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    Problem: Solar pannel and nano-stuff would become to easy to get.
    Okay for diamond, because I eventually prefer a stack of coal to 1 diamond.
    I think this has already been discussed, and you'll probably receive a lot of "Welcome to the forum,but NO!"

    Maybe only a direct way of charcoal to diamond instead of charcoal->coal can be very good

    In my opinion is a good thing to use the charcoal to make diamonds, because the natural diamonds (IRL), are made of old-compressed trees of the Dinosaurs' era, maybe it needs a LOT of charcoal, to make a diamond!


    4xcharcoal-> compressor -> coal

    Or something like this!

    its funny when a noob shows up and tries to suggest one mod should turn into another mod. this isn't BTW this is alblakas mod and he can do what he wants the name doesn't put alblaka under any obligation to stick to a theme. flattery will not get us to bow to your opinion especially when you throw in an insult about where the mod is going right after. agriculture, booze, and genetic manipulation are industries and are intended for when some wants a change of pace so they don't get bored


    I want to say one last thing and we can close this topic:

    When i suggested to Alblaka to change the reactor system (adding things like turbines,nuclear rods, and control rods and a lot of other things) he said that he prefers it like it is because it is simple for noobs that play industrialcraft 2!
    So please don't call me noob, i hate to play with a fake reactor!



    Making it a addon and posting it in the addon subforum doesn't guarantee it to be added into IC2 ever... too.

    Can't say much about how the solar helmet got added into IC2 and frankly i don't even care.

    Also bad grammar makes me want to punch people, why do you all keep doing it dammit!

    Sorry for the bad grammar, I am not english!

    I want to reaffirm that in my opinion IC2 is the best mod for Minecraft, but it is becoming something very bad, the Solar Helmet is a good idea, but IC2 misses a lot of "industrial" things, and Alblaka added the agriculture thing, what i want to say is: <if you want to add agriculture system to a mod called "industrialcraft" then make another mod!>
    It's the same error as Redpower 2, it is cool for the wiring options, but it added a lot of useless things like the half blocks and so-on!

    And it needs animations like BTW (Better Than Wolves) for windmill and watermill!

    Posting something in this subforum doesn't give guarantee your idea its going to get added in IC2 ever.

    If it was suggested several times and never added then that should tell you something.

    But, in my opinion it's stupid to add the Solar Helmet (that was previously an addon) instead of an Air Tank!
    So i will make the air tank myself like a mod, then will happens that alblaka will add it!

    If you are a fan of stargate, you will understand, or if you dont know what is it, read this first:

    In my opinion can be very good to add other energy sources, even sci-fi, (obviously without total free energy of entropy inverters)

    1.The first thing is the ZPM, something very difficult to craft, but it can store a LOT of energy, and it is mono-use, the recipe can be something like:
    When it is crafted, it goes at full charge, like 1.21 B EU

    :Advanced Machine: = Mass Fabricator

    :Energy Crystal: :Glass Fibre: :Energy Crystal:

    :Energy Crystal: :Advanced Machine: :Energy Crystal:

    :Energy Crystal: :Energy Crystal: :Energy Crystal:

    2.Dyson artificial SUN
    The second idea pop up when i saw Spiderman 2, and when i read about the Dyson Sphere:
    Something like an artificial sun on the Overworld, with a restraint shield, it will emit a LOT of energy, and it needs fuel like water (hydrogen and oxygen)

    Video idea:…page&v=iwk8I7HS4ag#t=187s

    Hi all!
    :Water Mill:

    About sound:
    In Minecraft I am creating a big dam/breakwater that makes hydroelectric power!
    But i found out a 'ugly' thing, can be very pretty if there is the sound effect of watermills when they are surrounded by water and not only when you place a bucket of water inside them!

    I need the joy to enter in my automatic dam and hear the sound of technology!

    About power:
    Can be neat that if there is a water block that is flowing (and not still), it will make 0.020 instead of 0.010, so the idea is:

    1.Still water: 0.010 EU/t
    2.Flowing water 0.020 EU/t

    Coal spawns highest at 128!

