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  • Evening,

    I noticed that two functions of this forum don't work, at least not for me. After I registered I could use them for a while but now they only give me an error. The two functions are "Show new posts since last visit" and "Mark all as read". When I try using I only get "There are no results for your search." for the new posts and "The link you are trying to reach is no longer available or is invalid. " for the mark all as read. I noticed this behavior a few days ago on my PC, my mobile phone, my tablet and my work PC. I am using Chrome on all of them and it could be that is only a problem with Chrome but it did work at first. I did test it with IE, didn't work there either but that could just be IE. Also the redirection when logging in does not work but I don't mind that one so much.

    I do know that this is an old forum which doesn't really get updates anymore but it's something that shoud still work and was still working not to long ago, I'm only a member for 3 weeks at max so it's really not that long.


  • The "Show new posts since last visit" link works for me, unless there haven't been any new posts (in which case, it shows me that "no results" message, leaving me annoyed that it showed me the link - I mean, is it that hard to program the forum to suppress generating that link if there haven't been any new posts since my last visit?)

    I haven't tried the "Mark all as read" in a while.

    I'm using Firefox, in case that makes a difference.

  • Well, I get this message even if there are new posts which I can see. It might be that it's a problem with having this forum open and setting the time for last visit. I normally have it open and reload it when I want to see whats new and it might be that it somehow thinks my last login was before reloading and thakes only the time between that and the reload for the search but as far as I know I'm not counted as online if I just leave the page open, put my PC in suspend and reload when I wake my PC. It doesn't display anything new before the reload so the forum shouldn't even know I'm there.