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    First of all did you think I only minecraft for like 2 or 3 hours? Ok here me out dumbass, atleast I play minecraft for 5 or 7 or even more if i had time.And do you know a single thing about Tinker's Construct ? ,I know it forces anybody to use its tools but those tools are much more better than stupid vanilla Minecraft tools.You can give different like buffs to it.And have you even seen my survival world? how much shit I have done in it? And ok now i get it I must not try to make IC2 machines extremely early.I got to make those when I have good amount of resources. And what do you mean my brain will be dead if I use Thermal Expansion ? I always use that freaking mod That's why i like it so much TE,TF and TD. And dude you have some sort of issues, stop showing it to everyone and go see a doctor.

    Well I think its a edge case and that is the closest as you could describe it.
    And I would not say ic2 is for 100% for casuals. But it is closer to the most casual players (in terms of friendliness) then exp. On the other hand it requires the people to actually think about stuff still.
    And if you don't have a resource orgy (aka you can get 50k iron then less in a day) that is created by other mods then you should find also a balanced mod.

    First of all i don't have those cheating mods like it gives you 50k iron like you said. I have fair mods as FTB(Feed The Beast) have. For a example i have Tinker's Construct

    And Iguana Tinker Tweaks Specially this Addon mod forces anybody to use tinker's construct tools. You can't use normal minecraft tools, They just will not mine anything. So that's a another mod to balance. you can't straight of got to wood to Iron tools. And yeah don't just straight of think I have cheaty mods installed to help me. Anyways still i am rolling with IC2 Finally the only main issue i had was power conversion to RedstoneFlux Into EU (I don't really know what it means I guess ElectricalUnits?)

    Dude when i install this mod i wasn't expecting to be crazy complicated.I thought the mod will be simple as Thermal Expansion and everything. So i tried to get the stuff much early so i can get materials much more faster.Then it got kinda annoying and everything and then that's the point where i got stuck with it so that's what happen.The reason I want to get the machines early, Is because later I can make those machines to automatically do things for me .I have a Bad habit thing of just like I have to get the machines no matter what.And what do you mean by "Casual" players. dude, think like this when you just got into IC2 see some of the crafting recipes and it's so complicated won't it kinda be annoying to craft it for the first time? And nevermind now i have set up a lot of quarries so it's much more easy now. Ok and yeah you could say i'm a "Casual" player because I don't do anything. everything is automated so i can freely explore the world when ever i want because i have materials for days.

    You're supposed to use a wrench on the block to get back the actual machine. It has been like that for 6 years now (Since IC was first released).

    I know! just when you try to break a different block i meant, my solar panels are in like 7 blocks tall towers like in solar power plants when i was just finished placing the solar panels and iron scafolds. then i saw some few mistakes with the scafolds and when i try to break it i accidentally broke the solar panel. but still when you broke the solar panel accidentally. my hard work has gone to a waste.

    The explosion radius of a nuke is quite large (a bit more than 100 Blocks iirc) Of course it should be expensive to build one. Irl, you also can't just take a couple of rocks from the mountain, put some tnt around it and hope, that it explodes.
    I agree, that some of the crafting recipes in IC2 are a bit too complex, which is why I made an Addon called Uncomplication, that allows you to use ingots in any recipe, instead of plates, but balance-wise I think, the recipes are the way they should be.

    Still STILL there are other problems to just not only one ok, there are 4 more to go. And ok but why the block changes into a another one? in this case a solar panel i accidentally broke one of them with a pickaxe and it turned into a generator.

    Maybe the Nuke is so expensive, because you are not supposed to blow up so much stuff that early. Remember that the Nuke ignores Blocks that are "too explosion resistant" meaning it can blast through most defenses without any Issue, what can be terrifying in Multiplayer.

    And a compacting TNT Mod is not really anything you could call balanced at all, TNT is way too easy to get en mass.

    If you're only getting an explosion radius of 5 blocks, I'm guessing you either didn't fill the center slot with enough materials, or you tried to trigger it from a secondary explosion, which will destroy the nuke without triggering a true detonation. I tried a few days ago in creative mode, and as far as I could tell the only way to properly detonate the nuke is with a redstone signal. The IC2 wiki considers the nuke's recipe and usage a secret, but gives more detail.

    Dude,I literally stacked up the needed uranium and other stuff then still i gave it all kinds of signals to detonate and still same result.but still why the heck are the crafting recipe for is so expensive? and in TooMuchTnt to craft a TNTx500 is more cheaper thank crafting a non worth it nuke.

    There is a difference between talking bad about shit and constructive criticism or questions.
    The former one is what you're doing. It doesn't help anyone nor can you achieve something with it. It just annoys people and is very respectless.
    If you can rephrase your "issue" to use oe of the latter of the three things I mentioned, we can talk about this again.

    Can you answer anything here? you are developer right? I'm posting hate in IC2 is because, I like the stuff that IC2 has but to make the simple thing it has a lot of unnecessary crafting recipes. And to just to make a nuke it has really hard crafting recipes and everything but it's explosion is not worth it.only like less than 5 blocks.

    So in this one i really need Explanation and a reasons for some of the things
    1. In IC2 what's the actual point of making the nuke if it doesn't have at least a explosion radius of 20 blocks?And to craft it you need a unbelievable amounts of stuff.
    2.WHY THE FREAK ARE THE CRAFTING RECIPES ARE SO HARD?! Just to make a simple thing it has like 1 gazzilion crafting recipes.For this one if you say it's for making the game more realistic,well think
    3.When I first downloaded the mod I was not expecting to see a such a complicated stuff for such a simple block
    4.When you accidentally break a block,in this case a solar panel IT TURNS INTO A MUCH MORE USELESS BLOCK! I mean when you accidentally break a solar panel it just turn into a stupid generator.
    5.The using power units in IC2(EU) Is incompatible with most mods.
    6.The only use I have in IC2 is just it's really easy diamond making with coal chunks.That's the literaly the use I have in IC2 And the free easily spawning copper to.
    And yeah bann me if you want I'm actually expecting you to change IC2 to version that is more less comlicated