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    would be interesting but i think that's more of a Rocket Science Mod thing, not so much Industrial. unless we pretty much turn this into "Harvest Moon" lolz

    with the new height limit, you can just use zeppelin mod and just build and elevator around a tin cable so you got yourself a space elevator. Or of course you can use rocket science and simply fly up there, but either works.
    then just build your station at the top of the world, I tried it in creative and the concept works. I'm still waiting for rocket science to update so I can go to MC1.23 already

    A simple enough concept I came up with a while back, of course it required a lot of tweaking to get it right, but in the end it was totally worth it as you shall see :D
    this here is my array of 6 cobblestone generators, the boxy structures that you see on the left are the control modules. Those control modules contain the redpower2 timer, and a wireless redstone transmitter. One of them controls the generators, and the other controls half the scrap refinement process. In the early days I had the timer set wrong, the result of that would be me having to come in, pop open those hatches, and clear out the block of stone which would block the path that the water takes to collide with the lava. I thought of these early, failure prone generators as very industrial-esque seeing as how they required all of that attention to keep the stone flowing. But with the additions of more and more generators they started clogging more and it became a hassle to give them all attention.
    The stone is broken by simple block breakers, nothing fancy.
    here you can see the actual recycler that processes the stone into scrap. Now one may ask how one recycler is able to process all that stone(a bit hard to see here) efficiently? I have the thing rigged up to either it was 7 or 8 overclockers, along with a whole bunch of EU storage upgrades.
    The actual refinery is located in the section of the house with those three holes in the roof, we shall see more of it later. Here I partially covered it up because it was becoming an eyesore on my balcony
    NOTE: see the leftmost structure? that is the storage center.
    This is the inside of the refinery. As you can see, I have a wireless receiver up there, it is hooked up to a retriever that is attached to the side of the recycler, its purpose is to remove scrap from the machine and into the chest.
    The chest acts like a buffer between the redpower2 pipes and the buildcraft pipes. As you can see the engine is nice and hot and pumping out a nice stream of scrap.
    here we have the automatic-crafting table, which produces scrap boxes for me. These boxes are then pumped out into another chest, the scrap box is then retrieved and sent down a redpower pipe.
    this is the storage facility that I mentioned earlier. I consider this the most important part of the whole facility. Shown here are some chests which are connected by and underground pipe system. Also shown is a redstone reciever and two devices which I will show in the next picture.
    Same storage room, different angle. Here we can see a newly made scrap box traveling down the pipe and into the redpower2 deployer. The deployer spits out a random item made by the scrap box, which is then picked up by a transposer and sent into one of the chests. Initially I made it with a nice chamber so I could have a brief glimpse of the random item that I would receive, unfortunately this glimpse is so fast the item dropped appears for less than an instant and I have to just look at the item as it's going to a chest.

    You might think "well this is just a waste of time. Enjoying your wooden tools?"
    yes, yes I am, and much more.

    I leave it on for 1 day and 1 night and this is what I have. Along with 7 gold helmets in the other chest.

    ...THC pills to increase hunger and color contrast :P

    why you all noobs want "press X to win" ???

    wtf? I can't tell if you're just trolling or really just this ignorant..
    have you even READ the thread? ?(

    this sort of tech would be insanely difficult to build, it would be the absolute LAST thing you would build. Furthermore, it brings with it the dangers of destroying landscape, destroying your structures. It carries with it much risk.

    and also, there is no clear definition of a winning scenario for this mod. For the game yes, to reach the end. But this is Industrialcraft2, some people could consider getting a reactor up and running their endgame. Others could consider other paths to be the endgame, terraforming the nether, etc..

    I had an idea like this, though it was more kin to a simple cloning machine

    pop in an egg/raw chicken breast for a chicken, raw porkchops for pigs, raw steaks for cows. Then just add water and wait for the miracle to happen.
    play around with the combinations, create creepers from cactus and porkchops, spider eyes for spiders, bones and rotten flesh for zombies, and maybe even bones for testificates?

    thanks for sharing! I am learning a lot from this thread, and it's also inspiring a few ideas(having a storage unit output a redstone signal that would turn on red lights when out of power, having a batbox run the place until it runs out, and when that happens turning off all lights.)

    I myself also have a cobble factory, using VERY uncooperative generators, apparently the more redstone devices I have in the area then the more they clog up. I think this is just an issue with the cobblestone generator wireless timing module, I think I shall probably just speed it up.

    The cobblestone that these generators produce are sent to a recycler with some overclockers. From the recycler the scrap is retrieved and sent to a auto-crafting table, where it is made into scrap boxes. Those boxes then go to deployer, the items then picked up by a transposer, which then get sent to chests. This is very handy if you want some cheap golden helmets or just random items or food.

    fizz is what the uranium is for :D
    or you can just throw a soda bottle and some carbon fibers in a canning machine. get it? CARBONated soda :D

    come on steve eats canned mushroom stew with woodchips and rotten zombie flesh all the time he has a cast iron stomach.

    it would still be missing the two oxygen atoms, and uranium only goes into a fission reaction when it is hit by another U-235 atom, this sets off a chain reaction that in turn releases many megatons of TNT depending on the initial quantity of the fissile material in question.Also, I don't recall Steve ever eating woodchips, or ever eating zombie flesh without it having a negative impact on his health ever in the game :sleeping:

    cocobeans+rose dye+sugar+near depleted uranium cell+water(duh)=nuke-a-cola

    is there any specific type of cancer that you want Steve to die from after consumption? or just plain old radiation poisoning? ?(

    but I like the soda idea, but it needs carbonated water. if only Al would add some gasses into the game such as hydrogen, carbon dioxide, helium, etc..(neon for luminators?)

    I think it's an awesome idea, except leave out the hunger restoring effect, I mean if milk doesn't restore hunger then why should coffee?
    The speed boost is also an excellent idea, though instead of the hunger effect being sped up from the crash, why not just have the player be slightly slowed down for a duration? similar to the actual "crash you experience from consuming caffeine

    I see where you're coming from, but you gotta see that those things that you listed, they appear in small amounts.
    With this fallout, we got a neon green blanket covering an entire chunk.
    Honestly, I don't know a workaround. Either gray is too bland, or neon green is too eccentric or out of place.

    WOW, I don't have anything even close to this scale of production.
    my scrap factory is basically just two cobblestone generators(those bastards even require maintenance cuz they clog up every 5 stacks X( ) with block breakers feeding some RP2 pipes that go to a recycler that has a few overclockers
    it's so low tech I have to manually come in and clear out the scrap every once in a while.
    Eh, well its my first steps. I still have to build a mass fabricator a the means to power one

    The thing is gray colour cannot be "pollution" sign. You need some bright for this. Light glow green is ideal even if not realistic.

    how is a very odd and out of place blanket of grey colored snow covering what is obviously a blast crater not a sign of radioactive pollution/fallout?

    I'd much rather have an aesthetically pleasing grey snow rather than an ugly neon green snow.