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    New version available 0.92.

    I Was able to fix the title entity not deleting bug. I changed the recipe to require a Lapotron Crystal instead of a generator. I also added a recipe to recycle old Solar Panels.

    I also added to more questions in the developers comments: "Also how much energy do you think the Advanced Solar Panel should be able to store since a Lapotron Crystal did go into the making of it? Do you think the Advanced Solar Panel should be a Low Voltage (batbox), Medium Voltage (MFS), or High Voltage Device (MFSU)?"

    I m thinking about making it produce 16 EU/t but making it a high voltage device to were you could only use an MFSU with it. Either that or it will remain at 11 EU/t but it will become a medium voltage device requiring a MFS or MFSU. Thoughts or comments on this?

    I m pretty sure you need at least Java 6. So you can try it with Java 6 and if it doesn't work it doesn't work. I m not going to provide any help if your not running the latest version of Java. Unless there is some specific reason why you can't you really should upgrade to Java 7.

    Well the reason I went with glass fiber cables is because it means the recipe requires that you can spare a diamond to make this. Also since solar panels transform the sunlight in to energy and glass fiber cables transmit energy through light I thought it was fitting.

    I do like the idea of having an alternate recipe that uses a tier 1 solar panel. It probably wont be that recipe though. I will have to see how I could come close to (or make it just by a little cheaper) than the original recipe.

    I already did change the ID to work with rotary macerator add on. Make sure you are using the latest version of this add on.

    Quite horribly game-breaking. 3 of these will produce about as much as a mk.1 2-chamber nuclear reactor, and guess which is cheaper?

    Edit: Really, why make the simplest renewable energy source both 12x as compact AND *much* cheaper? :D

    I m not really into the whole nuclear reactor thing however I m pretty sure you can make a mark I 0 chamber reactor with just 2 uranium next to each and 6 integrated heat dispensers around them and then surrounded by a 3x3x3 water block minus the reactor in the middle and the power cable leading out. Of course to some that many heat dispensers may seem a little expensive if you are having a hard time finding lapis. So you could reduce the costs and only use 2 integrated heat dispensers, 4 integrated reactor plating and 4 coolant cells, which should work just as well and be cheaper. It will generate 20 EU/t night and day for 8 days straight and you will only ever need to replace the uranium. Doing a little math and that is 200,000*20 which is 4,000,000 EU in total. The advanced solar panel will produce 11 EU for 100,000t (the day cycle) and 1 EU for 100,000t over that same 8 days. That is only 1,200,000 EU. That means you would need 3 of these panels and you will still be 400,000 EU off. I pretty sure that 3 panels are much more expensive than 1 reactor. I know that next thing your going to tell me is yes but you need to feed the reactor and to that I say so what. I find way more than 2 uranium every 8 days (and I m not even going to get into breeding here.) I can't do anything with uranium other than feed a reactor. So to me that is a moot point.

    So lets recap. A simple nuclear reactor costs less, works underground, and generates more EU in total than 3 advanced solar panels. The only downside is that you have to spend 2 seconds refilling it every 8 days. You nuclear guys just get to caught up in efficiency so you throw resources at you reactors and then complain they cost to much.

    Though I think in the next version I will switch out the generator for a lapotron crystal.

    Thanks guys for the comments. Please keep them coming.

    I don't have any plans for a higher tiered watermill or windmill. Right now I m just focusing on finishing and fixing the exploits in this addon.

    I did think about using a tier 1 solar panel instead of the generator in the recipe. However having to craft (and remember the recipes for) 10 different machines in order to build just one gets old really fast. So I didn't want to add another layer with people having to craft a solar panel too. I also don't have any good ideas for making a unique tier 2 solar panel. Tier 3 solar panels output a lot and because of that they also have a cool capability of using moonlight to make a small amount of energy. The only thing I could do with tier 2 would be make it produce maybe 5 EU/t but that is kinda of boring.

    I have also made a minor update and changed the default Block ID. There is no easy way to go through and look at every add on and mod out there. This is why I included the code so that the user can change the Block ID manually. However since I have the feeling that many people will be wanting more power after install the Rotary Macerator and because his mod was posted first I ll change my Block ID this time.

