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    Good Idea!
    In fact a lot of server forbide the Mining Laser because of easy grieffing with, even if the serv have pluggin for protect certain zone.

    So you can't mine with in Multiplayer, and I think a more advanced drill should be added.

    I already think to something like that:
    "Abrasive disk"
    :Intergrated Plating: :Industrial Diamond: :Intergrated Plating:

    :Industrial Diamond: :Empty Cell: :Industrial Diamond:

    :Intergrated Plating: :Industrial Diamond: :Intergrated Plating:

    :Industrial Diamond: =diamond ^^

    :Intergrated Plating: =Tungsten Ingot / Advanced Alloy

    :Empty Cell: = Nothing

    Tunneling Machine
    __ :Refined Iron: :Refined Iron:
    :Intergrated Plating: :Advanced Circuit: :Energy Crystal:
    __ :Refined Iron: :Refined Iron:

    :Intergrated Plating: ="Abrasive disk"

    Rest is obvious.
    It could have 3 modes:
    Normal: has the same effect as diamond drill, but make you directly drop items mining (what could help you when mining laser on that f***ing lava), maybe at a speed a little bit higher. Consume 1.5* the energy consumed by the diamond drill per blocks mined.
    Mining: Mine directly 2 blocks in the same time that the first mode. Cost 4 * more energy (so 6* energy cost for diamond drill, but it means 3* more energy PER blocks)
    Useful for ... mining ^^
    Excavation: Mine 3*3=9 blocks in the time needed for mining one. This fact will cost 30 * the energy needed to mine 1 block with normal mode, so 45 * Diamond drill energy cost.
    Very useful for people who want to dig big hole without using Terraformers.

    It could directly create fuel able to produce energy ? but For that, Fuel should be more efficient in the gen. Or maybe it could be a good Idea to add an "advanced generator" wich could produce more EU per fuel, and could have a creater ouput max ( maybe 30EU )
    Did anyone think as me that in IC², renewable energy are too easy to get, when using fossil energy (or renewable obtaining from plant) isn't profitable ? I think the problem is here. If Biofuel is unuseful, that's because it's much easier to produce the same amount of energy with solar pannel.

    Yes, or maybe we could discover news technologies (so news crafts) in dungeon, stronghold or other chest randomly generate on the map ?
    This Idea could be good if we want to make a realistic economy on a server ... but in single player ...
    More reasonable, the fact we must make research before finding machine should improve them.

    I disagree with you on that point.
    For me, a new suit could be useful for few things:
    At first, the chestplate would gather the effects of Lappack , Quantumsuit Bodyarmor, sort of portable tesla coila against mob, would extending inventory (with a special chest ine the one you could place item from your inventory but using energy for teleportation), allow you to place basics blocs (cobble and dirt) infinitely, to have a tank for lava (or water, but not very useful because of MC's physics) and above all, a Microwave-Energy Converter wich could make you able to receive energy (with about 66% losses) from Microwave generator at a certain range (with that, no needs of coming back next your MFSU, but even more needs of energy)
    Maybe with that you could to run a Multifunctionnal-tool, wich could have the effect of Diamond Drill, Chainsaw, Nano-Saber, electric treetap or wrench with Right clicking ... (of course the craft should need all these tools ), allowing you to have even more space in your inventory.
    With the Boots, you could jump as with the quantumsuit Boots, but when double-jumping, you could fly, as in creative! (consume a lot of energy, of course)
    The helmet would have 2 mode: without artificial light (to see the reality, for example when building a house and placing torches) and with, useful for mining.
    And finnaly, the leggings would allow you the teleportation ... (same system as Essentials with the compass)
    Of course, each part of this suit would store 10 000 000 EU ...

    That couldn't justify to make a Tier IV technology ? (I understand that Al is working hard and has other things to do than coding IC², but that should be an idea for addon)

    I think Tier IV tech should be added: Why ?
    For a single reason, giving an aim for player having all things of Tier III tech (QuantumSuit, MFSU, etc ...)
    In fact, I got the quantum on all the server I play in 20 hours ...

