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    But a steep drop is very easy to make, and the water doesn't travel down it (because its infinite) so making it check for waterfalls for an energy boost wouldnt really make much sense if the water isnt moving from its place.

    i definitely like the idea of a tidal generator but think that it should be a level 2 hydro solution. I mean until fairly recently using the power of sea currents and tides just has been fairly expensive. I think if such a power source was added to IC that it should reflect that cost at least in energy. Perhaps have it require carbon-fiber In their construction which would put it as a mid level ic2 power supply just a step beyond solar and able to produce a similar amount over a minecraft day (including night) with production peaks at dusk/dawn?

    at least that's my 2 cents for this round of posting

    How about it requires being in a River biome, submerged, underwater at Y 50+, and gives bonus energy if it is on a significant drop?

    if you're going to do that why not just replace the watermill with a multiblock part. Have it check to see if the following is true

    A. Water intakes In a river biome
    B. If water is present at intakes.

    personally i've never liked the Manual mode (edit: or passive mode come to think of it) and have always wanted it tweaked or changed completely. The simple fact it used source water instead of flowing water has irked me, but i suppose you can't do much since all Rivers in minecraft are at sea level. I mean hydropower should be a gravity fed system after all.

    Final post edit: I also like my industrial power supply to look industrial, I very much liked to use Water strainers when they where present in power converters because i could make them look like a proper bulky water turbine.

    It has never accepted piped water. You could automate water buckets, but its not worth.

    yes i'm aware they never had in the past, i was hoping it had changed. I'm not sure what you mean by automate water buckets, the block doesn't seem to support any kind of item pipes at least not with any of the current modpacks i've seen. I still think some attention should be given to the mechanics of hydropower especially since geothermal generators can receive piped liquid(which most people use with Endertanks from ender storage) and most modpacks include compact solars which allows people to make unrealistically small solar arrays..

    It's been a long time since the last time i posted on this forum and today i come with an old question that i want to confirm if the answer to it has changed in the experimental builds. That being of watermills and their ability to accept either cells(filled) or raw water from pipes. I played around with the liquid pipes from thermal expansion so i know those don't work at least but is there any way to automatically fill watermills?

    My assumption as of this moment is no. if that's still the case then what is the possibility of getting any new versions of the water mill, or a higher end hydro electric power? I wouldn't mind spending more or having to go deeper down the machine lines so that my dream of a hydro-electric dam which didn't produce less power then a same size solar farm into a reality.

    I'm not sure if this suggestion will be well received, but it's been some trouble to me that there's no way to effectively use buildcraft oil with industrial craft machines without having some kind of power converter. At the heart of this suggestion is the whole request of providing the canning machine the support it would need to accept oil and fuel buckets, or link to a liquid transport pipe, so that we can in effect have a direct port of energy from buildcraft to IC2. I'm not sure as to the value in IC power that a single oil bucket would have but i would imagine that with a lesser energy cost even if you where to convert oil to have the same value as biofuel, and fuel to have the same as the coal produced variant, that you would still have a viable option.

    A less viable option would be to allow the direct use of oil and fuel in generators, but i see that as a less perfect option as the generator would have no tank to store fuel oil.

    Only vanilla crops differing from the basic 1/1/1 stats drop seedbags.

    You plant wheat seed > creates 1/1/1 plant > drops wheat seeds upon harvest
    Crop with differing stats (crossing or, which is sort of an oversight, Reed) > drops seed bags.

    Having trouble with this myself, does that mean that i have to crossbreed my wheat/melons/pumpkin to get a seed back so i can use it with the crop analyzer?
    Because when i plant any of those three Vanillah plants in a crop block and try to harvest them at the right time I never get a seed bag.

    Which is even more strange as before 95b I'd at least randomly get a chance to get a seed bag with any one of them. after three days of attempts still no wheat seed bag... tons of reed seed bags though

    the easiest colors for Me personaly to be able to read without having to strain my vision are Black, white, Grey, red, and blue. Greens yellows and some oranges blend to easily. There are a few diffrent forms of color blindness though and each person is different so if anyone else who has a similar problem with the loss calculator please post!

