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    Try deleting all of your folders in the .minecraft except your save folder. Then run the minecraft.exe again and download the game. Then re install the preqs and then run the game once and then install IC2.

    I have noticed that the new IC2 version take a significantly longer time to load. I.E. the white Mojang screen stays up for a long time. Also I see to have no sound...

    I think it's fine the way it is... I still have the 11EU/t version because personally, 11% sunlight efficentcy is realistic in terms of what we do have available to us.. (Highest grade so far is 13%, where plants get 30% energy yield from light)...

    I just think it's funny how the nuclear boys want to shout 'OP' just because we have something to match their system in terms of energy production. You don't like it? I don't like Uranium...

    Deal with it.. 8)

    Well then you will be happy to know that I will be going back to my original 11/1 as the default setting. I can do this because I have also implemented changing the the day and night output from the config file. So for those that want 4/1 they can change it in the config file to that. For those that want 8/1 same thing and so on and so forth. Though I will be limiting the max to 16/8 and if you try and put something bigger than that it will go back down to 16/8. I was going to release this version this weekend however I think I m going to wait until IC2 updates to 1.8.1 and I can check and make sure that this add on will still work.

    That's like saying this is overpowered because it produces a near identical output of energy as nuclear:

    There's a reason why each energy generation type works the way it does: So you aren't forced to use specific energy generating reactors just to run your machines...

    (And yes, it's a legit build. Took too damn long to build in comparison with my first one, but it is twice the size as the original... so meh...)

    I m confused. Do you like that the advanced solar panel produces 8/1 at the current cost or do you want to see it produce more or less?

    So do you still need help getting this working? I say this because you never responded to my post. Don't get me wrong IDEs are great and all but for this type of application cutting out one of the many middle men is much more beneficial. I recommend you grab notepad++ and use that to write code with. Then save all in notepad++ and manually copy your files into mcp\src\minecraft\net\minecraft\src\. After that then run recompile.bat and then start.bat inside of the mcp folder. That should get it to run. If it does run then go ahead and run the reobfuscate.bat in the mcp folder and pick up your .class files in reobf folder. Put that in a folder and then zip it up without saving the file paths and your mod should be good to go into the mod folder in minecraft.

    So do you think the solar panel is overpowered after crafting them? Do you think they were worth the effort of making?

    where is the 1.1 download the download on the op is the 1.0.1 version

    The opening post has the new version, "".

    My version numbering system for the actual files are that the first 2 numbers are the IC2 version this add on is for. In this case "1.0". The last 2 numbers is the version of my add on. In this case it is "1.1"

    Here's an idea, in addition to the T1 Solar Panel we have normally, create a T2 that uses the Energy Crystal as it's storage and appropriate materials (like the reinforced glass) and a T3 that uses the Lapotron as it's storage and it's own appropriate materials (sugestions?) Also adjust the collection rates accordingly.

    T1 - normal rate w/ no night collection
    T2 - Doubled day rate w/ 1 eu/t at night
    T3 - Tripled/Quadrupled(?) day rate w/ 2-3 eu/t at night due to epic materials using the sun's reflection off of the moon to create power.

    Just suggestions though, please do take with a grain of salt.

    I wouldn't be against the idea. However there are two main problems with this. First, once you include a crystal in the recipe to me the costs just skyrockets because now you need a diamond to make it. Secondly like I said in a previous post I just don't have the time now and probably not have it for another 60 days to make another generator. So there is really now point in discussing a T2 solar panel windmill or watermill at this time. However I am willing to discuss about the T3 panel. If there is a precedence or a logical reason to replace a material in the recipe or if you want to share the reasoning behind why you would make the day rate x and the night rate y, I am all ears.

    ok my physics does suck granted... but theoretically it shouldnt produce at night... but the recipe to craft suggests tier 2, not tier 3, so perhaps making it abit more expensive if its going to be tier 3, i really dont see the point in the lapatron crystal... perhaps where you got the output 512 eu/t thing... (ye i know mc isnt realistic... but i like realism to an extent XD)

    Either A your haven't been reading the opening post and the rest of my posts in this thread or B your not understanding what I am telling you. So let me make this simple.

