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    Thanks for trying to help, but I know how to decompile with MCP, and how to install forge to it. But I dont know how to do forge and ic2.. It just throws errors because im putting the contents of ic2.jar into the minecraft.jar which is probably wrong, but I dont know what else to do so thats why I'm asking.

    I still have no clue. Can someone please just explain step-by-step how to make an addon (but skip all the coding part) So I just want to know: How to decompile, and then recompile and anything else that I should know about. Thanks.

    Ok.. now I really am confused. Same problem as before, apart from instead of me, Its the cow. Behold! A cow!

    And another:

    What is going on?! Same mod specs as before, here is a full list of my mods:

    CodeChickenCore-Client 0.5.3

    Please help..

    The ranges seems to be two blocks. Which seems to be a fair. Increasing the range could create nasty side-effects. And I guess they are not meant to create walls and since they kill the player too, it is normally much easier to build real walls, with piston-doors (which achieves much the same).

    Well, there is a very effective but inefficient way of making a wall that can kill. Just make a HV line surrounding your base, then use the wire cutters to expose the wire. There you have it, A HV exposed line that on touching will electrocute anything that touches it.

    Well, there sure are some great app's here and some tough competition, but I'm going to give my app anyway

    - Name/Nick:

    - MC-Forum Nick / IC-Forum Nick / Minecraft Acountname:
    jjj51 / jjj51 / jjj51 (Easy to remember ;)).

    - Timezone you're living in:
    GMT + 0:00

    - The position you want to take:
    Somebody capable of creating/searching/modifying sound files

    -Previous experience on the position mentioned above?
    Sample sounds are attached.
    I have been the 'Sound guy' for many mods including: PlasticCraft and SDK's gunmod, I greatly enjoyed working with the creators and we had some laughs.
    Also, I have been the recording artist/editor and have worked in many different recording studios, From ones in London to ones in New York.
    A few of my editing/recordings have made it into some hit records.
    Here is a band that I did the editing and recording for:

    The sounds I have included are: Chainsaw, Drill and Generator.

    If you would like any more demo sounds or more info, just ask.
    Alblaka, I hope to be working with you in the future.


    P.S.: Once you have read this please put an 'X' in the box below to show you have seen it, thanks.

    [] Put 'X' inside once app has been read, thanks.

    Hey, im getting an error whenever i try use your mod, and yes both IC2.jar and this mod are in minecraft/mods So idk what to do now

    Please help, or i will have to nuke you