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    OK everybody. This is an EXTREMELY buggy beta for SMP, so I will list the bugs here and in the OP:

    The containers don't properly update.
    This means that at the moment, the original machines are useless. The Solar Arrays on the other hand produce their power in the tileentity, so they will properly produce power, but only externally, meaning these only work with cables, storage devices, and other machines. They will not, however work with batteries.

    If you find any other bugs feel free to post them and I'll look into them.

    thank you this will be extremely helpful, we can update to 1.1 just need the bukkit port lol

    OK everybody, the new beta is up. Please post all bugs (other than the ones in the OP). SMP in the next ~3 days.

    Edit: Should probably post it at some point.

    I have my test server fully up to date with all mods and plugins except this, all bugs that have plagued are server are fixed in it. we are awaiting smp (well bukkit port) of this. is there any chance it will be sooner then the 3 days? I hate to say it like that and i dont mean to sound demanding just well its frustrating a little theres nothing i can do, the port for 1.0 caused massive errors when i tested it with 1.1(i expected as much)

    Just do what I'm doing, update to 1.1 and just use the normal machines until adv.machines is updated.. works fine if you're starting a new world because itll take time to get what you need for advanced stuff anyway and you can always use the overclockers as a temp solution.

    if i mention a new map to my players i would be hung drawn and quartered lol

    Were waiting for this to be updated and then ported before we update the server. I dont say this as a please hurry, im fully prepared to wait. What im curoiuse about is worrying me a bit is what will happen to existing items in worlds, the reason we havent updated is we have about 5 hv solar panels in the world, at a high cost to the players (no debate about that im fine with them and thier cost, perfect balance) if we update now we lose them, but if the remake of this mod will lose them anyway i would much rather know that in advance and update our server while i have free time and then re-add your mod when available

    so i guess what im asking is, will this effect already made hv/mv/lv solar panels.