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    I have three fixed grids and one mobile grid.

    My layout is a bit unusual, as most of the machines are in one place, but the power plants are all over.

    If the following is in the wrong topic, please let me know where to put it and how to link it, if linking a appropriate.

    I will be quick to point out that, at least in the version I am using, which is 1.73 I think, it is wise to build the farm in a manner that keeps all mobs away, particularly if you are using other mods that add mobs that fly. (I may have to port my modpak myself because the official version seems to break my world to the point of crashing the game.).

    Since I use my own neutral breeder/energy production piles with NEI, I can tell loosely how much heat is in the vessel and not worry about them outside of fueling, I would not need this addon, or so one would think. It has other uses, like warning people that there is a large, heavy object moving overhead (RP2 frames).

    Yes, Advanced Machines.

    As induction furnaces don't accept overclockers neither will these, if you want that, see Atomic's thread.

    What sucks about that, particularly the Induction Furnace, is that what I really want are transformer and storage upgrades, because I am always running out of energy (the weather is rain half the time, so solar fails me often) and the circuit most suitable for them is an MV circuit. There is room for transformer (the only open area that can be easily accessed is in the middle of a forestry treefarm). I could just install that mod, but it would be nice if I did could just to tie in the furnace, macerator, what ever, with out having to redesign a lot of the area just to accommodate a new building.

    Nevermind, I found the normal induction furnace to accept MV. This has given me an idea: A third tier that can accept transformer and storage upgrades and also manage power consumption in standby mode for better efficiency by only spooling when the speed is too low. Otherwise this new tier is the same. What should be in this upgrade tier? Six Iridium plates, a Lapotron Crystal, and an Advanced Circuit.

    It is just there to add energy to the system. Speaking of energy, it will hold a specific level of heat with trace excess (<100 heat cold start added over a full cycle) during operation, so one can stick it at the level of heat one is most comfortable and it will remain well behaved for the entire cycle. Except if one goes nuts with the heating.

    Breeder efficiency: 8
    Active EU/t 20
    Iron: 217
    Copper: 292
    Tin: 145
    Uranium: 3 for full load (one for isotope cells, two for fuel cells), 2 if you are stingy and have a massive amount of lava to get rid of as it becomes negative in nature when operated in this manner.
    Water buckets for external cooling: 14

    Additional note: May make this design obsolete as it uses one less tin: http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…40op7g9dvj9s7vacu7cohvif4

    I can up with this for the four breeder units I am building:

    http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…g6r5spx6roaclrw8yiiadw0lc Stable.

    What I do remember is that it is a Mk I and you will need a bucket to place the water on the outside.

    Unfortunately, that is all I noted down and currently the site is down for some reason. I will try again later and update this, provided no else does and I remember that I made this post, most likely after I get all four units running since I am fairly close to finishing (a few days if everything goes smoothly), but it could very well be updated before then.

    I also searched for it on the forum to see if someone else made one of these units before, but it did not come up, so unless it was deleted from the list, this is a new design.

    By the way, the four planned breeders have names: Quadrant I, Quadrant II, Quadrant III, and Quadrant IV. So if one had to give this design a name and assuming it has not been made before, it would be "Quadrant."

    Actually, charcoal is a more pure source of carbon than coal because coal almost always has large amounts of sulfur in it, so the recipes should be the other way around if the goal is realism, overpowered as it may be. Then again, coal seams do not always cooperate (the seed I used seems to give more copper than coal), so it may not be as overpowered as one may think.

    You know, either of these is fine. Make your super wrench out of compressed gold for all I care, as long as there's an option for moving super expensive machinery that isn't retarded.

    Or just make the normal wrenches work. Like this.


    Middle ground options:

    Link a set of achievements to this feature indicating competence in engineering.

    Have user gain experience with every removal; the more experience, the high the success rate.

    A mix of the above.