    You can't be testing too well, as obsidian is nerfed; Nukes blast right through it! ;)

    This is true, But in most cases it seems just enough to protect the reinforced stone from being vaporized. Kind of like fighting a lightning creeper and surviving because there's one block of dirt between you and him

    Well i also had a secret reason for wanting to put the reactor so far away. That being wanting to be able to put down a miner just about anywhere along that line and not have to worry about fueling it ^^ from my creative mode tests with nukes though i found that an obsidian lining inside reinforced stone actually proved effective, I'm still doing tests creative mode side to see if obsidian lined blast chambers would have the same result with six chamber reactors seeing how obsidian is cheaper and there's more ways to acquire it

    Build it straight under your house, or your neighbours, or the church. If you're going for a safe design, there's no reason to place it so far away, reinforced stone is your friend, 3 layers should do thet trick if you want to be cautious. :)

    Or for lawls i can build it inside the church for a nice planet of the apes reference! But all seriousness though if the distance means the reactor chunk might not be loaded then that is indeed a problem and means i have to reign in my design. Who knows, i'm a builder at heart maybe i'll find a way to make safe, surface level, and look pretty.

    Alright, I've tried to familiarize myself with some of the threads that talk about this question i have and I'm currently In the process of planning out the design for my first nuclear reactor. I've played around with them on creative mode for some time now so I'm well aware of the kind of damage they're capable of and want to put it as far away from my home as possible So i've selected a spot near my original spawn point in an attempt to make the nuclear explosion do as little visible damage as possible. My problem is I have to send the power over roughly 270 meter blocks to reach the NPC village where my home is located. My question to all you old hats is, Do you think it's feasible to put my reactor so far away?

    To let you know I'm planing on using tipple insulated cable and extreme voltage to transmit the distance.

    if you'd like to see the world for yourself the seed is "hmm" without the quotes with MC1.1 The reactor site is inside the cliff face behind you at spawn and you can find the village roughly about x212 z-267. the house is located not far away but in the direction of the swamp ontop of the hill at the end of the gravel road

    Well apart from mushroom soup milk is now the only foodstuff/food ingredient that doesn't stack and I'll admit in minecraft i'm a hoarder, for me it's a simple what if a creeper Explosion kills my cows and i can't find suitable replacements fast enough? or for SMP it could be sold to the people who want to make cake, experiment with brewing, or delv into cavespider territory. It's a creature comfort i admit but it's not like it isn't at least mildly uesfull

    I'm glad Someone made a calculator like this but i gotta say.. since i'm color blind It's very difficult for my eyes to make out a few of the colors from the background. Would there happen to be a version of this that uses something I personally could more easily read? IE something that uses symbols instead of colors?

    and yes i do have trouble discerning green from orange

    Edit: What i mean to say is, Not only is it the green from orange.. but the color of the background happens to be one that causes everything to blend to my eyes so i strain to be able to make out the numbers

    Have you ever been roaming from your happy little village to the Villa you have Overlooking the sheer smooth stone cliffs by the sea only to realize you're out of milk and the nearest farm is way to far for you to visit before the creepers come out? Why Waste a Valuable bucket carrying that milk? Introducing Milk in a can!

    Serious time:
    alright so canned milk isn't anything new or exciting.. but it is something that could definitely be added to industrial craft The recipe could be very simple

    machines required:
    Extractor: Milk bucket--->powdered milk and empty bucket
    Canning machine: Powdered Milk+tin can--->Canned milk

    To reclaim your milk simply take the canned milk and a waterbucket into your crafting area and PRESTO a milk bucket!

    Since this is my first post on the industrial craft forums I understand if you decide to take this post with a grain of salt. However I've made a simple modification to your chicken contraption and replaced the block the pressure plate sits on with a Teleporter! The pressure plate ontop of the teleporter will indeed be triggered by any mobile who materializes on the pad. I did this as a quick test in creative mode so i'm not sure how the every fidgety baby chicken would fare however this does become alot simpler way of restocking the plate