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    when adding to a server i get the following error

    The bit that seems relevent:
    Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: net/minecraft/client/Minecraft
    at gregtechmod.GT_Mod.loadConfig(
    at gregtechmod.GT_Mod.preload(
    ... 30 more

    i dont know anything about coding but im guessing theres still some code thats calling on the client and of course minecraft_server.jar no have client stuff :)

    Ok i need some help, i have a bug the misile targetting computers cant see the missiles right unless its 1 block away and a new cable is placed...theres more too it then that i suspect its the way im using frames
    easiest way to explain is in a video
    it also shows the way i deploy missiles which i think is pretty good :) but need help to get the targetting system to work

    all advice greatly recieved

    and GREAT MOD! (a small millionare japenese village may disagree with that :) but theres not much of that left :) )

    after a lot of searching i cant figure it out, but i think its related to this http://forum.industrial-craft.…page=Thread&threadID=6096 specialy since im using the emergy net that comes with this mod instead of the default one lol.

    after discovering some cool addons to ic2 i had a look and fell into this topic ..... it is EXACTLY what my evil lair needs, now i just need to demolish my evil lairs cinema and turn it into a misile command room :)

    i would also suggest to fellow evil villians to add IC2NuclearControl_client_v1.1.3 to thier minecraft, the developer just added howler alarms trigerable by redstone current PERFECT for launch alarms or incoming missile alerts (in an ssp mod do we get incoming misiles? or is that incase we accidently shoot our own bases? (i can see it happening)

    a quick question though, do the misiles go straight up and then to thier destination (im wondering if i can get away with a misile at the base of my mountain, open the top with frames and fire it out, or if i need to use a frames elevator to raise the misile to the surface before firing?)


    i added it for the alarms (felt my base was missing alarms :) ) im not yet nuclear )

    I have one suggestion favor to ask,
    i wasnt keen on the default alarm so went looking and found theres several on there and then an idea struck me, can you move the sound file to the resources folder of minecraft, have a little gui on the alarm blocks that allow you to change between say 5 alarms? then in the resources folder have alarm1.ogg alarm2.ogg alarm3.ogg alarm4.ogg alarm5.ogg
    this would allow players to customise thier alarms a bit more but also use it for other things (for example i would swap alarm5 for the sound of fans and have a snesor so when im near my engine room i hear fans ...alarm4 for computer beeps so my computer room sounds authentic)

    the gui wouldnt have to be much just a simple 1 2 3 4 5 would work :)

    thanks in advance even if you dont add that its an awsome mod

    because nearly every other mod is at 1.2.5 and they have some fantastic new features, this is one of a few that isnt/hasnt been updated. given that most 1.2.4 mods work against all reason on 1.2.5 its logical to attempt it on ic2, it may not be as major as redpower or as important as buildcraft but ic2 is considered a core mod by many (myself included) and while we could just refresh this page every hour in the vain hope an ic2 developer will throw us a scrap of info as to why 1.2.5 version has been so majorly delayed or even why anyone that dares ask for an eta is hit with the ban hammer, its much more constructive to attempt to get the old 1.2.4 version working on 1.2.5.

    are the developers skiping 1.2.5? i looked at this post the other day and thought "cool but needs modloader...ill wait" but if this is the only way to get ic2 to work in 1.2.5 then well waiting seems silly.
    (i did look to see if theres anya news on 1.2.5 native version but well all i could find was people saying about being banned if you ask for a release date (which is why im wondering if i have missed an announcement along the way) )

    so yeah is 1.2.5 being skipped by the team?

    ok i want to make nucular reactors and water generators more effect to encourage thier use over solar
    at default values water and wind just dont get used i want to change that a bit too

    # Base energy generation values - increase those for higher energy yield

    i changed it from 10 to 30

    but id these values are right and the higher the better as the comment says then solar is more effective then nuke? that cant be right?

    if i change water and wind to 300 will that make them 3x more effective then default or is the comment wrong and i should be lowering the numbers?

