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    The issue is, if i reveal it no, people will go overboard, similar to the point i announced CPUs.
    However, the project isn't even close to being finished. It's yet impossible to tell whether it will work out in the way it's planned and thus releasing any information could backfire.

    i agree with alblaka, but your idea concept is a great one, and if you succeed will be very nice indeed ^.^

    Ore dictionary doesn't use iridium or uranium.

    Player responded with "-.-" i guess he knows where he did somethign wrong :§


    oh is it liek the uranium ore blob? i checked the sprites so im guessing thats it ^.^

    and awesome... atleast i know its not my issue :P

    To be honest, not my idea :3 Player suggested this and i couldn't find an argument against it :O

    ah awesome
    erm question... not sure what ive messed up here...

    and with only ic2 installed...


    Heading to MEPS for enlistment, i'm 6'2" and 148 pounds, I need to be at least 150 pounds for my height, anyone know any good ways to gain a few pounds in a few days? AND PLEASE DON'T GIVE ME A BUNCH OF FREAKIN: "Eat McDonalds, or eat lard" gets annoying fast.
    Thain (Havasushaun)

    have you tried eating mcdonalds or lard?

    im sure adien expected this (and for me to spell his name wrong)

    While we're at it (and this doesn't refer to the chickens stomach i'm sitting in currently), can somebody confirm CF Backpack working functional AND being obtainable without TMI? (as in crafafting-/refilling one)

    checked both craftguide mod and recipe book, there is no recipe for that at all

    2nd image has the upgrade don in the center... may wana fix that buddy

    gorni ah i didn't know that lol, then again im brittish and we have this weird need to make sense XD

    also gorni u notice how al completely ignored ur request about the secret project....just incase anyone missed that XD "which i know nothing about....Honest!"