    If a solar panel is efficient enough it will produce some electricity at night, preferably under the full moon. (It wont produce as much as it would in the day time but it will produce some.) This is absolute fact and there is no point in arguing over this.

    The nights in the minecraft world are much brighter (more light = more power able to be generated) than they are in the real world and there is always a bright full moon. This is another fact.

    About the recipe. I consider an advanced machine a tier 3 ingredient. It is only used in the very top most machines like induction furnaces, terraformers, MFSUs, and matter generators. The lapatron crystal is the tier 3 rechargeable battery. It is used in tier 3 energy devices like the MFSU and the matter generator (it turns energy into matter so I consider it an energy device for this argument sake). Every generator in IC2 has a tier 1 rechargeable battery in its ingredient list. So I followed the formula set by the creators of IC2 an used an advanced machine and a tier 3 rechargeable battery (lapatron crystal) in the ingredient list for the my tier 3 power generator. The rest of the ingredients are again following forumlas set by the IC2 creators. Coals dust upgrades to carbon plate. Glass upgrades to reinforced glass (if there was ever iridium reinforced glass I would use it here.) Copper cable upgrades to fiber cable.

    Iridium is currently only used to make armor and there is no presidents for using it to make generators or a solar panel. Also the thing you are still not getting is that in order to make just 13 advanced solar panels for 1 solar flower you need 15 diamonds. You will then need 10 more diamonds if you chose to make an MFSU at the heart of your solar flower to collect the energy. I don't know about the worlds you play in but finding 25 diamonds takes a while for me in my worlds.

    As far as why I chose to go with the tier 3 energy level with my tier 3 generator.... besides the obvious and besides the fact that I have already explained this in this thread a couple times now... Basically in the real world (you know that thing you are fond of but apparently are willing to make claims about that are completely fictional) higher voltage means higher efficiency. That is why they have high voltage power lines running from state to state and not just the standard voltage power lines. Also when installing a solar setup in the real world often the solar panels will be wired in a way to increase the voltage. Again because higher voltage is more efficient way to transfer power.

    Finally EU is a fictional power measurement that is used to simplify electrical engineering in IC2. The basis in reality for EU is called wattage which is found by multiplying voltage and amperage together. The tier 3 energy level is referred to as High Voltage. You can run 1 EU across the high voltage energy level and have a perfectly valid reason for doing it that is based in the real world physics. Remember higher voltage equals better efficiency. The way it is possible to run higher voltages is simply by reducing the amperage. So even though the solar panels are not using the whole 512 EU on the tier 3 power level the reason why it is using it is based in reality. It also has the side benefit of increasing the cost of using the advanced solar panel which prevents them from being mobile power stations.

    I am happy to answer any questions that you have about the mod just please do two things for me. A) Read my posts in this thread I probably have already covered it. B) Remember ASSuming about things you don't know about makes an a__ out of u and me.

    First off and I don't mean to be rude here but please never again base any of your arguments on how you think physics works. Your understanding of how light works is appallingly wrong.

    My original premise to make the solar panel out 12/1 was based on facts. There are a total of 16 light levels in minecraft from 0 to 15, 15 being daylight. Moonlight is level 4 which is about 8.5% the amount of light in the day time. (Note: It is never truly dark in minecraft according to the wiki, even at 0 the light level is still something like 3.5% light level.) This means if I had 12% efficient solar panel using the moon light I would be generating 1 EU/t in the minecraft world. Applying the 12% efficiency to the daylight levels means that I would output 12 EU/t. There was however a coding problem with doing 12 EU/t so I settled for 11 EU/t. To go even deeper into this, my advanced solar panel would probably be using IR wavelengths to make energy since that is what is mostly reflected from the moon. this means that these solar panels are meant to convert infra red with an efficiency of 12%. So the basis for these are sound. (The 11/1 was then change because people wanted base 2 numbers so that it would easily work with the base 2 storage units.)

    Also every generator in IC2 stores some power just based on the way IC2 is coded. The base generator stores like 5k in EU. The Tier 1 solar panel stores 100 EU. Since a lapotron crystal is used in the creation of this item I think it is more than fair to say that it should be able to store some power. It also only store 16k EU that is less than half of the 40k a simple bat box stores. So I have no problem with this small amount of storage on a tier 3 power generation device.