    Now, Ideas for Tier IV tech (for repliers, give Idea for crafting: Storage Units, Suit, Machine using more EU, cable, circuits, etc ...)

    The base is the "Supraconductor": It's a cable with a very low rate of losses (maybe 0.01 per cable, can transport up to 16 192 EU/t)
    Crafts (I created in order to it be very, very expensive, thus you must play even more to get it) :

    Recipe with 5 matter, 2 coal dust and 2 sand.
    Smelt it into the "High temperature furnace" (I already talk about it) will give you silicium ingot.

    semiconductor (give 2) :
    :Coal Chunk: :Coal Chunk: :Coal Chunk:
    :Copper Ingot: :Industrial Diamond: :Copper Ingot:

    :Coal Chunk: :Coal Chunk: :Coal Chunk:

    :Coal Chunk: is carbon plate.
    :Copper Ingot: is "silicium ingot" .
    :Industrial Diamond: is ... diamond. (Now, i won't precise anymore to what item the pictures refer to, according to the fact it's the same)

    A sort of "cooling circuit" (give too 2) :
    :Copper Ingot: :Copper Ingot: :Copper Ingot:

    :Coolant Cell: :Coolant Cell: :Coolant Cell:

    :Intergrated Plating: :Intergrated Plating: :Intergrated Plating:

    :Coolant Cell: is "Liquid Helium cell" (I already speak about it with "Thermonuclear fusion reactor", it is needed to give the "semiconductor" its properties of superconductivity).

    :Intergrated Plating: is simply glass.

    Finally, the supraconductor:

    :Intergrated Heat Dispenser: :Intergrated Heat Dispenser: :Intergrated Heat Dispenser:

    :Glass Fibre: :Glass Fibre: :Glass Fibre:

    :Intergrated Heat Dispenser: :Intergrated Heat Dispenser: :Intergrated Heat Dispenser:

    :Intergrated Heat Dispenser: is the "sort of cooling circuit".

    :Glass Fibre: is the semiconductor.

    Then, with this supraconductor, you can make (bigger and more efficient solar plant to collect more EU, that's right):
    Advanced processor:
    :Cable: :Cable: :Cable:

    :Copper Ingot: :Advanced Circuit: :Copper Ingot:

    :Cable: :Cable: :Cable:

    :Cable: is supraconductor.

    :Copper Ingot: is ceramic ingot. (can too be obtained by smelting clay dust in "High temperature furnace")

    What's useful with that ? You can now craft a very expensive machine, the "Energy-Mass Converter"!
    Energy-Mass Converter can create Matter from NOTHING! (I say that, because the Mass fabricator create it from air or scrap)
    Of course, Energy-Mass Converter create too antimatter (so, for a new way of energy storage, craft a sort of higly-secure cell with force field containing it, put them arround a Lapotron crystal, (2 Matter cells and 2 anti-Matter cells), 4 advanced circuit and get the ultimate way of energy storing, Energy-Mass Crystal! (It contain a little EM Converter to destroy matter and anti-matter when you need energy, create it when charging it, such as a battery do with with ions)
    [Others things coming soon]

    I agree with this idea but ... maybe your way of creatingbacteria could be easier ?
    For example, as I already suggest, with:
    :Matter: :Matter: :Matter:
    :Matter: -- - :Matter:
    :Matter: :Matter: :Matter:
    Moreover, I think it's unusefull having many kind of bacteria, just one, to create biofuel.

    Someone speak about the Tungsten ore ... what's useful about it ? why not smelting it in a "high temperature furnace" (I already speak about it for ceramics) wich could use a lot of EU (128 EU/t), what is good for the one who are searching more usage for energy ...
    Now, with Tungsten Ingot and Iridium plate, it could be possible to craft a other plate, even more expensive, even more efficient, used to craft the Tier IV Suit ?
    Moreover, that could give an aim for player having the Quantum Suit.
    Of course it should need too Tier IV storage crystal, Tier IV circuit ...
    If you want to read more about it, I'm creating a new thread about Tier IV tech.