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    You are describing a type that is no longer in any real use, fast reactors. Ones that are in use or in devolpement are: boiling water reactors, pressurized water reactors, molten salt reactors, pebble bed piles, and advanced gas cooled reactors.

    I seen more powerful three chamber MKI units. Look at the effective EU/t. That is really what counts here.

    You may get lower losses by using glass fiber cable at a lower voltage, assuming that some would actually use it as an actual steamplant. Given the fact that you retextured the signs, you could retexture the cables as well. There is also the possibility of nuclear piles making steam in the future for Railcraft turbines. On a side note, the old pile code is open source now, so you could tweak it to add to the realism and add it back in, possibly with a different block ID. Or just compile it straight up (unmodified).

    Can't seem to find it. I'm sure I saw Richard post it though.

    --Begin transmission--
    For Rock Raider, that RRU ship is yours, and because it have been hijacked by the spambots, I will hijack it back anyway and I will give it to you if you want it. Anyway, I have modified your shield EM weapon so it will function more efficiently, greatly reducing power and space requirement. Your EM weapon works by directly dumping massive amount of energy into the shield, and it will start to resonate and emit powerful EMP that will kill every spambots in the area. I know that the shield can amplify a signal to extreme power, however it was extremely stable and need a lot of power to destabillize the field, about several hundred TEU (tera-energy unit), or several million MFSU in parallel. However, we can make this more efficient by pulsing some EMP directed to the shield, and it will amplify it like laser do. It only need several thousand EU to work.
    For everyone, if you want some extremely high explosive, I can just go there, overload one of my reactor core and eject it, and it will make a very very powerful explosion that can vaporize nearly everything. Although I have some ICBM and cruise missile to do the work... (and there still some thousand spambots around my ship)
    --End transmission--

    That is not necessary, as there are AIV tanks (mostly MQ-1 Sentries) in the hold of the RRU. One is likely responsible for letting the spambots aboard. And are you sure you even have the right ship? The only vessels I know of with scalar tech are the Americas, which won't let neutrals near them unless a friendly escorts them. It would be useless anyways. All RI colabs are hardened against EM attack. The R.R.U. Explorer is no exception. I'll have a large party aboard soon. There is one "secret weapon" that the R.R.U. has: It can be said that it is part ClientBot, the "steppng stone" AI for the AI in AIV. The idea at the time it was built some 300 years ago (in celebration of its "mother's (the LMS, and yes, the two look very much the same inside and out) 500th birthday) was to enable it to deal with obstacles with out any guidance, but the system failed miserably as it lacked the sensors to detect the obstacles. As such I could get on board and turn it on in full and have it lock out the controls. I'd stay away from it after this, as most of the AIV "instincts" were developed in ClientBots including the defensive ones.

    AIV Door Kicker: http://www.rockraidersunited.o…allery_1300_107_12530.jpg

    AIV America (almost, needs a little remodeling and retexturing): http://www.rockraidersunited.o…llery_1300_107_681989.png

    She can ram alright, but I can't guarantee the fusors remaining lit. Or the reliability of the teleporter after the power cut. Last time something that large struck the LMS something bad happened. By the way, the idea of using the shield as an EM weapon was scrapped because of space and power requirements. The Americas have that though because they have a fair bit of unused space. Are you sure that the vessel in question isn't one of them? They are a bit prone to doing that. It could also be one of the unidentified craft in the area, many of which seem to be autonomous.

    The engine moves a lot of air to keep cool and spin the turbine, and that is fine if you leave the walls and roof, but if you need it indoors, then you must make at least two large openings to the outside. The problem arises when testing for the outside and a clear path to it, as both are "shapeless." The proper way to do it is to use lots of fluid particles, but that will lag sever farms, so another test is needed. The best one I have come with so far is cellular automaton, which will still suck resources when triggered.

    Recently, it has come to light that I will need a custom addon for a custom map that I am making. At its heart, it will add the NTS-01 and NTS-02 engines to the game, permitting large amounts of energy to be produced in a reasonably small space. There is few major hindrances though. First, I am not that familiar with the semantics of Java. Second, I am a stickler for reality.

    The first is an "easy" fix that I am doing right now in some of my spare time. The second is the pain in the @$$, as that means I must code a means of testing whether or not the engines can get enough air and have a clear exhaust path. That also means I must add all on the materials, machines (except for the breeders needed, for obvious reasons), and mechanics needed to build and maintain one.

