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    I think that a temporary solution without adding more addons, is:
    If you have installed RP2, nerf your equivalence between diamonds and sapphires/rubies for IC2. For example, in the recipe for lapatron crystals, Instead of replacing the diamond for a sapphire with your modifications, you could change it for a block of sapphire.


    1) Using redpower with this mod, and the ore-dictionary equivalences, I think that rubi/sapphires/green sapphires are very common compared to gregtech spawn rates. I think its unbalancing the item crafting making them MUCH cheaper compared to some IC2 vanilla stuffs. Now, I have 10-14 diamonds (normally used in important stuffs in IC2 like bigger batteries and weapons, so they was "my treasure"), but now I also have 2 stacks of rubies and 2 of sapphires, making IC2 batteries and equipment very easy to craft (due the spawn rates of redpower). Can you nerf your equivalences with rubi/sapphires and diamonds used in IC2? maybe "a block of rubies" = "1 diamond" (example) for the recipes?

    2) what's the purpose/usage of unificatortargets configs? can you explain it more? (other explanation). Because wiki is not updated and what I find here is not clear to me.

    This makes no sense. Version numbers do nothing but help people. Or least update the title or first post when last updated. Easy to be outdated.

    I hate to repeat.. but I agree with you. A simple script in the IDE can rename the file automatically at compile time, and the dropbox link can be solved using a link to a folder instead of a file. This will help a lot.
    Or an configurable ingame msj that verify online the last version for you would be nice.

    Mainly Bugfixes.
    A Config option for making Blockbreakers more expensive, which is OFF per default.
    Added Wolframium Grinder as an equivalent to the Diamond Grinder.

    Hi, I have a problem, I use my last config file and I get this>
    Slot 4095 is already occupied by forestry.core.gadgets.BlockStainedGlass@5769c779 when adding gregtechmod.common.blocks.GT_BlockMetaID_Block@61a705c4

    The problem is that the config file does not have the ID 4095. I try removing the old config and let the program create a new one, but the conflict continue and MC does not create a new configfile for gregtech, and crash with the same error.

    What can I do?

    I'm getting this warnings with IC2 1.111 and the last version of gregtech

    steps? I can't reproduce that, IF you use forge 430...

    The current its the only one to work with TE and the new forge.

    the 1.4.3.** family does not work with gregtech, more presicelly NEIplugins for IC2 and gregtech. For example, it crash when you get the usages for redstone or lapis (scroll to the machines section to crash).

    I'm using version version because it work with plugins (and forge 430 to avoid id mismatch problem).

    But its SCIENCE Fictional, not MAGIC Fictional. Adamantium is more of a Magic indestructible Material, than a HighTech Alloy.

    you are right. But it does not explain indestructible tools from IC2.

    The only Hightech-Applyance of it I know is Wolverine.

    here it is other aplications in comics, extracted from wikipedia.

    Adamantium is a fictional metal. It does not actually exist. Therefore, it cannot be used in machinery without any known elemental traits. If it's indestructible, how would a player mine it or process it?
    It would also add nothing new for dust uses as I highly doubt a nearly indestructible metal would be made of the soft metals found in MC/IC2/GregTech.

    Iridium is the closest metal to match Adamantium, there doesn't need to be 2 Iridiums.

    You can't find adamantium in natural state. Its an alloy. You can craft it like all the movies or comics, mixing the compunds at high temperatures to get a liquid state, but when it get cooler, it solidificate in a indestructible compound that cannot be in a liquid state anymore. You can found Iridium, but you can't find adamantium. I think that it can replace iridium in some items, not to ba a "duplicated" material. Its a better material for high-tech tools, like the actual indestructible drill, nanosable, etc.

    PD: Matterfabricator? Armour with forcefields preventing damage? efficient fusion power plants? Quantumchest? that's fictional too.