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    Pictures? I too havent seen a good description of how to set this stuff up.

    (Sorry I know it is a little complicated but it is the only picture I have on hand.)

    Below is an advanced setup that I tested on a TMI world, please ignore the nuclear bomb testing hole at the top part of the screen. ;) There are 4 miners here, each one has 2 pumps right next to it, each machine has a chest next to it, in the middle there is one geothermal generator to power all of them. (One can't really power all of them but that is fine for that test. In the next test I added more geothermal generators to keep the mines and pumps going 100% of the time.) Below the pit is an infinite lava source using a nuclear reactor exploit, this part is optional. Inside of all the pumps make sure you have put in empty cells. Inside the miners make sure you use just a normal drill, DO NOT USE A DIAMOND DRILL. (There is a bug and they mine to fast for the pumps to keep up with so the miner will then stop after drilling only once because there is no place to put the lava that it would mine next because the pumps aren't ready.) Then add pipes and your scanner to the miner. You can cut this down and just use one section of Pump-Miner-Pump and power all three by a geothermal generator. Though if you place a geothermal generator next to a pump along with a chest it should supply the generator with lava cells and then overflow into the chest.

    We're not replacing every lava bucket with a custom item, that would wreak havoc on any other mod that used them.

    For the sake of playing devil's advocate in a way you already have: lava cells. I'm sure if you wanted to you could setup the iron furnace to use lava cells (maybe a negative of iron furnaces can be that you can't use lava bucket but only lava cells.)

    This is a really minor problem but here it is anyway. The current GUI for the electrolyzer doesn't have the input and output box in the right places. The code specifies it for x location while the picture shows them in y location. The easiest way to fix this was just to change the picture. Below is the corrected picture that I created. For those interested you can just put this picture in your IC2sprites folder within the minecraft.jar file now. Just make sure it is named GUIElectrolyzer.png so that it will overwrite the old file.

    I would like to see an advanced macerator that is faster too. I don't necessarily think that it should yield more dust just be able to process the dust faster. This way you wouldn't have to make a half a dozen macerators to keep up with the induction furnace.

    this can be (changed\fixed) if you allow induction furnace pick stuff from chest directrly above it and dump result to chest on it's side.
    in this case pipes will be connected to chest (where all alots available) and still will work without any problems.

    also this will allow fast transport without risk of overflow.

    It would be great if you could do the same thing with macerators. Then you could set up a chain by just throwing raw ore into the macerators and get the finished product out of the furnace chest. :thumbup:

    It rendered a large area completely unlivable for many many many years. The fallout is what kills more than any nuclear detonation.

    True but a better reactor containment vessel could have contained the explosion and/or fallout in the first place since we are not talking about an actual nuclear explosion. The reactor would have been destroyed of course but everything else would have been relatively fine. The point I m trying to make is that if we are willing to spend the resources to make a 100% safe containment vessel then there is nothing in real life to suggest that it wouldn't be possible. So why are nuclear meltdowns in the game so powerful that obsidian and reinforced stone can't handle a big one even after multiple layers.

    It wasn't a nuclear explosion in the way you are thinking of. It would be better to describe it as a dirty bomb, an explosion that spreads nuclear material. A nuclear bomb and a dirty bomb are on two completely different levels of explosive power. In the case of Chernobyl off gases that were generated during an experiment were then ignited which then breached the reactor and caused the spread of the radioactive material.

    Oh, alright, there exist engines which work on gaseous fluids. But the point is, Geothermal generators don't. In real life, all geothermal generators utilize the power of the steam heated up by the geothermal process to work the turbines. That's just how it is.

    Ya well in real life we also don't go find the nearest source of lava, grab a bucket of it, and then bring it back to our house to generate electricity. In fact I don't think lava is even used. It is just the heat of the earth next to thermally active regions that heat the water that is then pumped back up the surface. Which means if these were real geothermal generators they which just have to pumps one to pump water down a deep well and one two pump water up from a deep well along with being extremely expensive to make. Though I have no problem fudging a couple facts for a better gameplay experience.

