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    The thing about green uranium, and green radioactive waste, well, lets just say that popular culture gets a TON of stuff totally wrong. Hence, we kinda have to keep with it, rather than making uranium yellow.

    yellow CAKE is yellow, it is simply a dust which has a bunch of uranium precipitates in it(correct me if my chemistry is wrong). If anything, uranium dust is grey, because the metal itself is grey. Only uranite is green and that is from where the "green uranium" rose

    I was imagining the wrench fulfilling the role of the plunger in a hypodermic needle. Kinda looks like one doesn't it?

    now I know this is IC2 where uranium ingots are green and the whole world is just overall surreal, but seriously? NEON GREEN radioactive dust? I completely agree with the idea of the stuff just being a recolored copy of the snow block, but I think neon green is a bit much. Just have the stuff be grey and be done with it. No need to give people a headache with your "neon green radioactive waste"

    I just REALLY hope that this will get updated once the MC 1.23 version of IC2 will come out. With the new altitude, rockets and parachutes will be imperative in my space station project

    thanks to IC2 and computercraft, I will have fully functioning space station complete with machinery, programmable computers running UNIX, solar panels, wiring.(oh and perhaps a space elevator from the Zeppelin mod :D )

    Medical Supplies

    In Minecraft, when we take damage we usually have to get our hunger bar to full, use a potion, or eat a golden apple to regain our health.
    Have you ever even thought about the advances in medicine that industry and technology have brought us?
    This idea of mine would be in the game as a non-placable object(much like food), and is used in a similar fashion. When you have taken damage, simply retreat, break out your bandage(or first aid kit which would restore more health), and patch yourself up!
    This object would ONLY restore health points, the hunger bar remains unaffected

    recipe:bandage, heals 2.5 full hearts
    :string: :paper: :string:
    :blank: :resin: :blank:
    :blank: :blank: :blank:

    recipe: first aid kit/box, heals 8 full hearts, for near death situations. Once used it must be refilled in a similar fashion as the CF sprayer
    :iron: :iron: :iron:
    :bandage: :bandage: :bandage:
    :iron: :iron: :iron

    *tin could be used as a substitute for iron

    have it work on a principle similar to a mining thingy(forgot the name)
    my point is, have the "satellite" go up, and in its trail it leaves a cable of your choice(copper, gold, fiber, etc..)
    and in the GUI, there will be a box where you can put your solar panels(more solar panel= more EU) that will be deployed

    now seeing as how this thing will be in Pseudo-space, the panels shall run 24/7, but it compensates by having that energy loss(depending on cable)
    seems like a sound idea no?

    :Miner: <----Satellite, maximum altitude
    :MFS-Unit: [ground level]

    I forgot about that. Take the files themselves (the ones in the folder) and place them into the jar. Doesn't work if you throw the folder into the jar.

    So I put the files in the folder (IC2,the PNG's, the .CLASS file) into the minecraft.jar
    so when I run my minecraft and I press login, it keeps telling me that it cannot connect. So when I play offline the game crashes.
    what do I do? I did everything exactly as you told me to.

    I have a completely vanilla minecraft. version 1.1

    -I go into minecraft.jar, I then delete the meta info

    -I download modloader[optimized for 1.1], I drag the folder(the whole folder) from the RAR into the minecraft.jar, I then open the game to make sure everything is working. The game works, I proceed to the next requirement

    -I download modloaderMP[optimized for 1.1], I then put the folder contained within the RAR into the minecraft.jar archive. Run the game again to make sure everything is working, the game works.

    -I download minecraftforge[1.10 only version], I then put the folder contained within the RAR into the minecraft.jar archive. Run the game again to make sure everything is working, the game works.

    -I then download the IC2 jar. file from the wiki. The instructions said to place the jar. file into the "mods" folder, there was no folder so I created one and proceeded to put the jar. into there.

    I'm guessing this is a problem with my Modloader? since the mod folder wasn't created. How do I fix this? I followed all their instructions.