    Ah yes one can never have enough power. Thanks for posting the pics of the advanced solar flowers.

    Please let me know how you think it breaks the game. Does it cost to little or does it output to much? Oh and I never liked tin cable any way. It was shockingly bad (like my pun) in the first place.

    Name: Advanced Solar Panel
    Summary: A 12 times more efficient solar panel that will deliver 11 EU/t in the sunlight and 1 EU/t in the moonlight. (These 2 values are configurable in the config file.)
    Default Block ID: 221

    Description: The tier 1 Solar Panels are horribly inefficient due to the poor quality materials used in construction. They are only able to transform sunlight into 1 EU/t. The Advanced Solar Panels are able to transform the very same sunlight into 11 EU/t. In fact they are so efficient they are even able to transform the full moons light into 1 EU/t.

    The Advanced Solar Panel retains 1.6% of Lapotron Crystal’s EU storage capacity allowing each Advanced Solar Panel to store 16000 EU even when your energy storage unit is already full. That is 160 times increase in storage capacity over the Solar Panel. However in order to maintain top efficiency high voltage* is used to transfer power and therefore should only be attached to high voltage machines. It is also able to output any stored energy at 512 EU/t.

    The high quality material means it is very sturdy and there is 0% chance that it will break when moved with a wrench. So say goodbye to huge solar flower farms and say hello to this new efficient renewable energy source. Disclaimer: Unfortunately this efficiency comes at the cost of requiring much higher grade components and you may have to sell a kidney to make an advanced solar flower array.

    *Note: EU is a measurement of voltage and amperage combined. The engineers have simply designed the Advanced Solar Panel to output at a high voltage with little amperage. This why it needs high voltage lines even though normally it will only output at 11 or 1 EU/t.

    R = Reinforced Glass, C = Carbon Plate, A = Advanced Machine, F = Glass Fiber Cable, L = Lapotron Crystal (fully charged or completely empty)


    R = Reinforced Glass, S = Solar Panel, C = Carbon Plate, A = Advanced Machine, L = Lapotron Crystal (fully charged or completely empty)




    • WARNING: If you have had a version before 1.2 installed you MUST delete the IC2AdvancedSolarPanel.cfg file in the %appdata%/.minecraft/config/ directory.

    • Make sure you go here and grab the latest version of Java.
    • Then either put the attached zip file in your mods folder or unzip and put the contents directly into your minecraft.jar file.
    • If there is a Block ID conflict with another add on or mod you can change it by going to %appdata%/.minecraft/config/ and changing the ID in the IC2AdvancedSolarPanel.cfg file (open it with notepad).
    • If you think the EU generation is too high or too low the day and night output can be changed in the config file as well. Note: The maximum power that can be set for daytime generations is 16 EU/t. The max power generation for night time is 8 EU/t. Using values higher then these will result in these max values.

    Version History:

    Known Bugs:

    Code & Sprite – icedfire

    I would also like to thank the IC2 team for making the original mod. I would like to thank Nargon for making the MCP patch file for IC2. If anyone else is interested in making IC2 mods with MCP he provided it for download here. I would also like to thank Drashian for making his Charging Bench mod. Once I decompiled that I used it as template to see the hooks in IC2.

    Which one to Download?
    mod_AdvancedSolarPanel_v1.0.1.1 – Is for IC2 Version 1.0
    mod_AdvancedSolarPanel_v1.15.1.2 – Is for IC2 version v1.15

    From a quick look on the code I think the reason it is called unnamed is because you don't have ModLoader.AddLocalization in the code
    since I have been unable to decompile IC2 correctly I haven't been able to test if that is the reason

    Nargon was nice enough to upload his MCP patcher file for IC2. Just follow his instructions in the post on were to put and you should then be able to get IC2 to decompile with MCP. Link to post: http://forum.industrial-craft.…read&postID=5558#post5558

    @ Above Very nice indeed!
    I would have done something similar but It seems way too complicated for me XD
    anyhow here is a A link:…equivalent-exchange-v355/
    to the mod which allows you to convert cobble into coal, gives you 9x13 sized chests, allows you to turn the rain on and off and many other awesome things at a high energy cost.
    I have had an idea about an automated uranium production facility to be used once you have loads of spare resources
    using atleast 4 nuclear reactors, a mass generator and a stack worth of recyclers, and 2 stacks worth of solarpanels it would run off of cobblestone XD

    Thanks. It is a bit complicated but that is only because I made it compact. If you use more area it would have been much easier.