    You can one hit enemies in long range mode. I have done and it is a lot of fun though you only get 8 shots per charge. I figure if you have to run up to an enemy with the sword you should at least be able to one double that number of enemies if not more.

    IRL nuclear explosion cannot be stopped at all...

    In real life no nuclear reactor has ever exploded and from what I have read theoretically it is not possible for them to explode. They have melted down but that is a far cry from the kind of explosions currently in the game. Basically all we are asking for is to make an effective containment vessel which in real life all nuclear reactors have.

    I am more suggesting this for the few of us that wants peace of mind on a sever that someone could leave an unstable Nuker running and blow up.

    Both me and my friend that run our serve and want to run this mod as soon as its ready for server would like to have a island that we well restrict people to for Nukers and to keep everything safe. We would like to build a chamber that can contain the blast if a unsupervised unstable nuker was left on our server and melted down.

    Yes Please! Even if it is just a one time use thing where it sacrifices itself to contain the blast. Like the reinforced doors did in IC. Which come to mention it, it would be great if we could get an Iridium door and trap door too.

    Fact is, neither geothermal, nor conventional generators can work on heat alone. You need some working body. Namely, water.

    Fact is you don't need water. Heat alone is enough if you use air as the working fluid. I m not saying it is efficient (though that could be due to lack of research in the field and since modern technology has never been used to design a serious one... we went to oil powered engines and never looked back to anything else...) See Stirling engine for more info:

    An actual sterling generator that was produced in the 1960s or so:

    It's meant for PvP Servers, as it deals extreme damage against NanoSuits (and QuantumSuits). Imho it would have been to imba to give it a onehitkill, as you could just RMB,LMB,RMB kill any mob without much energy used.

    Then why not go back to the drain energy every time you use it system? Give it just enough power for 20 hits but let those hits one shot. We already have the laser which can 1 hit enemies from across the map and it has enough charge for 10 shots. So why not let the sword do it too?

    The pump is already included, as it can be used to fill water cells (currently bugged, but fixed for 1.0). The miner, I'm not so sure about, as the pump will eventually pump lava too iirc.

    Why not let them act as additional chambers one on each side of the geo gen (kinda like how the miner in IC auto supplied the geo gen with lava). If the pump is present then then the lava and/or water that it is pumping will automatically be pumped in and only use the the cells inside the gen as a recipe. Using a high powered geo gen recipe that has minimal coolant cells will still eat through coolant cell so it wont be completely automatic unless you go the safest route with low EU production. Though I don't think there should be any explosions if the geo gen overheats. Maybe the geo gen just turns into lava.

    Hmm I like the idea but why not just add another spot for water in the geothermal gen GUI. Just lava 10 EU. With a bucket of water or a stack of water cells in the second slot 15 EU. I don't think it is necessarily to increase the out put amount solely because you are using cells after all the benefit of using cells vs buckets is that you don't have to sit there and baby sit it.

    Uhm, Personally I dont see that as a problem. Because it means you simply lack the storage to store the amount of power you are producing. Oh look, I have maxed out Power, Id rather it disapper in a puff of smoke rather than go into my mass fabricator.

    It may be bleeding energy, but only when it is full, and then, it also is bleeding that energy into a mass fabricator, so I don't see the problem.

    No that is not true. Let me use the following example to show this: If you have batbox 1 (which collects solar energy) outputting into batbox 2 and batbox 3 at the same time. Now say batbox 2 is directly attached to my extremely power hungry mass fabricator and nothing else. Batbox 3 is powering the rest of my workshop. Now if I were to cut the wire leading from batbox 2 to the mass fabricator, batbox 2 would fully charge and then no longer be a drain on batbox 1. Letting all of the remaing power in batbox 1 go to batbox 3. Now granted this is a simple example but it does show that turning off the mass fabricator (in this case by very crudely just cutting the wire) you can save energy that you would want to go to some place else. This would be ideal if you were to say go down into the mine for a couple days and let the mass fabricator use the extra energy rather than it be wasted and then when you come up cut off the energy supply to the mass fabricator so that you can use your machines to process your ore.