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    Well yea, I noticed that as well, but it only started doing it every single time after adding mods like TC2, RP2, and Forestry, with just IC2 and BC 3.1.5 it didn't do it all the time and yea, I gave up on em as well since the real achievement is building what you want, not what it tells you to build~

    Also, on the Optifine thread it states to install it last in the mods, and with ML it only seems to work when installed last. That was just a statement in regards to saying one has to install it in the jar when he's using it though. That said, maybe installing optifine smooth very last was causing the graphical bugs with the latest version of it and forge. All I know is that changing smooth for standard got rid of my flying trees, invisible creepers, and disco sheep with no legs.

    Even that is wrong in regards to forge and optifine. You might have to install them directly when using the other two, but forge and optifine can be run from magic launcher as long as Forge is placed before all the forge mods and optifine is placed dead last after everything else.

    Edit: Though one thing to note, with Magic Launcher the game tends to reset achievements every single time I restart it, though I think it has more to do with some of the other mods I have installed.

    If you want mods to load in a specific order you can always use the new Magic Launcher that has been put out. Let's you add a lot of add-ons without having to actually mod the jar file, as well as modify the resolution of minecraft when you start it (instead of having to change the size every time you enter it), as well as change the order they load in and reports if there are any conflicts.

    Well in terms of tech and whatnot, there is the "low tech" canned food that heals you one heart when you eat it already in the game, so a healing pod would be an upgraded version of it. Probably make it so it starts off without all the high tech stuff in it and it heals you slower, and then you add stuff like I mentioned above to increase the heal rate? I just don't like the idea of tying it specifically to beds, since, for example, the last time I fractured my wrist or sprained my ankle a warm, electrified bed didn't really do much to help it.

    Anyway, the concept of something you can use to heal is one that sounds pretty interesting, and even though it's not as portable as canned food it would probably be a nice addition to a house.

    While the idea seems fairly interesting, this wouldn't be much different from the idea of having a single array block that transfers the energy to the grid that is attached to a lot more blocks that do the work, as was suggested as a possible solution by Al in another thread. As such, I think he would opt for the simpler solution of a main panel that transmits the energy and several attachment panels that collect it, rather than having to build something similar as well as add in all the stuff required to launch something into space.

    It functions differently from normal food in that it ONLY restores health, so you'd still have to eat something else for hunger. That said, as I mentioned in the edit, it's stupidly easy to make bread now. With just 4 wheat crops I was about to get a stack of wheat in less than a MC day, and that's without crossbreeding it.

    The only problem with this idea is that canned food is already in the game and it restores one heart per can, stacking up to 64 cans, and can be eaten instantly. So while it might not heal as much as what you want the bandages to heal for, it kinda is already in the game as a consumable.

    Edit: To also add onto this, with the new agriculture system allowing you to produce metric tons of wheat easily, and the addition of Buildcraft, you can auto-mate the breadmaking and canning process. Basically set up a chest near an auto-crafter to craft the bread, pump it into a canner (with a separate slot for cans) and then pump out the finished canned food into a separate chest. I believe you'd have to pump the bread from the crafting table from the top and the empty cans from the bottom, with the output from the right side, but it wouldn't be too hard of a system to set up and would be a somewhat quick way to get the food.

    Make this bed with this recipe for SMP only and turn it into a damaging bed that acts like a Tesla Coil when someone sleeps in it, but also make it look like any other bed.

    Now in all seriousness instead of a bed make it more like a healing pod that uses nano-tech to heal you, but would require electricity and a specially made liquid to run (the liquid could be something that could be used in nano-bot injections that were suggested in the nano-tech lab suggestion). Of course this would require Al to go with the nano-tech suggestion as well, but it would be something interesting to see. Another function of it could be only the first person to use it can access it from then on, like the personal storage chests.

    Either way, the idea of a healing machine is something that is interesting, but the concept of it shouldn't be attached to something like a bed.

