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    IC2 crafting recipes should show in JEI. The machine recipe part isn't done yet, mainly, while I'm waiting for the JEI guys to add a feature, that is semi-required for the machine recipes.
    Just out of curiosity:
    Where did you see "the first post on the forum you see regarding 1.8.9 declares it as an april fool"?

    When you get directed from curse (on my phone so can't link) it takes you to the main IC2 page you see announcements and since your looking for 1.8.9 you eye is drawn to the first post. It also pops up as the main link when Googling

    I would also like to apologise for my tone in the op, I really thought I had been duped.

    The update is not an april fool.
    The update is available and mostly working.

    The update is not an april fool.
    The update is available and mostly working.

    I was going to ask if your sure but i see that you are a dev,

    Ok the recipies for basic machine casing dont show in jei... the next logical step for a player like myself is to check the location of the mod for documentation, in this case the curse forum...there was no documentation on the page but saying a link to this forum....the first post on the forum you see regarding 1.8.9 declears it to be an april fools hence this post. So since its not an april fools can i suggest a new announcement ? so the top one is not the april fools, i have no doubt others have come here for recipies seen the post and backed off.

    Also can you link me to the recipies/info for the 1.8.9 build?

    ok i was very happy to see ic2 had been updated to 1.8.9, figured with ic2 and buildcraft now being available it may well be time to get back into minecraft and try 1.8.9, i rented a server and created a pack. Using the new JEI (replacement for nei) i went to find the recipies...couldnt see some so i went to the curseforge info it redirected me to this forum where i see a massive post about the update being an april fools, yes you got me, i didnt think anyone would go to this much trouble, and being over a month from april fools i think you will find a lot will be fooled about it....may be time to take it down though!

    Jeezz alot of whiners here lately. If you so dislike how Gregorious is doing things, uninstall and go away.

    Gregorious, you are doing a great job, just ignore these <Bleep>'s :thumbup:

    this is the thing, the stuff he adds is awsome, the fact he is modifying existing recipies of other mods is not awsome

    untill i found out the forestry change CAN NOT be turned off in the config i felt the awsome out weighed the bad.... im now giving it more thought as enforced changes of other mods is majorly not cool.

    i get you like the mod, i get you dont like people saying bad things about your favorite mod but it doesnt mean i dont have a valid point or that i should just delete it (though thats the thought going through my mind right now)

    if he just had an option in the config as otheres have said "my new items etc = true/ false" and "changes to vanila and other mods recipies = true/false" then it wouldnt be an issue
    i did not add gregtech mod for the creator to police all the other mods, i added it for the cool end game stuff.

    in short additions he adds = awsome
    messing with other recipies = bad
    ,essing with other mods and making it enforced ie no way to change = bad x 1000

    Lol, 80% of the Stuff is changing other Stuff. If there is any exploit, then I remove it if its relevant. The Foretry Bronze is not only exploitable with IC², its also exploitable with Thermal Expansion. I had to remove it as I dont like getting infinite valuable Stuff from exploits.

    I know about the Irony that you cant read the text over this sentence.

    @Argument B: That would autodisable 90% of my Addon => No. All Features are enabled per Default, unless they make things too OP.

    i added greg tech for the end game content, the fusion reactor the lightning rod etc, it is getting annoying to keep having to disable the changes you make to other mods. I have not exploited forestry bronze, i use its recipie...i like its recipie! when i get home i will now have to go through you config again find that change and disable it, which ill be honest is getting annoying, i understand changing recipies in your own mod for ballance but in other peoples ? you have now doubled the expensive of all forestry bronze needing recipies from what they should be.

    thats not fixing an exploit thats changing another mod.

    found out that the reason the forestry bronze recipie does not work is because of this mod. i love your attentional content but really this messing with other peoples mods has got to stop! make it an option disabled by default by all means but not on by default!

    tried to build a macerator had changed the recipie, closed game went to config found where you changed it and disabled it and other changes to ic2 recipies

    later on needed an ironblock... i need a compressor!? closed game went to config found where you changed it and disabled it and other changes to vanila recipies

    after searching for an hour before work to find out why i cant make bronze with my prefered method with no luck and planed to file bug report with forestry dev i find out you have changed that too! means when i get home i have to hunt for that change too!

    here is my suggestion if you have to mess with other mods stuff A tell us in big bold what mods you have changed and b make it optional with default to NO, a big easy to use option at the start of the config "allow my mod to change otherpeoples mods and vanila recipies = true/false"

    it is starting to be that the bad of the mod is outweighing the good which is a shame as your stuff adds great end game content

    wait the open beta is at 1.4.2 already??? i serously didnt expect to be able to play the halloween update before november! well ok we still have to wait for buildcraft but ha this is normaly the one that takes the longest to update!
    way to go goes THANK YOU!!

    first lets get one thing straight, ic2 is amazing.

    right but it does let its community down a bit;
    1)bugs, i constantly see "this is fixed in the development version" ok if its fixed let us have it please or atleast make it available with the list of bugs it adds and let us decide which will be worse for our servers, ghost cables and the bugged explosions are painful at mo
    2) asking for updates = ban, ok so you dont want loads of people asking for updates, fine...keep us in the loop then
    3) ninja update, we had a bug with slots on our machines in v1.106 ...turns out this was fixed in v1.106 ...yep same version number no anouncment of the fix, its hard enough keeping up with all the mods on a server with out some not changing version numbers

    ways to fix:
    have a jenkins, a recommanded build and a dev build. a lot of mods do that these days and it means we can use whats stable or the latest bug fixes, aware that the latest versions are not supported by support. that fixes 1(if we want the bug fixed versions there they are, 2(no need to ask for updates as we could see the new versions appearing etc) and 3(no more ninja updates)

    use something like mantis to report bugs in developer versions and bingo you have a few more beta testers

    ah sorry my post (above) was made before i saw this
    does this version fix the conflicts i mentioned?

    also does the ingame reactor planner take into count changes made to the ic energy values (say for example the admin is trying to promote reactors over laggy solars and has raised the "energyGeneratorNuclear" to 20 will it auto adjust?

    edit sorry for double post, thought the forum merged them

    my items are set as
    item {

    but i get this in the log

    2012-09-20 15:24:22 [INFO] [STDOUT] CONFLICT @ 298 item slot already occupied by si@7f79739f while adding gregtechmod.common.items.GT_MetaBlock_Item@7e960d1a
    2012-09-20 15:24:22 [INFO] [STDOUT] CONFLICT @ 299 item slot already occupied by si@38fb1f16 while adding gregtechmod.common.items.GT_MetaMachine_Item@6eb5fa93
    2012-09-20 15:24:22 [INFO] [STDOUT] CONFLICT @ 297 item slot already occupied by si@ba70127 while adding gregtechmod.common.items.GT_MetaOre_Item@13cad6b

    getting this from just adding it. (and i've tried removing incomplete IC2 API's from Forestry and BC Beta)

    the op says forge 263 needed your on 251

    i would of made the same mistake in a few minutes if i hadnt read your post lol i didnt know there was a new recommanded forge ..i got some updating to do

    263 is a dev build of forge though, proberly best to wait for a recommanded version, will wait longer for some solar love lol :)