Medical Supplies(i.e bandages/first aid kit?)

  • Medical Supplies

    In Minecraft, when we take damage we usually have to get our hunger bar to full, use a potion, or eat a golden apple to regain our health.
    Have you ever even thought about the advances in medicine that industry and technology have brought us?
    This idea of mine would be in the game as a non-placable object(much like food), and is used in a similar fashion. When you have taken damage, simply retreat, break out your bandage(or first aid kit which would restore more health), and patch yourself up!
    This object would ONLY restore health points, the hunger bar remains unaffected

    recipe:bandage, heals 2.5 full hearts
    :string: :paper: :string:
    :blank: :resin: :blank:
    :blank: :blank: :blank:

    recipe: first aid kit/box, heals 8 full hearts, for near death situations. Once used it must be refilled in a similar fashion as the CF sprayer
    :iron: :iron: :iron:
    :bandage: :bandage: :bandage:
    :iron: :iron: :iron

    *tin could be used as a substitute for iron

  • The only problem with this idea is that canned food is already in the game and it restores one heart per can, stacking up to 64 cans, and can be eaten instantly. So while it might not heal as much as what you want the bandages to heal for, it kinda is already in the game as a consumable.

    Edit: To also add onto this, with the new agriculture system allowing you to produce metric tons of wheat easily, and the addition of Buildcraft, you can auto-mate the breadmaking and canning process. Basically set up a chest near an auto-crafter to craft the bread, pump it into a canner (with a separate slot for cans) and then pump out the finished canned food into a separate chest. I believe you'd have to pump the bread from the crafting table from the top and the empty cans from the bottom, with the output from the right side, but it wouldn't be too hard of a system to set up and would be a somewhat quick way to get the food.

  • ah, I didn't know about that
    as strange of a mechanic as that may be(I mean, it's normal food right?), if it's already implemented into the game then I guess it renders this useless :S

  • It functions differently from normal food in that it ONLY restores health, so you'd still have to eat something else for hunger. That said, as I mentioned in the edit, it's stupidly easy to make bread now. With just 4 wheat crops I was about to get a stack of wheat in less than a MC day, and that's without crossbreeding it.

  • okay I'm bumping this thread on account that I have used canned food while I was damaged and it didn't do anything to my health meter. X(

  • your request is partial answered in the form of farm-able netherwart making it easier to brew healing potions. or how about canned uumatter for a instant heal food? magic has always been ahead of tech in terms of healing abilities so this maybe a tough sell for some purists

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