    Yes I know about EE and I would love to have those super large chests but I don't want to be reliant on to many mods. For now I think I ll just stick with IC2 and BC with a couple minor mods such as timber and recipe book that I will not be crushed if they are longer compatible with IC2 and BC.

    First up my nuclear lava factory. Using nuclear heat to generate lava for 3 pumps. I could expand this very easily but geothermal is just an auxiliary power source for me. So I don't need a lot. If this exploit gets fixed in the next release I already have the shielding in place to covert it to a real nuclear generator.

    This is above the nuclear lava factory. The first room is for the lava and pumps. The second room is the BC side to refill the pump with empty cells and send the full cells off to the base.

    Next up is just a picture of my front door. The pipe is coming from the lava cell factory and deposits in a chest out side my base. Surrounding the entrance to the base is a lava mote that keeps out most monsters. With the switch i can put the trap doors down to make the lava safe. The cactus is there to help kill the spiders.

    Alright here is the real factory. My workshop factory. I always hate having to put stuff away and then having to run stuff from the macerators to the furnace to the chests. So here is my solution. The goal was to just dump everything in one chest and then let BC sort it all out and IC2 do all the rest. So now I no longer have to go from machine to chest to machine to chest. I can just stay in my main hall grab the thing I need from the chest do my project and then just dump everything back into the automatic sorter and be on my way. Or I can come back from mining dump everything into the chest recharge my items and then go back down and mine while the factory does its work.

    The first picture was taken from the entrance door. Along the wall are my main storage chests. Underneath those are my manual use machinery. The door on the back wall is to my mine. Note the three switches in the back. The one on the left wall turns on the sorting machine. The one on the floor turns on the scrap to matter machine. The one on the right turns on the IC2 factory.

    The second picture is taken from the door to the mine. Not a lot happening on this side of the wall. By the entrance are 2 chests that are for metals, charcoal, and coal dust. Next to the door are MSFUs for charging equipment. The rest of the floor is lined with chests (many of which are not used yet) and crafting tables so that there is always one close by.

    The third picture is a close up of the mine door. OK it is really not meant to focus on that, it is meant to show the signs on each side of the wall in the back. Putting stuff in the left chest will automatically sort items, whether it is and inventory full from mining or doing a project. The right chest is to turn stuff into specific items. Iron and gold are always processed directly into ingots and put into the metal chest by the entrance door. Tin and Copper are just processed into dust and put in the metal chest by the entrance door. To get everything else you have to manually put it into this chest by the mining door. So for instance if you want refined iron you have to put in an iron ingot, if you want copper you put in copper dust, if you want bronze you put in bronze dust, if you want glass or stone you put in sand or cobblestone, etc. It will also turn things like a gold ingot back into gold dust.

    In this picture is left side of the workshop, the sorting room. Items are drawn from the chest and then sorted into their right chests. All metal ores are automatically piped to the IC2 workshop (you may have already seen the pipe over the mine door in the first workshop picture).

    Below are a couple of pictures of the right side, the IC2 factory. The first one shows the initial sorting and the primary macerators, these turn the metal ores into dust. The second picture was taken from the auxiliary station from underneath a few induction furnaces and a macerator. These are for the glass, stone, bronze, charcoal, coal dust, etc. In the mid ground of the picture are the fronts of the primary macerator and someone where in that mess is the primary induction furnace that makes the initial iron and gold ingots. The hard part was getting all of this mess to be operated by just one switch in the main hallway (no redstone mod here.) On the right most you can see the stairs leading down to the basement.

    The last picture is the basement. Here is where the matter factory is found. It takes items that are sorted into the scrap chest (like cobblestone, dirt, and sand) and turns them into matter as long as the middle switch in the main hall is on. If the middle switch is off the engines are off and the power is shut off. While power is on though, the matter is piped back up to the matter chest in the main hall. Also in the basement (not shown) are the auxiliary geothermal and plain generators that are currently only manually fed. Maybe eventually I will make those to be automatically fed. But for now my main source is solar panels on the roof. So I m not in a big hurry to do that.

