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    I am trying to add a compressor recipe that uses 1 obsidian Plate as the input.

    "ic2.api.recipe.Recipes.compressor.addRecipe(new ic2.api.recipe.RecipeInputItemStack(ic2ObsidianPlate, 1), null, new ItemStack(sT_Items.itemCasingObsidian, 2));"

    And this is the error
    java.lang.RuntimeException: ambiguous recipe: [1xic2.itemPlates@7 -> [2xitem.itemCasingObsidian@0]], conflicts with [[1xic2.itemPlates@7] -> [1xic2.itemDensePlates@7]]

    From what I know and can find, there is no recipe that takes 1 obsidian plate to make 1 dense obsidian plate.

    I am currently using industrialcraft-2_2.0.175-experimental.jar and, I am getting this crash on loading minecraft.

    That's weird. :P I just have to assume that something's awry with another mod - though I'm playing with the FTB packs (and have it running on servers) and have still never run into this issue. :\

    Let me know if you get a more helpful error message or a more informative context? I'm interested to know why this happens, if it's even CP's fault. :P

    It very well could be other mods, hell it could me my own abomination of a mod iam making learning to code haha, or the other 50 mods my server has >.>, but if I get a better error or something ill be sure to post it !
    On a second note I love your mod but UGH I cant decide were to put the pads, there smaller then half slabs so I cant hide them in my floor and its strange just siting there in the middle of a floor XD <- OCD thing.

    Are you holding something when you right-click? This error happens during an FML handler call which, uh... shouldn't ever be NULL (and isn't even my code). If it's worked already, it should always work, from then on. -_-

    I've tried hard but I simply cannot reproduce this, so I'm not sure how I can help (or if it's even my mod's fault). :\

    No the first time it happened I was in creative mode with a empty hand, second time I open the pad the instant I spawn in to the world, and the third time I was holding the pad its self in my hand in survival. I haven't tried it on my server yet. Tho its not THAT big of a deal it seems to be rare.