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    If you consider the 2 circuit used to craft the solar pannel, it needs 10 Refined Iron to craft.
    But the cost is high too in Redstone (2 for the battery, 2*2 for the circuits) if you consider there's strangely less redstone with IC² (only my, maybe, but it happen me with more than 20 worlds) than without.
    And last but not least (If you don't have tons of rubber Tree, for example at the begining), it cost you 13 Rubber ...
    I don't think it's a good Idea to decrease the output of solar panel, when Windmill are easier to get, produce more EU, with or without sun.
    Solar panel are just easier to use, considering that a 512 EU/t solar station is easier (but not cheaper) to build, even if there are means to make the same with windmill.

    And for 0.1 EU ... it's ... just 30 solar panel for 1 windmill (assuming you use it very high and in good biomes, and of course because it works day AND night) ?
    I don't speak about Nuclear reactor, of course ...

    Maybe you understood it, but I love using Solar Panel: in big farm to produce UU matter ^^

    Okay, but I think it could be even better if this suit allow you to move faster, see better and mine faster underwater, not only allowing you to breathe under water (like the QSuit)

    At first, if you find this suggestion ridiculous or simply humoristic, it's not the mine but one from someone I know who don't to go on this forum.

    He sais me: "we really need a Wetsuit because swimming is very boring, especially when water fight against you" (of course, he meant when there are streams)
    So, why not add some special pieces of armor like Submersion Helmet, Flipper, oxygen bottle or others wich could help you in order to mine under water (ok, it's rare to need it ^^), to have a better vision or a higher speed while swimming.

    I know that's maybe a lot of code for a very few things, but I want some advice.

    A lot of people run IC² and RP in the same time.
    They've probably all seen that there is something unusefull on RP: The Nikolite.
    Of course, I know it's useful when using RP furnace and RP photovoltaïcs pannels, but who use it when running IC² ?
    I suggest that some recipes could use it instead of Redstone dust, as with Silver Ingot for Glass Fiber.
    For example: RE-Battery, Circuit, Advanced Circuit ...
    Or maybe make a recipe with Nikolite and something else wich could make it useful to create Redstone as with Tin Dust and Copper Dust for Iron.

    I hope you'll agree with me.

    I find a bug with the tin cable: if you connect one of it to a LV, MV or HV input, it will be removed.
    But when you're adding energy on the cable with solar pannels: I mean when making solar plants, you can make a tin cable wich is carrying more than 5 EU/t.
    In fact, there's no limit of energy for tin cable when connected with more than 5 EU but from sources of less than 5EU.
    In the same way, MFSU and Tier III devices can eventually accept more than 512 EU/t (One day i make a mistake with a solar farm, and my mass fab+MFSU have received 513 EU/t without any problem.)

    If you thought include all what I said in IC² was unbalanced, you could have take what you want in ;)
    But NP.

    Collecting Liquid Helium when mining rare ore ? Why ? What reasons for ? And what's interesting with producing Liquid Nitrogen in order to lose less EU if it cost you EU to produce it ?
    I think it's a lot of lines of code ... why not a more expensive craft for supraconductor but wich make its definitely works ?
    But that could be a usage for Ceramics :)

    It seems (for me) to be an interesting idea.
    But with the enthusiasm of the members on this forum ...
    Maybe we could make specific upgrader for only ONE item in a machine:
    Interest ? You could have (for example a macerator wich can only macerate coal) coal dust speeder and for less EU, but it won't macerate anything else that coal.
    That could increase the number of exchange on server, because of the extremly special type of this needs.
    (I mean that people who use a macerator wich macerate only one things are specialized in the craft of, for example, solar pannels, what could be useful in order to create real economy on server)

    I find it cool.
    I'm sure every body already think something like "what's this f***ing experience level useful only for unscientific stuff!"
    Maybe I disagree with what you suggest on certain point (i.e. "MacGyver" and fly, the first one because it's a lot of code for a few things, the 2nd because ... because we won't FLY in Minecraft without spending EU or fuel!)
    Or simply a different way to improve IC² stuff and make it REALLY useful (What's useful with a diamond drill wich can break more block ... higher speed or multi-drop is okay, but the rest ...)

    Of course if you could use experience for a diamond drill, that's not an enchant, it's because you have learned to use it in a way to be more efficient :)

    My Idea is simply:
    Make a trade-o-mat wich could provide Redstone signal when someone "pay".

    What's useful with ?
    That could help you in order to create EU-system for people pay your energy.
    Or to allow people who pay to enter in special zone you built for them.

    Maybe we could add a new Alchemy system! I mean that, with bacteria, we could make potion with the same effect as the potion of Vanilla and maybe a few more but, of course, easier (I don't say cheaper). I suggest that because, with the basic potion system, people don't use potion because of the time it take do do and because of some ingredient really annoying to find (Nether warts, Spider Eyes, Gunpowder ...)
    I have no problem with the fact it's a little bit expensive, but I think it's too expensive for what we can do with :/
    Then I think: Industrial Mining, Industrial means to make you more ressources ... Why not Industrial Alchemy!
    So, let's start imagine the system for it works!
    I think it could be like that: There's something extremly long and expensive at the begining, but when you've a type of culture of bacteria, you can get a lot of potion (depending of this type) for a very few things.
    (Maybe EU for the machine that makes the bacteria multiply, EU again for the recipes because of the need of an extractor [The basic one of IC²], water and ... what do you want, I don't know what could be needed for a culture of bacteria)

    So, potion and biofuel, what do you think about it ? (with better biofuel, maybe if biofuel wouldn't need cells to works in generator/canning machine)