no lag :)

    This thread was forgotten, I know ^^
    But I think too that could be better if we have something like 10 slots for wanted and offered, in order to allow player to pay something very expensive (like a MFSU, or a Iridium Plate) instead of always using Diamonds between IC-Credits and what he want to buy.
    A minor change, but useful in my mind.

    Piston/frame etc ... would probably not cause a big lag (or I don't see why), but energy would be wasted if a LESU is moved (if 1 out of 20 is moved, 5% of the energy would be deleted)
    For losses, it could cause huge lag, because of massive wiring between 1-2-3-4-5-6 LESU ...
    I think a lot of lapisblock/glowstone/others component could be a good way to prevent Wiring usage ...
    Maybe (If we want it could ONLY store and not, for example, store energy and wire you machine) it could have a percentage of losses, as for Electrolyzer.

    I show it thinking "someone will say me it's OP"
    ... I can edit my post and make it produce more EU if there is no one against it :D

    But considering you won't spend your time in the GUI, considering the energy output (per Ura) Faster than in Nuclear Reactor ...
    Oh, I would say too it could be a good idea to use Glowstone in: If glowstone glows, isn't it because of radioactive decay ?
    Glowstone dust: 20 000 EU
    Maybe all type of blocks could be used in (There's naturally radioactivity in all the matter), even if it's Cobblestone.
    Of course, "normal blocks" (Cobble stone, plank etc ...) would only provide something like 1000 EU (but 1000 EU when you get Iridium, it's ridiculous, don't you think ? at worst, we can say 250 EU or less, but it would just have the same interest as a lava source, the bin ^^).

    Everybody (I hope) know how to calculate how many radioactive isotope of (By example) 235U are left.
    For those who don't know how:
    N(t)=N(0) x e^λ
    What's λ ? To do easy, when λ increase, N(t) decrease speeder, and when it ... you've understood

    Now, you probably know that radiactive decay produce energy (Gamma-Ray, Positron, He nucleus ...)
    Then, imagine you could increase λ as many as you want ...
    What would you do ? You would create the Radioactivity Accelerator, called RA-42 !

    How does it works ? Put Ura-cells, depleted one or simply coal dust in the middle slot and it will produce Energy! Without that complicated cooling system!*

    How to Build it ?
    Recipe is still secret, so buy it and let's you neigbour become jealous!

    Build it now!

    With that you will produce energy at 512 EU/t from Ura-cells, depleted cells or coal cells! (Coal cells contain 14C)
    List of energy Value of the fuel you can use in:
    Ura-cell: 250 000 EU
    Depleted Isotope Cell: Don't know, never tested. Should be approximatly 150 000
    Coal Dust: 10 000 EU (yes, it's more [Even if you'll need to macerate it] than coal in a generator!)

    *We do not guarantee it would be as efficient as a nuclear reactor, because of some reasons **
    ** It is possible that a lot of energy will be wasted by unabsorbed radiation ***
    *** We are not responsible of the damage you could have while using RA-42

    Of course, many guy will say: "NO! There won't be a more advanced Gen than the Nuclear Reactor"

    I will answer them 2 Things: At first, it produce much less EU per Ura that with the Nuclear Reactor.
    And last but not least, it produce 512 EU/t during 25 sec, that's right. But with a lot of Ura-cells, how many EU can a Nuclear Reactor produce ? More than 1000 ? That's right too.
    So I don't think it's OP, it's simply a way of using Uranium for noobs or people affraid of Nuclear Reactor.
    And because of the Iridium plate, it's very hard to get. But useful for people needing single one gen AND producing 512 EU/t.

    Due to the radiation, mobs/player staying in a 7*7*7 blocks would be hurted (0.5/sec)
    Maybe could to make zombie spawn.

    I said it for Sebra, not for you.
    That was: "At worst, we could ..."

    Anyway, what about recipes ?
    The difficulties is to find something cheaper than MFE/MFSU depending on the Tier, but that we could get only after having machines of these Tier ...