    When trying to remove a wooden slab (half block) with the chainsaw it is very slow and once it removes it the wooden slab gets destroyed. To be fair the same thing happens with an axe but still a chainsaw should be able to easily remove all things wood.

    I actually have a 2TB secondary hard drive but it's having non responsive issues. (it's not even a year old) I need to trade out the sata cables to see if it fixes it. When I was recording dead island, it would randomly freeze up my game for a bit, then be fine. I have 12 GB ram.

    Far as the furnace, yeah, people have been spamming it up on the comments telling me not to use sticks.

    Thanks for the tips so far though.

    So would you be interested in me making a tutorial for you to use minecraft on a ram drive to help you speed up hard drive loading especially when you are recording videos?

    I just watched your LP and I gotta say I was lmao in your first video. Especially when the skeleton archer shot you into the lava. I also have a couple of tips for you that you might find helpful.

    A) A lot things can be burned in a furnace and later in a generator. In fact I try and not to burn coal or even use it for torches since IC2 requires so much of it to make carbon plate and coal dust out of. I also use timber on my version which really means there is no excuse not to use wood as the heat source as it is very easy to harvest now. As you realized you can burn sticks but as you found out they burn pretty fast. Which means you have to stand there and keep feeding the fire. You can also burn a whole list of things as you can see from this page. However to sum it up that list basically says that it is good to burn wooden blanks in the early stages of you game as they quadruple the amount of burnable material you have while still having the same burn rate as unprocessed wood. Later on moving to charcoal once you are all setup will be an even better solution.

    B) Resin can be put into the furnace to give you 1 rubber for each resin. Once you build an extractor 1 resin will give you 3 rubber in there and you can even put rubber wood in there and get back one rubber. So I would suggest you save your rubber wood and resin and only use as much as you need to before you get an extractor. Also it is a good idea whenever you go out to harvest wood to always take a tree tap with you so you can build up a stock pile of resin for later use.

    C) I notice it was taking minecraft a little while to load after your death(s). This was probably because you were both playing minecraft and saving the video recording to the same hard drive. If you have a second hard drive in your machine I would suggest that you save the video to that other hard drive while you are playing and that will help with the loading times and it may even help with chunk loading while you are exploring in the game. If you have 8GB of RAM, want to get the absolute best performance possible out of minecraft, and have 5 minutes to set it up I would be willing to make a tutorial for you on how to set up a ram disk drive. This will mean near instant loading as long as the rest of you system can keep up. This is what I use on my system and while it may only help while loading the word and to some extent the chunks while exploring it is a notable improvement even over my 128GB SSD.

    Wow thanks man, that does make sense now. I completely misunderstood how cables worked then! I was under the impression that if you tried to send more than 32 eu/s through a copper cable, it would melt! But thats not the case, if you try to send MV through a copper cable it melts, but as long as its hooked up to an LV transformer, you can shove all the juice you want into it.


    I will remove my batboxes next episode.

    Yup, now you got it. You can hook up an array of LVs and the copper cable would be able to handle as much power as you need it to. Just remember 1 LV will only be able to output up to 128 EUs of power to get more power you need multiple LVs in parallel.

    Now the advanced class: Lets say you next decided to make a factory using the IC2 machines and the BC pipes but the factory will draw more then 128 EUs of power. So you think to yourself well the MFE will only output 128 EUs so let me use a MFSU which can output 512 EU then use a MV which can also output 512 EU and then when I hook it up the LV I will have 512 EUs of power. Well that wont work remember LVs are a machine and they can only handle 1 packet of 128 EUs (not the 4 128 EU packets that the MV is capable of) so the LV will only output up to 4x32 EUs of power. This means the LV will only ask the MV for 128 EUs even if the machines it is powering needs more. So then the MV will only ask the MFSU for 128 EUs. In order to use that full 512 EUs of power at a tier 1 level you will need to have 4 LV transformers all in parallel hooked up to the MV. This way each LV transformer will get 1 of the 4 128 EU packets from the MV. You can see in my picture in my last post how I used multiple LVs in parallel to get more than even 128 EUs of power on copper cable.