    I have some idea as to which functions will be involved where and decided on the "generic" methods for some parts already. Namely, the airway test. It will likely be a cellular automaton based off block 36 that only tests when one of its blocks is updated, which means on long paths, changing something next to the path will cause a massive lag spike as the system tests again. I could limit it to update only the updated blocks and send to a public variable, but then if I want multiple engines, I will have to some how define a new pair variables, one for intake and one for exhaust, for each engine have have it test it frequently and react accordingly, but that would become cumbersome, so having it retest and update the engine that created the block by updating its neighbors and then have the neighbors update their neighbors and so on until the whole system. Adding conditions to the system to remove extraneous updates, such as a door off the main path opening, will likely help a lot. The main challenge will be getting it to work as intended with dynamic subblocks such as those in RedPower, as some configurations will allow flow, but others won't. A technical mobile with guided path finding may be called for here.

    First, the LMS is a little shorter than a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier and a image of it in CG Lego can be found here. Second the Explorers can be considered a Mother - Daughter pair, IE one, the Rock Raiders United, being made as a full scale working replica with modifications. Third, spambots don't last long on any of the vessels in the "makeshift" fleet, as either they can be thrown out directly, are taken over by one of the many Artificially Intelligent Vehicles, shot by an AIV (most are combat vehicles to begin with), shot by a Rock Raider, smashed by heavy equipment, crushed by an AIV (they are heavy), or something else destructive happens to them. Fourth, the LMS and RRU can only ram. Research into using the shield as an electromagnectic weapon has been done, but turned up little use.

    AIV Tracker recounted what has thus far been the worst that has happened to either vessel. The nuclear explosives have been depleted (I personally sweeped both vessels), so the worst that can happen is a blowout of one of the hull panels from the conventional explosives. The flight computers for both vessels have been switched over to the base OS on AIVs, RaidOS, in response to Tracker turning the LMS into the worlds largest remotely operated vehicle. Only once has a RaidOS based system has been cracked, and that was by an AIV that was centuries old that was "let in" was because of some bad sectors causing the firewall to half-crash and preventing the OS from being locked down (the normal response to a serious fault like that). Given that the flight computers each run at a RAID level rivaling that of sever farms, are independent outside of the "vote out" system, and have been put on a wired network as an added precaution, the limit of the chance of any troubles occurring from spambots as time approaches zero is zero, or for those o lower maths, it will take so much time for a spambot to cause "irreversible" harm that it can be considered impossible.

    Raider: Who brought a spambot aboard?

    (Some Rock Raiders eye toward one of the AIVs. Raider applies a suitable ballistic punishment.)

    Raider: Wasmic, you are not about the LMS or RRU anymore. The America (one of the four largest AIVs ever built (the other three are its sibling units, Freedom Fighter, Rescuer and Restorer) at 1100 feet long, 200 feet tall, and around 600 feet wide, the crewless spaceborn battleship is longer than a Nimitz-class carrier and more than twice as wide) tells me that you got teleported in most literal manner into its service compartments and then teleported you to an as of yet unknown vessel at an unknown location. The range is limited, even more so given the fact that failed to notice the change. There is an anther vessel with an unknown civilian Identity Friend of Foe signal nearby that appears to have a cannon of some sort. Double F (Freedom Fighter) cought a glimpse of the markings while retargeting one of its laser turrets. It may be a GregTech vessel. I'll have a bot pick you up.

    Wasmic: What do you mean teleported in the most literal manner?

    Raider: Port means carry. You should be able to figure it out.

    Wasmic: What do you mean by carry? You mean I was carried off the LMS Explorer?

    Raider: As of 200 years ago, AIVs have the ability to teleport to a point in space. They can also bring objects that are in contact with them along for the ride. Something that must be said about that condition it that it is an intentional software limitation, so it might be that you were brought there from a distance.

    Raider: (To Wasmic) You are on the RRU Explorer, an interstellar mining exploration vessel. The instability is caused by an injection of either a prokaryote or polyvirus messing around with some of the tumor suppressing genes to the point of them hardly working at all, which explains the mortality rate. That also means that getting stressed will likely give you cancer or something else very bad. The large mass change won't happen again so long as you stay off of the MC planets until we get you to Earth and unmess the messed up part of the genome. On a side note, a polyvirus is why I have pointy, motile ears, long nose, a tail, and grey fur.

    That sounds... interesting. Mind you, I have no idea what it is, aside from something which generates power. Could be a hamster in there for all I know.(not likely, but maybe if you had enough of them...)
    You might want to look at GregTech if you need that much energy storage, I had set up a LESU with about 2 billion EU storage on a test world, before I checked again and saw it stored negative 2.8 billion. I should see how many it LESU blocks it had before it went nuts. Plus you'd need his Superconductor wires to transmit that amount of energy, and to down transform it you'd need his device which can down transform 1000000EU/p to 8192EU/t.

    But it sounds beastly powerful.

    In a nutshell, is a jet engine powered by a nuclear reactor that blows on a windmill. As for transmission, I'll just make some special transformers, storage devices, insulated glass fiber cables. One thing to note: The plan is to take every aspect from reality and put it into this multiblock genset, including what I suspect will be an incredible endurance of 200+ hours.