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    You can achieve a similar effect in IC2 by switching a storage block...

    True but this method only works with the storage block until it is full and then it will start outputting again. In which case you are still going to be bleeding energy.

    Though I didn't realize until now that you are right and applying red stone to a transformer would have a similar effect as the switch did. Though that does complicate matter quite a bit. It would require more resources for the transformers and would make the electrical wiring and red stone wiring a mess. I would still hope for a way to be able to directly shut off a power hungry machine such as the Mass Fabricator.

    Mass Fabricators use so much power it would be nice to be able to turn them off when you need to conserve power. I used to do this indirectly by using a switch before the Mass Fabricator in IC but there are no switches in IC2. So I would suggest that the Mass Fabricator default to being on but when applying red stone be able to switch it on and off.