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    Is it? Redstone is "diamond level depth" and Netherrack, well, Netherrack. I am really not aware of current MC "balance" ... hahahah the very idea

    I suppose i could nerf it so that EIGHT Netherrack and EIGTH Redstone yield ONE Glowstone dust, if that is a problem?

    Ejector is working exactly as advertised.

    Version 5.2.3
    ditched refined Iron Dust since refined Iron no longer exists
    additive macerating can still produce bronze dust and hydrated coal dust
    added new additive recipes: 1 Nether Quartz Ore + 1 Sand = 2 Quartz; 1 Netherrack + 1 Redstone = 2 Glowstone Dust

    Thanks for the pointer

    Version 5.2.2
    updated to newest IC2 build, changed recipes with new stuff
    bugfix for wasting power in fringe cases(?)

    You'll have to test the power thing yourself. New recipes in OP.

    By the way, i switched the reobfuscate to Searge Names. It should be compatible with 1.6.2 and 1.6.4 both

    Version 5.2.0
    adapted to new Energy methods order (Transformers work once again without explosions)
    note you need 3 Transformers now to reach the new HV level
    you can now disable single advanced machines if you want to (note: untested.)

    Thanks for the bugreport. The order in which machine methods are called has changed, the upgrades were not updated yet when IC2 already jammed HV into the machines. Note you need 3 Transformers to reach 2024 (= 32 * (4 ^3))


    Config to disable single machines? Done

    As for how Upgrades work ... i still think they are overpowered, and applying the law of diminishing returns atleast keeps them in check somewhat. That being said, you can implement your system based off my repo, sure, and make it a toggleable alternative to mine. I'll take it into the codebase if demand exists...

    Well, this is just brainfuckery. First: I did test the last build (amazingly) and it worked. The vanishing bug only happened after you removed something from the output slot...

    Then, when tracking it down, this:

    Before this could sap my will to live any more, i deleted the entire code block and wrote it fresh ... it works now. If someone can explain to me what was wrong before he or she shall have a cookie.

    Version 5.1.7
    fixed broken output after manipulating output slot

    No. The problem is texturebinding, not the path.

    You are wrong. kolo33 is correct. MCP accepts the slashes (and i swear MC did too at some point) but now it doesnt. Its fixed now.

    You have the right to remain annoying until the bug is fixed. Anything you say or do may be used to fix it and also be held against you FOREVER.
    It should be fixed really now. No the last changelog wasn't lying. I fixed it. No matter how broken it stayed.

    Version 5.1.6
    fixed broken GUI textures
    made supplement slot in rotary macerator clearly distinct from input slot
    fixed supplemented macerating producing bronze from iron (alchemy anyone?)

    The currently available version compiles fine against current IC2 experimental build #104. You have #97

    I playtested myself on #104 and fixed a crash unrelated to yours

    Version 5.1.4
    bug- and crashfixes for IC2 experimental builds 104+
    added russian translation, courtesy of comrade Adapt of IC2 forums

    If the GUI textures aren't showing for you, well, they aren't for me either, and i have no clue at all why. It works in MCP and i didn't change the code

    Using get(0) is a cheap improper duct tape fix, iterate properly you slob :D

    While testing it also became clear those experimental builds are very broken as of yet. The IC2 API kept giving me 0 stacksize items, not to mention the console spam.
    I added a workaround to Advanced Machines, so those atleast work reliably LOL

    Version 5.1.3
    made compatible with IC2 experimental builds