    First for the new Fertilizer type. My suggestion is to be able to take a compressed plant ball and dirt and be able to craft it into a mulch that would act like a low-grade form of Fertilizer. This would have the benefit of not having to rely on skeleton bones or a recycler unit to produce, but would be much less efficient than fertilizer (and maybe bone meal, depending on how much that adds to the soil).

    For the chainsaw I suggest another power mode that would fell the whole tree at the energy cost of what it you normally take to cut down all the blocks felled plus an extra percentage for using the mode (like 5-10%), if possible. I'm not sure IF the energy consumption based on how many blocks that come down is feasible as I'm not a coder myself, but I would like to see something like the Timber! mod implemented in a way that doesn't just make energy use a non-factor, especially since we're seeing trees that can easily consist of over 90+ blocks in the jungle biomes, and while being able to climb a tree to the top of the world and spend 5-10 minutes chopping it down might be fun the first two or three times, it can be repetitive.

    As for the auto-fertilizers and hydrators you have in the works, I'm not sure how they'll be implemented, but I'd like to see something where you can have two blocks, one that uses the items it has to fertilize/hydrate crops, and another that you can connect to them via special pipes that would distribute the items to the other machines that use it. I know it sounds kinda like BC/RP2, but I'd like to see something more like a macerator or other machine, where you have an input slot, but the output slot is a different machine that's connected to it. I'm sorry if that doesn't make any sense, but I hope it does.

    Don't worry, when I first saw a mention about Industrium Conflict I was lost too. It's going to be a named update for IC2 that will include some new weapons, from what I gather. My only hope is that the auto-fertilizer and hydration stuff comes out first though since I hate babysitting plants constantly :pinch:

    How about instead of lightning rods, make it so if you zap a pig with a full charge from the tesla coil it turns em into a zombie pigman, or a creeper into a lightning creeper? Also make them invulnerable to damage for a short period of time and able to destroy any blocks between you and it...You now, so you'll be a lightning rod of hate.

    That would actually be a pretty mean addition just to add so people stop talking about lightning rods...

    Oh, and rainfall =! lightning strikes. It's easier to code for something that falls over a large area than something that happens almost totally randomly (as random as programs can be). Also don't forget, windmills are also technically weather based machines~.

    As for the foul mass suggestion it sounds like it would be fairly interesting, but how would it work in a closed room? Would it replace nearby blocks, find the nearest empty space, or simply just not produce any UU-matter if there aren't any nearby empty spaces?

    For the tools, I'd say take out the energy efficiency circuits and make it so you could apply the different block related circuits (more drops, extra break speed, etc.) at an energy efficiency loss while also being able to apply recharge and storage circuits for no additional efficiency loss. That way you'll be able to increase your efficiency in breaking things while sacrificing more energy, kinda like the upgrade from a normal drill to a diamond one, while having the extra storage and charging speed to offset how much more you'd have to recharge the tools. I think that would balance it out a bit more as well, since one of the major problems with enchanting electric tools is they don't break, so there should be some draw backs happening after you apply the circuits as well. As for how much extra energy drain, it should be based on which tier circuit you have added, but should start off with a high initial draw back while adding less per tier, for example starting at 10% at tier 1 and working up to 20% at tier 5, and make the penalty stack additively (2 tier 5's would be 40% increased usage) instead of multiplicatively (2 tier 5's would be 44% increased usage).

    That said, Al mentioned possibly looking into the idea, but no promises:

    I would probably wait and see what happens with bug fixes in this version before really updating anything, seeing as with 1.2.2 (already!) there are lots of shadow problems and mobs don't die even in direct sunlight in most areas. That said, I have a pretty good seed that starts you off in a jungle biome that's near a snow, desert, and swamp biome if anyone wants me to post that one.

    But in the case of windmills, having more of them will mean you'll most likely have some of them running while others are not, but if you focus on one windmill with the upgrades if it goes out you'd lose the function of the whole thing. So while a group of say 64 windmills could have a throughput of 128 E/t, you probably won't get that all the time, and while some windmills aren't running others might be running so you'd still get some energy since they cover a larger area. With a single windmill it's more susceptible to the winds since the area covered would be less. Now if you, say, made an area with 64 windmills that each had max upgrades, then yea that would probably produce a ton of energy, but I think that would also be well deserved considering how much mass production would be put into play for that kind of endeavor.