    As for change the output to 5/0: I think an average of 2.5 EU/t is a little low for something that requires this much heavily processed material requiring a lot of power and time to make and 1.12 diamonds. I would challenge you to go make 13 of these from base materials and then on top of that make the necessarily MFSU to and transformer to make use of these solar panels and then tell me how much you think it is worth (oh and don't use anything that was TMIed to do this challenge). Right now I m thinking I m going to be going with 8/2 in the next update which is about 5 EU/t on average.

    im a lil on the fence about this... its a good idea, but also over powered (well to me it is) i probably wont use this (even tho i always use solar panels) think ill stick to the ones ingame and if im not mistaken solar panels produce more (normal ones) on desert biomes

    How are they overpowered? Do they cost to little or do you think they just generate to much for solar no matter what the cost is? Some have suggest a power level of 8/2, would you use it at this power level with the current recipe? If not what kind of power do you think a tier 3 solar panel that costs this much metal, coal, and diamonds should output?

    Also you are mistaken there is no code that I saw that lets the regular solar panels generate more on desert biomes.

    Hmmm next thing ubercharged solar panels???? Crafted with Iridium and the advance solar panels and a HV-Transformer cause it will put put 20 per tick and 10 at night ;)

    Thank you phaser for that very supportive attitude and helpful criticism. If only more people like you would show that kind of appreciation to modders for spending their free time to make these add-ons I am sure we would have so many more to play with.



    Again the reason behind using high voltage is because I m trying to base things in reality as much as possible and not break the game. Higher voltages is often used in solar setups because it is more efficient. It also increases the costs of using advanced solar panels which is intended. This was never meant to be a cheap source of power. As the saying goes "pick two: fast, good, or cheap". It is fast and it is good, it just not cheap. Also like I said in the original post EU generation and voltage has nothing to do with each other since EU is power measurement (volt * amps) and not a voltage measurement.

    Yes I know that 10 is not a power of two. However if the goal is to make easy calculations the only thing easier than 1 is 10.

    I don't think you noticed a bug. I think you noticed a feature. (No really I mean that.) Let me explain, each advanced solar panel can store 16000 EU. So if you place it and then go off and wire everything it will store power. Once you attach a MFSU to it everything stored in all of your solar panels will then be transferred at a rate of 512 EU/t per panel. I think this explains what you noticed.

    Finally to quote a song "life is what happens when you're making other plans". I will be very busy for the foreseeable future. At best I will be able to maintain this add on but I probably wont have a lot of time to fool around with windmills and watermills.

    Well I tried it out thinking that this would be an easier way to test while creating mods. (I can't use TMI with MCP) To be honest however I was kinda disappointed from the minute I walked in the door. My first suggest would be to put a wooden pressure plate on the inside of the door. This lets the door auto open/close when you leave and auto close when you come in. Not a big deal, but that was the first thing I did to the house for the sake of convenience. The second thing is that you didn't make a workshop, which for me was a major problem. This is suppose to be an industrial craft test map why isn't there at least a simple workshop that is all powered up and ready to go with the induction furnace heated up to 100%? I would recommend putting one of each of the machines and have a couple of empty spaces for new machines along with a few full MFSUs for power storage The main power being from solar and auxiliary power provided by geothermal and a couple of chests full of lava cells. I want to test out recompiled code here not have to make a workshop from the ground up.The third problem was that you only gave base materials. This was another major problem for me. Again I don't want to have to build everything from the ground up I just want to test my mod. I can understand why you would leave crystals out but I have never had a problem TMIng the other components. Also TMIed crystals work just fine you just have to first charge them up and then they can be used for crafting.

    Also I like FourFire's idea of having a pre-built containment unit for a nuclear reactor. This way you could just go to the map map a test out different designs without worrying about it blowing up.

    Anyway like I said I was expecting the ultimate industrial craft 2 turnkey house not a fixer upper. However it is your creation and these are just suggestions for you, take them or leave them.

    Well, the point of solar panel is to generate EU when it's a sunny day. You have all other types of generators and storage units to compensate for the night.

    This is true. It is also true that this is a game and people seem to like the 8/4 for ease of calculations. So please keep leaving comments on whether you guys like 8/4 or 11/1. I could also do 10/2 which may satisfy both groups.

