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    Yep, lazurite is missing, as well as some other materials that should have a storage block.
    Basically every gem or "gem-like" material that can't be used as a lense is missing.
    I want to add them all to the mod, but be aware that every lazurite block will vanish if you choose to switch back to the "official" version.

    I think you should probably remove your link, when I have my mod updated to 1.4, because it could cause some confusion. But until then, it's fine.

    Sure thing - i'll check back from time to time and remove the link when time is due.
    The reason i added lazurite was because it can be used as a replacement for lapis plates hence useful in game progression, at least for myself..

    Best regards

    Nice work! But i think lazurite is missing?


    Edit: Added the lazurite-block to the code, the texture it's using is just an inverted version of the ruby-block texture.
    I'm sorry if i violate anything by posting an edited version of your mod (actually just added 1 line of code), but i thought it might be useful to some...
    All credits goes to UltraPeeks!!!!

    Link (GemBlocksForGreg-1.4-Unofficial.jar):

    Sorry but that is wrong. Apple has its own Version of Java, it may look like that they are the same, but Apple has changed quite a few things which can break larger Java Programs like Minecraft quite easyly.

    Is this still the case with Java 7? I thought they gave up on the Apple Java with Java 6. Mountain Lion doesn't even support the Apple versions of Java and want's you to download from Oracle. But you could be right

    when installing mods on a mac, then DON'T delete the Meta folder in the minecraft.jar like you do on a PC, delete only the files containing the name "mojang" inside the meta folder. Hope it helps.

    I can confirm it working with 1.3 up until 1.4.7.

    And use BetterZip for mac. The other stuff is just problems waiting to happen. I can confirm that renaming the jar to zip and extracting it will almost always mess up your jar.

    If you want to post error logs use and copy the link instead

    Ultimate trolling device.
    Creep up behind someone with cloaking device, punch them, they turn around see nothing, NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP NEVER GONNA LET YOU DOWN........ :3

    LOL :thumbsup:

    @Greg Just saw the picture of your new Fusion Reactor GUI (or Fusion Reactor Computer or what ever). Looks wicked awesome, but when will this be implemented and how much will change in the fusion reactor and how it works? We have a lot of automation (including two CC computers with programs controlling EU-levels, input/output etc.) which is why it would be super awesome not to be totally crippled upon an update ;) If i knew a little bit more, i could perhaps continue my work in the right direction in regards to coding the control- and cell creation-programs.
    Love everything you did with the mod so far, even the automated canning machine is starting to grow on me.. Said it before; the chemical reactor is just really really awesome!

    I see.
    So it's not possible to get back the non-canning machine recipe. Then I'm puzzled why disabling the matter fabricator makes the mass fabricator work, when disabling AutomaticBasics doesn't do the same to vanilla IC lava cell recipe. It's not that big of a problem, I'm just curious.

    You mean Lava Bucket + Cell = Lava Cell + Bucket? You can disable it in the Advanced Config, but you won't get the Crafting Recipe back.

    You still need the Rolling Machine and the Iridium Ingots to do so. You just dont get the cost of the extra ITNT.

    If i don't get the crafting recipe back, then what am i disabling? I can't find any lines in the advanced config in regards to lava cell recipes nor the production of cells in general. What am i missing?

    Is there a way to make the quantum chest compatible with ComputerCraft openCCSensors and miscPeripherals? When i use the interactive sorter (miscPeripherals) it's unable to extract more than 64 items at the same time. And the sensor (openCCSensors) only detects 1 full slot and 2 empty slots in the quantum chest.
    Great mod, like the new quantum chest non-gui system.

    I think there is a conflict with Gregtech and Majikguys Marvelous Moon Mod. It looks like GregTech is trying to generate ores in the mood dimension:

    Thanks for a truly awesome mod! Love the chemical reactor idea :)