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    what about luminator with integrated power source.

    constant 15 light level + burn creatures

    crafted with reactor, something like special isotope cell + luminator == constant luminator.

    it will cost a lot but will provide both light and protection.

    with macerator we will be able to constantly pump items into machine without user interaction, this will improve production alot.

    1) Collect items into chest
    2) Pump into macerator constantly
    3) Anything dropped harvested with obsidian pipe and returned to system
    4) Chunks send into autobench for clumps
    5) Compressor
    6) Extractor
    7) We got fuel

    macerator is fine.

    but, may be add special machine to work with organic matters, may be organic extractor or something like this, to work with resin\rubber and plants.

    non organic and fuel at later stages of production will be processed with normal extractor.

    this can be done by adding t1 t2 extractors.

    in such case we will need t1 and t2 miner, first is mobile version, second one if much more powerfull (2 drills 2 od\ov 11*11 area hurge consumption both energy and pipes) (just like bc quarry but mine only ores)

    miner drain 500 in IC1 per operation and 1000 in IC2 (untested, checked code only)

    Actually, we need one more slot "what to mine".
    If you fill this slot with stone, miner will mine only stones, this can be separate gui with large grind, this will allow to setup miner, when you need only coal, you set this slot to coal and miner will mine only coal ignoring everything else.

    also this will allow to mine non IC2 ores (many mods add new ores with such setup IC2 miner will work fine with other mods)


    if(world.getBlockId(i, j - 1, k) != Block.grass.blockID || world.getBlockId(i, j, k) != 0 && world.getBlockId(i, j, k) != mod_IC2.blockRubSapling.blockID)

    this shoud be updated to check dirt\grass also this MUST ignore leaves (all types).

    currently it wont glow if anything obstruct grow and only over grass.

    There is two ways of improving biofuel productions:

    1) Special machine to convert any plant into plant chunk

    2) Proxy recipe to do this

    Machine is much more funny, it will make production chain longer and allows more automation.

    IC2 in current stage miss few "generic" recipes.

    Coding every possible plant clump recipe combination to allow different plants stack is not way (anyway this wont work with buildcraft autobench), may be recipe to convert any plant into plant chunk?

    Shapeless 1:1 any plant into plunt chunk, and recipe to use plant chunks to craft plant clumps.
    This will make automated biofuel factory a bit easie.

    Sand+Gravel+Water into clay using both cells\blocks (it crafted from UUM)\bukets.

    Clay block to clay
    Clay to clay Block

    Glowstone to glowdust
    Glowdust to Glowstone

    Charcoal into normal coal (may be redstone + charcoal == coal or something like this, currently charcoal only 4k energy and nothing more)