    Oh, and don't limit the ideas to straight overclockers, I just used that term in the title to grab attention. As stated in the first paragraph, it's more of an energy production efficiency addition. This is more of an idea to lower the space needed to produce lots of power to help supplement the raised power costs of machines with the overclocker upgrade (which can, with enough upgrades, eat up to 8k EU/t), as well as any future machines that may consume massive amounts of energy. I would hate to see the wind power plant that would be needed to produce that kind of energy :X

    Edit: Just saw the post above. The major difference between our suggestions would be the slot to put the item in (you suggest battery slot for the solar panel) and the range of generators that would get use of the items, but it sounds like a decent proposal in terms of the nuclear reactors and geothermals, not sure how efficient adding a "heat recycler" to a solar panel would be though, though it would be a form of improving the tech. As for the armor, while not being heat based, 1.70 did bring that solar panel helm and static boots.

    So what you're suggesting is that you also can't get more energy out of a fuel by making the machine more efficient at converting one form of energy into another? So I'm guessing solar panels in real life will never be viable, car engines will never get more powerful or efficient, and wind turbines will never be able to harness all of the winds power either. The whole idea behind this concept is that your'e making a technological improvement to the machine that makes it use the energy input more efficiently, not that the fuel suddenly has more energy contained within.

    And yes, I realize it would be something that, as a single item, would probably be hard to balance if it affected all types of generators, but that why it's a very loose suggestion rather than something a more rock solid "it has to be this" kind of suggestion. I just saw an opportunity with the additional items and gui changes to throw out a suggestion that could possibly make the add-on more space efficient as well as a bit more technical, which is why some people use the Adv Machine add-on for the HV solar array, though that said that one is a lot more balanced in terms of mats and output.

    Well that's why I would want to try to find a way to make it balanced in both how much energy it helps the machine produce with the mats it takes to add these items to the machines. Another possibility would probably be able to compress a machine, such as a solar panel or water mill, and turn it into a chip of that machine type that will add a flat (non-stacking) 70% more energy efficiency to the machine it's added to, so you could compress other machines into one machine to increase space efficiency at the cost of energy efficiency. If nothing else I think the idea of improving generators in and of itself kinda fits with the idea of advanced tech, but it would be to find a way to balance it while keeping it interesting.

    Ok, not exactly like using an overclocker inside the generator, but an item that would increase energy output of generators. For example, each upgrade could increase generator efficiency by something like 10% stacking, up to a maximum of 64. This would help to improve current energy generators while also helping to save build space. Another possible function would be to add transformers (to increase output from the devices) as well as being able to add storage devices to generators themselves. As for the recipe for an efficiency chip, as I'll call it for now, I can't say anything solid since I'm not sure of all the implications behind trying to balance it to keep it useful, but it would most likely have to include glass, insulated copper cables, and an Electronic Circuit. It would also most likely need something like a cooling or lava cell to craft.

    After doing a few calculations it would either have to have a lower than 64 stack limit, cost even more than that, or have a lower efficiency return, since with 10% at a 64 stack it would turn out to be 44579% as efficient as the base machine (or the equivalent of just shy of 446 machines). This would make the solar generators slightly less efficient than the Advanced Machines addon, but make all the other generators more efficient. To keep it a bit more balanced probably make the efficiency chips limited to solar, wind, and water generators.

    Maybe make the chip something like:
    :Bronze Dust: :Intergrated Plating: :Coolant Cell:
    :Cable: :Electronic Circuit: :Cable:
    :Coolant Cell: :Intergrated Plating: :Bronze Dust:

    Where :Bronze Dust: is redstone dust and :Intergrated Plating: is glass.

    Anyway, this is just something I'm throwing out there that seems like it would be an interesting idea that would help keep power plant sizes manageable within the addon itself, while adding another dimension to keep people interested. And I can't wait to see what you guys have in the works, especially with MC 1.2 in the works with Jungles and the new crop system ^^