    Cool, thanks for the info Iced! I'll look into it, and might make the change. You'll see in Episode 15 I do a little re-wiring, but not for this purpose :).

    If I eliminate the BatBoxes, won't the current output from the LV still be 32 though, therefore if those 5 machines are still hooked up to the same LV Transformer, they can't get supplied with enough juice? (It would be very easy to try what I suggested. Just pull out those two batboxes next to that LV and replace them with wires. This will directly connect the machines to the output of the LV. At worst you are out 80000 EU and a couple of hits on a bronze wrench. Trust me just try it and it will make your power problem go away.)

    I think the only way to fix it would be to move one of my Induction Furnaces to another line (coming out another side of the LV Transformer). Like I said in the LP, its not hurting me (i've never fully run dry) so its not a huge worry :).

    Nope your still not getting it. Let me try and explain this in a different way. Think of cables as a multi-lane bridge. Now lets say this bridge is made of wood and each lane can only support cars that are 3200 pounds or lighter. If a single 12800 pound car drove on it the car and the bridge would just go straight into the river because the wood couldn't support that much weight in a single lane. However that doesn't mean 12800 pounds of cars couldn't be driving on it at once if the weight was distributed over several lanes. If 4 3200 pound (4x3200=12800) cars all in their own lane crossed the bridge then 12800 pounds would all get across the bridge at the same time and no single lane would have had more weight then 3200 pounds.

    In IC2 cables are an infinite lane bridge, it will make as many lanes as you want. If you can make a car and put it on the bridge it will make a lane for it. In this way it can transfer as much power as you want it to as long as you keep the weight or in this case the EU value in the same tier. This is what the transformers do in IC2. If you input 128 EU into a LV it will make four lanes on the output cable and each lane will only have 32 EU traveling on it. Now it can transfer 4 times as much power as a batbox since batboxes are only cable of outputting 32 EUs.

    Now of course your saying that that is great but if I don't need 128 EUs of power what if I just need to keep my one induction furnace hot and I just need 1 EU. The short answer is that don't worry about IC2 is very smart and it wont waste your power. The long answer is that it is complicated and you should probably stop reading right now if your head is already spinning. Will the four lanes all send the 4x32 EUs to this one furnace and waste the EUs or worse make it explode? The answer is no it wont do any of that. The energy net in IC2 will give as much as the machine asks for (plus whatever resistance it takes for the power to get there but lets ignore this.) So the furnace says to the LV I need 1 EU. The LV says to the MFE I need 1 EU. The MFE checks to see if it has 1 EU and if it does it sends it to the LV which then sends it to the furnace and everyone is happy.

    So to summarize the LV is smart it will never overload copper cables as long as it is working in the downward mode. (if you apply red stone power to the LV it will then be in upward mode but that is another discussion.) LVs connected to MFEs have the advantage of being able to deliver 4 times the amount of EUs that a batbox can. This makes it very advantages to for late game workshops that demand a lot of EUs. And your conclusion that copper cables can only transfer 32 EUs at one time is completely false. The limitations on copper cables is that one lane can only handle up to 32 EUs but 1 cable can have an infinite number of lanes.

    Proof of concept: 888 EUs in a copper cable that is feeding a mass fab.

    I just saw your latest lets play episode and your comment about how your induction furnaces weren't getting enough energy. The copper cables has nothing to do with your problem. A copper cable is capable of having 1000 EU running through it as long as each chunk is only 32 EU big.

    Your problem is that your only outputting 32 EU through your one batbox. What you can do is put a second batbox in parallel (not series) with the first one. Have the input from your LV transformer go into 2 batboxes and then have both of those outputs to the same wire. This will give you 2x32 EU and since the induction furnaces uses 16 EU each you will have a spare 32 EU for your macerators or even another induction furnace. This also has the benefit of giving you a little more direct storage.

    One LV Transformer can actually simultaneously keep 4 battboxs hooked up in parallel with power even if they are being drained at 32 EU themselves. Remember the only thing that the LV Transformer does is it just splits the power from one 128 EU chunk into 4x32 EU chunks in the same tick so it will still transmit that whole 128 EU in those 4 chunks on the output side.