    As for the other generators. I m looking for ideas on how to make unique Tier 3 windmills and watermills. (Don't send me mail telling me just to make the recipe more expensive and to increase the multiplier) If you have an idea for these two generators PM me (please don't post it here I don't want this thread to go off topic.) For example I m I m currently thinking about making the tier 1 watermill transform into a tier 3 dam that would generate power depending on the amount of water that is being held behind the dam.

    will the update allow it to attach directly to a med-volatage transformer? And my two cents, I don't think you should have nerfed the daytime eu, it takes DIAMONDS for petes sake, I'm almost out of em, with the combination of the panels and the wire. maybe 10 eus a day? but not 8. not worth my diamonds.
    Love the gui in the OT btw. Want to try it out.

    Yes it will work with an MV Transformer. It will work with anything that you could attach a MFSU to.

    I nerfed the daytime to 8 EU/t but I increased the night time to 4 EU/t. It still averages out to the exact same thing as long as you don't sleep through the night. One Advanced Solar Panel is still worth 12 regular Solar Panels. That being said if more people comment that they want the old 11/1 back I will change it back.

    New version up. Finally out of beta. I m still trying to figure out how to change the drop to just an advance machine if you don't use a wrench but other than that everything else should be golden.

    WARNING: Before you upgrade make sure your Advanced Solar Panels are only attached to high voltage machines (like a MFSU). Attaching it to a batbox or a MFE will cause them to blow up up those machines.

    I mainly only concerned with the hardest items to find in a recipe. The top three things in my experience is Diamonds, iron (because IC is very iron oriented), and coal (because it can either be turned into diamonds or it is needed for fuel, breeding, carbon plate, etc) in that order. So if I counted everything right for my low cost 0 chamber mark I you need 20 iron and 20 advanced alloy for the reactor. You then need 6 iron and 6 advanced alloy total for the 4 dispensers and the 4 platings. So in total for the whole thing including the advanced alloy that is 56 iron or if you have a macerator that is 28 iron ore. For a single advanced solar panel you need .5 advanced alloy (or 1.5 iron), 24 coal, 1.125 diamond, and 2 iron. For three of them and rounding up that is 12 iron (6 iron ore), 72 coal, and 4 diamond. Not to mention with the reactor you will still get an addition 400,000 EU over the same time. So yes in my opinion the reactor is cheaper. My mark I reactor also requires no maintenance (no component degradation) so all you have to do is send 2 seconds every 8 days to put fuel in, hardly a big issue.

    I do concede the point that it takes up more room. However it generates power underground and it can be upgraded to make even more power since the water tank and power lines are already set up. Like I said I m not getting into the whole advanced nuclear reactors and breeder thing. If you have that kind of a setup A) you should be getting a lot of power (unless you designed your reactor wrong) and B) should have an almost infinite supply of fuel with breeders (which means efficiency no longer matters and your reactor can go for more power). The only downside is that you have to play switch the cells around every 8 days, but the power should more than make up for that.

    I m not going to get into SMP.

    RE: Edit: The conversion recipe costs 5 less coal, something like and .125 less diamond however making the cheapest solar panel still adds and additional 6 iron to the cost not mention the extra pain of making those 4 extra recipes (battery, furnace, iron furnace, generator, solar panel, vs just making glass fiber cable)

    RE: Edit 2: The more EU/t would come at a cost of having a HV infrastructural. It would generate 16 EU/t but then even one advanced solar panel would require that you attach it to a MFSU (the batbox or MFS would blow up if attached). This means you have to add the cost of making an MFSU and using either HV cable or glass fiber cable to use advanced solar panels. This is actually the way I m leaning if there isn't an out cry of comments against it.

    As far as 11 solar panels vs. 1 advanced solar panel: 11 solar panels would cost 66 iron (33 iron ore) and 33 coal, 1 advanced requires only 4 iron, and 24 coal (however you have to do a lot of processing on the coal and iron which means you will be spending a lot of EUs and a lot of time on them), and also you will need 2 diamonds. I think it works however again I m open to comments and if the majority want it to be a higher cost then post and let me know. I m not out to break the game. I just don't want to have to craft hundreds of solar panels.