    I am using this for the spawn rate!

    LOL, like a vacuum cleaner?

    I approve. :Geothermal Generator:

    Craft recipe can be like:

    :Intergrated Heat Dispenser: :Empty Cell: :Intergrated Heat Dispenser:

    :Intergrated Heat Dispenser: :Empty Cell: :Intergrated Heat Dispenser:

    :Intergrated Heat Dispenser: :Electronic Circuit: :Intergrated Heat Dispenser:

    And it can absorbs about 64 lava, and you can use it as a flame thrower or storage device for the geo generator (and if you right click it will recharge automatically the generator with the equivalent of one lava cell)!

    More proof that Geothermal is the most underused and OP energy generator in the game, lol...

    But seriously, what value are you using to determine the 'expenditure' cost for your efficiency calculations? Depth of where materials are and amount of those materials needed?

    LOL, you are right, the first time i started IC2 i created some solar panels and windmill, then i created some geothermal generators and they are overpowered!
    Now the cost is the sum of every valuable ore:
    Battery: 4 tin + 2 redstone + 0.5 copper = 6.5
    Generator: 6.5 (battery) + 8 (refined iron)
    But I want to make a 'weight' for every ore, for example if a coal is 1, a diamond can be around 64 or i can use the percentage of spawn in chunks and use it to make a real weight! (best way)

    While I seriously appreciate your effort and your ingenuity IMO this does not make any sense, except of cause I did get this completely wrong.

    Because I dont see how this "EU/t to Minerals" Efficiency figure can be helpfull in any way because it ignores so many aspects which are important later on and therefore is in no way an indicator for which generator to choose.

    And even if you are just curious about this kind of "efficiency" they way you calculate it is not significant since you just add up iron with redstone with thin etc. But since some minerals are pretty common, some are harder to obtain some are seriously rare etc. youe need to do some weighting of the relevant minerals before adding them up. Otherwhise the Expenditure of your calculation is in no relation to the effort you need to collect those minerals.

    Yes, you are alright, I thought about it and I made a different version with "weighting" for rare ores, i thought that in this forum there were only noobs XD (you deserve a :Industrial Diamond: sir)

    In my opinion the efficiency can be calculated as EU/t / cost in mineral, obviously it is relative about everyone's needs, but with this you can understand what is convenient (like windmills) and what is expensive (solar panels) and useless!

    Hi all!
    In these months at school I am studying Heat engines, Carnot cycle, Nuclear reactors, and the efficiency of a generator, so I applied this with Industrialcraft!
    This is my table of the income (revenue), cost (sum of all the valuable ores (without cobble,wood,rubber) ),and the efficiency!

    efficiency = income/expenditure…NTU0ctaEEzV2ZaM0hZY3FOV3c
    (I will update this link!)

    Or image:

    EDIT: Income of geothermal: 20EU/t but the efficiency is correct!(I updated the link)

    So the best choice is the windmill! Cheap without a nuclear meltdown and infinite power!

    Hi all, this is my first thread, but i played IC2 for a long time (and a bit of IC), I am a C# programmer and i know a bit of java, I assembled some ideas to make industrialcraft a bit better!

    1.Animations: Did you see BetterThanWolves animations of watermill and windmill? In my opinion if IC2 will add this, (especially for the windmill) it will become the best mod ever!

    2.Lasermod implementation
    I like a lot the lasermod, but it has a 'free' energy, it can be very good if with industrialcraft2 you can power the lasers with electricity!

    3.Uranium reactor changes: the uranium (fission) reactor is the real driving force of industrialcraft2, but it has some mistakes, (I am studying now uranium reactors IRL), can be useful to change the GUI.
    So my idea is to make some blocks that create a uranium reactor, not only a single block that makes everything!
    -Reactor (that contains only uranium bars)
    -Steam turbine
    -Control rods (that absorb neutrons)
    Something like this:

    Basically: There are some blocks and machines that works with the reactor and not only a single block!

    THE END!

    (sorry for my English, I am a Pizza eater)