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    this is a really interesting concept, and it sounds exactly like something IC2 should have. But I'm afraid Albaka, or many of the people on here wont agree with it because it gives players an edge for finding a resource that is supposed to be really rare.

    yeah and a machine that lets you turn on creative mode, and a machine that makes it rain diamonds and UU-matter!
    and while you're at it please make it so solar panels work day AND night, and output as much EU as a Mark V CASUC reactor

    ever heard of this thing called balancing? ?(

    you obviously have never dealt with NUCLEAR waste before have you?

    this stuff is called waste because it does not give off enough heat to efficiently create the steam that drives turbine generators
    actual nuclear waste is pretty hot, hot enough that it glows from heat, and if you were to touch it then you can say farewell to your hand there

    I'm not sure if this has been posted in the thread already, but why not have a system that works similarly to The Aether mod? from the videos I saw on that mod, it looked as if the new dimension was just enter-able just by reaching a certain altitude.

    why not just have a similar system here? when you break through bedrock in Minecraftia you simply go to the nether, when breaking bedrock in the nether you simply go to the end. The converse also applies, when you reach max altitude in the end you o to the nether, when reaching max height in the nether you go to Minecraftia

    Just buy it.

    yes but that would mean I would have to spend MONEY, wtf right? why should I pay for something I can already have for free, and with no repercussions

    besides, I already bought the game anyway. It's Mojang's fault they don't have the old versions available to the customers and the modding community

    oh my god... 8|
    I can't even begin... too beautiful

    but damn you must be an excellent redstone engineer! I myself could never find a practical application for all those AND, NAND, XOR, XNOR, RS-LATCH, RSNOR-LATCH. But you did, and made a handy control room as well
    I applaud you and you mighty factory! what's next? automated nuclear warhead facility? :D

    I have 6 stacks of redstone in my personal chest, at this point I'm just willing to burn it in a generator like a rich man lights a cigar with 100 dollar bills.

    if it makes you feel any better, the other generators don't run on a dust connection

    what is this lag that you speak of? I haven't experienced any of it 8o
    that's because I have a decent computer

    oh and the redstone dust in the first pic was from the first two generators, I just never got around to removing it. It really doesn't act any different from redpower2 wiring, just one is a bit easier to work with that's all. If I actually had the drive to make an upgrade I would just use wireless redstone for simplicity, but there's no lag anyways so I'm really just fine right now.

    I am genuinely interested in why you are so concerned about my FPS rate. Nothing is lagging, and the buildcraft pipes are absolutely necessary for the whole system to work. As I had wrote earlier, they require a buffer in between them, and they require it for a reason. I already tried feeding the redpower pipes into the auto-crafting table. What that does is it just fill the top left box, where as the buildcraft pipes place an item in the top left, then the top middle, then the top right, then middle left, you get the idea.

    Al says he already has coffee in the works, it was either that or an energy drink.
    any who, this is industrial craft. Want something set on fire? use a fire charge, it's basically what you just described.

    Never test Lep Zeppelin mod, all the machines stuff that are not originally from the mod, will fit without crashes or bugs? (example I can have a fully funtional windmill/solars generators upon?

    what? :|

    what I was implying is that the new heights limit coupled with zeppelin mod could open the doors to a new setting for people to construct their structures.
    While the zeppelin mod DOES move mod blocks such as solar panels, their skins become waaaayyyy messed up if you don't aline to world. If you do construct a ship with mod blocks, I recommend staying away from them during flight, as they are an eyesore.