    However I would probably go with an even better option which would be to use the LV Transformer directly. Simply destroy your two batboxes on either side of the LV transformer and replace them with a wire. This will allow your whole shop to use up to 128 EU at one time, which should be plenty. Though don't worry about waste because if you don't need the whole 128 EU it wont request the whole 128 EU and therefore it will only output what it gets in. You will lose some storage but at your stage a couple of batboxes worth of energy is nothing.

    I haven't verified it myself, but you should be able to make a working mod against the MCP-decompiled version of IC2. Later on, we want to have a nice public API to work with too.

    As far as I can tell (and tried) that wont (doesn't) work. While modloader can be thrown into the .jar before MCP decompiling, forge can't. You have to install forge after you decompile it with MCP. This means that when you try to decompile IC2 without (or even with) forge it throws up a huge number of errors, most likely missing forge methods. You can decompile IC2 by itself but some of the code is still obfuscated so you can't just plug it in without going back and changing all the of the obfuscated calls. Not to mention the lack of comments, which leads to a lot of time wasted trying to figure out what is what. So even if another coder without access to the source code wanted to make an API it would be hard. Though I have been playing with a decompiled version of IC2 to see how it works. You can also probably decompile the minecraft.jar outside of MCP (so it is still obfuscated) add your addon and then recompile the whole thin together to test it. However this method makes it much harder to test your work with than running eclipse but it should work.

    Edit: Nargon was nice enough to upload his MCP patcher file for IC2. Just follow his instructions in the post on were to put and you should then be able to get IC2 to decompile with MCP. Link to post: http://forum.industrial-craft.…read&postID=5558#post5558

    I think CovertJaguar solution is probably the easiest one to implement. It would just require the replacement of the if statement with an else if block in the canInteractWithCable method. Though for the players it would also require that anyone that might be in this situation to first color the cables right next to the one you are going to place white first and then change it back to the right color after the new cable has been placed. Something like the below would work.

    You could also implement the opposite to be true with black cables not interacting with any other cable color and let white cables interact with every other cable. This would be equally easy to implement and wouldn't require the player to color the cables on each side of the new spot if they ever ran into this position. Which I think makes this a better solution.

    However I do like the idea of being able to make a stack of colored cables without having to go back and paint everything. Though that wouldn't be nearly as simple to implement.

    (Assuming 15 is a white cable)

    Universal Cable = Black / Solitary Cable = White

    Universal Cable = White / Solitary Cable = Black

    i discovered IC^2 only a couple days ago and instantly got hooked on nuke engineering. I have a leg up in this area since i am an Computer-science professional who focuses on algorithms (pattern recognitio and computation). ...
    [EDIT2}; argh minor number miscalculation... fixing

    lol a miscalculation from a computer science professional... Did you ever work on a mars orbiter?

    (sorry but you just built yourself up so high in the first paragraph that the second edit made me laugh)

    If I m understanding you right I think the biggest problem for you is that the batteries don't auto dump into a chest. I too would like to see this implemented with more of the machines with them at least being able to dump the final product into a chest if it is overloaded. It would be even better if they could also take stuff out of the chests but that it is a little more complicated. Unfortunately I m not holding my breath for either at the moment since IC2 is still very new, not to mention that 1.8 is going to be coming out very soon which will probably mean more bug fixing.

    I'll try that...because so far my things don't work, even following the picture I just saw

    Okay it works, but I still don't get it why mine isn't working properly. Looks like the miner really has to get deep into the lava to grab it. It went down 4 before it started getting some of the Lava.

    I think I figured out how the pump works, yet I don't know why you need 2. Oh well, no biggie, it's still kind of a cool tool to have

    You need 2 because the pump is currently bugged. I assuming but I haven't checked that the miner first checks to see if a pump is ready then it will start mining lava once it is finished mining it gives the lava to the miner to fill up the cell. The pump then has to get ready again and if the miner checks the pump now the miner sees that the pump is not ready. This is why you have to add the second pump so the miner will check the first see that it is not ready but then see that the second pump is ready. The miner then takes its time to mine the lava and by the time it has finished mining the lava the first pump is again ready and it hands the lava off to the first pump and it repeats the process.