Electric Torches

  • A cheap, effective, industrial way to light your tunnels and mineshafts!

    Either: Charge Redstone Torches in a BatBox or the like.

    Or: Compress Redstone and make more than just one (uncharged) Electric Torch from each Compressed Redstone (Craft these with sticks just like normal torches).

    The electric torches should maybe give off a light level of 13 (assuming this isn't enough to burn mobs; that's 15, right?). And while they should take maybe 50EU to charge, they should last infinitely.

    Alternatively, they could be recharged by right-clicking with a charged battery, but I can imagine the average IndustrialCrafter not wanting to have to go to such hassle.

    Again, if Electric Torches are not to last infinitely, they could be kept charged through some kind of wireless charger (a machine).


    R = Redstone
    RT = Redstone Torch
    CR = Compressed Redstone
    S = Stick
    ET = Electric Torch
    et = Electric Torch (Uncharged)

    RT ----50EU---> ET

    R -----Compressor---> CR

    S -----> et

    et ----50EU---> ET

    Wireless Box Charger Thing (WBCT):

    BB = BatBox
    DR = Dynamite Remote
    M = Machine
    C = Copper Cable

    C DR C
    C M C -------> WBCT
    C BB C


  • To be honest, I see no point with this other than aesthetic looks. Coal is much more abundant than redstone, and doesn't need charging to work etc.

  • They look better :D

    My point exactly!! At the time of writing, I was under the impression that normal torches give out a light level of 12. I am suggesting these Electric Torches should be brighter giving out a light level of at least 13.

    I didn't make this clear in the OP but my suggestion is flexible (obviously Alblaka has any final say). I think that the rarity of redstone is enough to balance out the benefits and doubt that ALblaka will implement charging. We already have infinite burning torches in MC; why not infinite shining Electric Torches in IC2?

  • what about luminator with integrated power source.

    constant 15 light level + burn creatures

    crafted with reactor, something like special isotope cell + luminator == constant luminator.

    it will cost a lot but will provide both light and protection.

  • To be honest, I see no point with this other than aesthetic looks. Coal is much more abundant than redstone, and doesn't need charging to work etc.

    Uhhh... In my experience redstone is far more common than coal. o.o

    And on the side of lighting with electric torches, I would have to say that having a lighted tunnel would be neat. And a wireless charger for, say, 50 blocks, would be pretty awesome. Flip a switch, and your tunnel lights up. :)

  • Personally, I think that the reason Luminators were so hard to use in IC1 was that you had to use them as wires, hence why they could not function as torches or similar. Obviously, this would not be possible here. I hope they are setup similarly to other no-UI appliances, like the pump/magnitizer, and hopefully the power distribution system would support this well. This would allow you to easily wire up luminators above a tunnel, within a rather small space.

  • Electric torches should be cheaper to make, something like this:

    [] [glass] []

    [glass] [torch] [glass]

    [stick] [stick] [stick]

    and it produces 4 ETorches (can be changed for balance)

    The main use of the torches, other than looks would be for underwater use, without having to use up precious glowstone.

    Personally I think that they should not require charging.