    Or, in order to reduce lag, what about making bigger blocks (what a strange idea in minecraft! make blocks of 2*2*2 or more!) got from craft.
    (I do not find it's a good idea, but if the lag is very important ...)


    I don't think you could have a charge and discharge slot in it, as that could cause some problems when they merge. So it would only have a display for energy value. I also suggest this working with teleporters, so you can do long teleports that need more energy than whatever you can achieve with MFSU's.

    Hmmm ... seems to be interesting on that point, but in this case, teleporting someone on huge distance could create lag no ?

    I think there would be 2 main problem:
    -People would use it as wiring (But we could make it a bit expensive in order to prevent it)
    -If the Tier III one is cheaper than the MFSU, it would be an alternative to the MFE with a more little Energy storage, but too cheap ... That's why I suggest it would need something you can get only when having some Tier III machine ...
    Maybe UU Matter ? or things like advanced circuit and Carbon plate.

    [At first I spoke about the efficienty of this in the game, then Sebra precise he spoke about coding efficienty--> I edit the post]

    Sebra, I don't know anything about code so ... ^^

    Problem: Solar pannel and nano-stuff would become to easy to get.
    Okay for diamond, because I eventually prefer a stack of coal to 1 diamond.
    I think this has already been discussed, and you'll probably receive a lot of "Welcome to the forum,but NO!"

    At first, please do not say "NO!" without reading it, maybe it's OP, maybe not, just talk about it ... this is a SUGGESTION, I do it in order to discuss and not because I want to see it in the next version of IC² ...
    It's an beta-test Idea :)

    So, my idea is to create a new way of energy storage, cheaper that MFSU/MFE for the same cost, but with using a lot of space more ...
    It won't use diamond, but LapisBlock (as for Lappack) Glowstone Block (better than Glowstone Dust) and others ...
    And the most important thing: it (the LESU or Lapis Energy Storage Unit) would be able to share energy with others LESU, i.e. when you rightclick on, you'll see one GUI, but the maximum energy storage would be the addition of all the LESU storage ... of course, each LESU would need to be connected on at least one face to another LESU for sharing the same GUI.

    For example, if you make a 3*3*3 cube of LESU, you'll get a storage capacity of 27*Max-Energy stored by 1 LESU.
    To have ouput, it would need a special LESU, crafted as the normal one but maybe with a transformer and the ouput would be only on the good face of THIS block.

    With that, you could make a big area to store energy, cheaper than MFSU, but it would need a lot of space.

    For Ouput/Input/Tier, I propose to create 2 level of it, one Tier II and one Tier III

    Exemple of setting:

    :Wind Mill: :Wind Mill: :Wind Mill: :Wind Mill: :Wind Mill: :Wind Mill: :Wind Mill: =Any source of energy, windmill or not.
    :Wind Mill: :MFE-Transmitter: :MFE-Transmitter: :MFE-Transmitter: :MFE-Transmitter: :MFE-Transmitter: :MFE-Transmitter: =Basic LESU
    :Wind Mill: :MFE-Transmitter: :MFE-Transmitter: :MFE-Transmitter: :MFE-Transmitter: :MFE-Transmitter: :HV-Transformer: =Ouput
    :Wind Mill: :MFE-Transmitter: :MFE-Transmitter: :MFE-Transmitter: :MFE-Transmitter: :MFE-Transmitter: :MFE-Transmitter:
    :Wind Mill: :Wind Mill: :Wind Mill: :Wind Mill: :Wind Mill: :Wind Mill: :Wind Mill:

    Then, when right-clicking on of these LESU, you'll see appear a GUI with 18*150 000 (for example) =2 700 000 EU max and one slot to charge your lappack.

    For repliers:
    [Craft] For craft Idea (with the tier, output and input)
    [Usage] For people thinking it's useful/totaly unuseful
    [WantMorePrecision] For people who did not really understand
    [Other] If you find an other reason to answer.