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    I agree with you, but I think clay dust should be smelt in a "High Temperature Furnace" , what make it harder to obtain Ceramic Ingot, and it could be an ingredient for Tier IV technology, like Supraconductor.

    Note that "join hands" was just a quote from/reference to the MLK speech ^^
    So, do not think it matters, I know it's hard to do more compatibility for these 3 mods, obviously it would be possible to make change to what should be integrated to IC².
    I agree too with you that there's a lot of addon allowing you to make them working very good together.

    At first I just imagined Force because I had to find something useful in the kerosene , wich could be obtain from tar in the refinery ...
    So I thought: " we need better than combustion engine"

    If you disagree with me, no problem, I just show here my point of view concerning an Ideal mod gathering all "Industrial" mods and say how to adapt them for more consistency.

    So I remove what is concerning force.

    At first, let's speak about temperature:


    Nuclear Fusion:

    For the moment I only (^^) post it, but I will add some other ideas waiting for I translate them, because I already post it on a french Forum.
    These others ideas concern:
    -Way to produce energy by collecting light with mirror and optic system (More efficient that Thermal solar pannel and normal one, but harder to use)
    -Thermonuclear Fusion: Better than the Nuclear reactor! (But Very difficult to obtain)
    -Ideas: In this topic I will add the rest, what is not in the other, an evolution of the diamond drill, an evolution of the macerator, some advanced
    crafting table working with EU or coal and allowing you to use less ingot when doing 4 or more craft in the same time ...
    Of course an evolution of the Quantum Suit and Tier IV Technology, based on supraconductor.

    If you're French and if you want to look my post on the little forum of my old server:

    If you're interested by my strange ideas, send me a PM :)


    PS: I apologize for all the mistakes I have done(during the translation I mean, not for all the others ... :whistling: ), Amen.