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    stuck the game in hard mode and then made the helmet use more power by sitting at the bottom of the ocean for ages until it depleated... only thing i had to do when it depleated was eat

    EDIT ill do it again see if i get same results twice

    You provided information that conflicted with what I spent a long time proving. I'm asking for proof that you actually didn't die. That it wasn't on easy or peaceful or something, or creative mode.

    what do you want a screenshot of? me with an empty qsuit help and on hard mode?...... just because i got different results your agitated... isnt that why theres multiple beta testers? you seem annoyed by me having a seperate result from you idk why.... i aint discredited you... just stated i had an alternate result to your test.

    Well, I died before an empty lap pack would disappear, and I checked the code (its the same for the bat pack and the lap pack) and its fine, it renders 0 damage to either one. I will need step by step to reproduce if you want this fixed.

    Think its SMP bug idk had people complain to me about it on feanturis forums....

    I'm currently stuck in the SWP once more (date is 23.12, need to get some stuff done untl then), feel free to organize a new version and stuff. You're no childs i need to watch for every minute :3 And i guess i will have enough time (5 minutes) to make a new release thread once you're ready to go.

    Dont take your eyes of alexthesax for a second... he will get into all kinds of trouble..... he really needs a baby sitter XD

    @killerbees we never checked the reactor -.- lol the cycle takes forever to do lol, i guess ill try and recreate this in both SMP and SSP and see whats what....

    and what about the other devs of ic2...e.g. player? alexthesax?

    dont you need to add the API for the modders to the public release? or am i mistaken?

    also a quick note, i dont know how many people are smart enough to realise this but i was speaking to player a few days/weeks ago and i noticed that when he uploads beta tests to his downloads the URL has the version number at the ed so anyone could change the numbers and go through them searching for beta releases, (i noticed that)

    just a small note there

    testing SSP now cant test SMP untill the server supdated..

    also alblaka..

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    well this is the first time this has happened and its real strange.........

    i made a giant surrounding of a plot of land with foam blocks (theres atleast 200k) when they all turned to cement blocks 2 of them are automaticly painted black, i didnt paint them

    well my processor paste came today, now i gota apply processor paste to a laptop, the most incredibly hard thing to do..... well hopefully i dont end up with more screws left over like i usually do lol, can never remember where they all go

    this is gona be easy tho im a pro XD

    im currently unable to test this as im waiting for some processor paste , seems my comp wont stop overheating whenever i load java ..... anyways cpu overheating is annoying so it should hopefully come tomorrow and ill be able to fix this piece of junk

    not form forums but i thought this was brilliant...

    [17/08/2011 19:39:57] Drew Ritter: hm. i dont suppose IC 2 is coming out soon?
    [17/08/2011 19:40:45] darenton2k7: 31st september
    [17/08/2011 19:40:54] Drew Ritter: oh nice
    [17/08/2011 19:41:13] Drew Ritter: im on the IC wiki and it now says IC 2 stuff (updating)
    [17/08/2011 19:41:17] Drew Ritter: so i was just wondering

    can you make it a lil more expensive than advance circuits i have a sugestion for lappack recipe

    L :Energy Crystal: L
    :Advanced Circuit: :Batpack: :Advanced Circuit:

    L :Energy Crystal: L

    L being lapis block

    considering it stores 300k EU needs some crystals IMO

    or id even go as far as

    :Energy Crystal: L :Energy Crystal:

    :Energy Crystal: :Batpack: :Energy Crystal:

    :Energy Crystal: :Advanced Circuit: :Energy Crystal:

    but i think it would piss alot of people off

    -Miner causing a crash upon hittin cables should be fixed now FIXED
    -Fixed a bug causing Solars not to produce energy properly FIXED
    -Fixed a bug with Painter going blank after 16 uses 32 USES CHECK
    -Fixed Batterys flickering when holding rightclick while pointing at blocks FIXED
    -Improved CF-Spraying algorythm to work better with Scaffolds LOOSE SCAFFOLDS? IF SO CHECK
    -Fixed rubber boots refilling themselves on occasion ERM NOT SURE... I DONT KNOW HOW TO RECREATE
    -Added a fix for Electric Blocks to never display an EU amount higher then their maximum
    -Fixed a bug causing QuantumHelmet to refill itself
    -Reduced the energy cost for QuantumHelmet food regeneration
    -Vastly increased the effectiveness of NanoSabre CHECK
    -Scaffolds were recoded with recursion to make them more CPU-efficient. This will most likely cause all currently existing scaffolds-constructs to break down, though.
    -Iridium Plating is now even more expensive, consisting of Iridium Ore and Alloy (I Ore can be obtained via UUM) CHECK
    -Added Lappack, an advanced Batpack CHECK BUT TOO CHEAP IMO
    -Mining Laser, Scanners and NanoSabre draw energy from Lappacks MONING LASER DOESNT,SABRE DOES,DRILL AND CHANISAW DOES,OD SCANNER DOES, OV DOESNT
    -CFPack recipe added, does now store up to 128 pellets.
    -Holding shift will prevent any sort of GUI from opening (means you can easier place stuff on machines) WORKS