    edit spoke to muckk on irc he was able to explain that these are base values used in calculations so where as water may appear higher, it losses more in its calculation then reactors do


    ok setting energyGeneratorWater=100 to energyGeneratorWater=400 i thought would make it 4 times more powerful (makes sense) but instead the minute you hook an electric furnace to just one water mill via copper cable theres a large bang and cable is gone as is furnace ..thats too powerful what should i put in to make them just 4 times better then default?


    tried 110, with copper cable 1 water mill submerged in water (just under the surface so the top was exposed to the air) added a furnace watched the lighting bar go up and then pow big explosion (think it was the rain that pushed it over the edge)

    You seem to be so involved with Minecraft and yet you don't know Notch is no longer the main developer of Minecraft. It's Jeb who's doing all the main work now.

    i have been running a minecraft server since the hmod days, i keep forgetting its not notch but jeb, though im sure notch still has a hand in it, lets face it if you created a game of this magnitude could you walk away from it?

    RichardG, any updates chap? ( i dont mean give us an exact eta or ought just is it going well or are you hitting hurdles?) might have a look for your donate ink in a bit and buy you a beer actually...a coffee (tipsey programmers not good idea lol)
    im on holiday till aprill 2nd so im hopefull all this mess (meaning all mods and bukkit etc) is sorted before then lol

    edit:** i have pmed you as i cant find your donation link only the main one

    spare a thought for us bukkit users

    we have to wait for :
    1) a rb of minecraft 1.2.3 (no one seems to want to port to the beta build)
    2) modloader modloadermp forge to be ported (they are all 1.2.3 already)
    3) mods to be updated to 1.2.3 (so far ic2/froestry/redpower are the sticking points for us as they all add terrain gen stuff)
    4) said mods to be ported

    1.2.3 came out, our server population went to 3 or 4 online if your lucky peak time im now on holiday too lol

    im using the down time to
    a) whitelisted creative server for players to build us a new spawn and server town
    b) play mass effect3
    c) tweak some bugs in the server code we use and look at new plugins
    d) streamline our procedures
    e) play some of the single player only mods and wish we could have them (have you tried version 3 of build craft....pure awsome) or the zepplin mod? sooo cool.

    ....tbh though ...i just want to play minecraft on our server again lol lets hope notch stops with the major changes! (thouigh at some point he actualy needs to add the 4096 block id limit)

    So what can be the Id block between server / client are different...
    Otherwise PM me your server and when you're there and I watch it I live in times ..

    double checked ids of client and server they all match
    tried to give myself a forcefield block and got this error

    im guessing thats normal though as the block is not a block persay?

    our server is open to all but its heaverly modded and forcefields are restricted at mo due to the crash bug with area forcefields over 20 ..and the fact were not getting the fields generated
    how ever to explain exactly what happens:

    i place a hv solar panal then a mfsu
    mfsu starts to charge
    cable from mfsu to eu injector
    mffs generator core on top of the injector
    lever on side of mffs generator core
    flick lever injector core lights up and starts taking power

    went 2 blocks away placed area forcefiled
    inserted blank card into generator it got the yellow blob
    inserted it into area generator this then got linked to the generator
    placed lever on the side of the area projector
    flicked lever black circles turned to blue ..but no force field is generated

    repeated exactly the same procedure on single player and forcefield worked

    i love the look of this mod its brilliant, just need to figure out why it wont work lol, theory over at mcportcentral is the actual port may be bugged but there are posts a few pages back with more people having the same issue
    i tried with no plugins,
    i tried with ic2 1.70b
    i tried with 1c2 1.71
    i even tried a fresh install

    ***side note***
    when the force field is turned off it removes a lever i placed where the forcefield should go (doesnt remove it when the forcefield is turned on...dont know if that helps diagnose where the issue is?

    hi im on beta 5 (cant find the link to the smp version of beta 6) but got a major bug, it has been reported back a few pages but there was no reply so im guessing it slipped notice, basicly in smp the forcefields do not work, they take power they light up they do everything to show thier working except actualy generate a forcefield (rather a major hicup in our new planed base defence :) ) in single player they work beautifuly.

    thanks for a great looking mod and i cant wait to use it on our server :) (once it works ofcourse lol)

    ok several hours passed still cant get them to work :( please help