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    Consideration noted and thank you for your efforts I apologize for blowing up at the first guy for the last 10+ pages who spent more than 10 minutes designing his reactor/read the first post. But really unless new content is added experimenting with reactors has passed a point of diminishing returns you either need to expend a lot of effort or get lucky. So what is happening is this thread is getting spammed by users who are basically hoping they get lucky. Again I am sorry I let my emotions on the matter get ahead of me.

    trust me they won't be considered and here is why (in a caps just to make it clear)
    making this list is not easy its not something that can be done by playing with the planner for a minutes or even a few hours and if you didn't take the time to check what reactors already made the list then you deserve what ever hate and flame gets sent your way


    This is a medium efficiency medium-high EU MK-II reactor that I thought MIGHT be worth having a spot. I'll let others be the judge of that.

    trumped by this one http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…=1o10101001501521s1r11r10 (you can build 2 with the same amount of resources)


    I've been trying to get a good six chambered MK I reactor, but that was the closest I could get. It's, ok, I guess, but whether it's worth having a spot is your decision.

    trumped by this one http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…=1k10101001501521s1r11r10 (virtually the same but cheaper and faster cool down)
    and this one http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…1k101010037ps011111101110 (still cheaper and more efficient)

    with the resources needed for your reactor I could build 4 of Ricks starter reactors (with supplies to spare) and those combined reactors would out put 60 more eu/than your design. yield 12,000,000 more eu total than your design. and do it with 2 fewer uranium cells

    Ricks starter reactor: http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…=1p10101001501521s1r11r10

    list of good reactors: A list of good reactor designs (READ THE 1st POST!!!)

    you forgot step 6.

    6. Mention how long it took you to design it with the reactor planner. Your a genius nuclear scientist! Your so smart you can make a design worthy of the best reactor list in only 30 seconds flat. In fact they when hear how fast you "whipped this up" they will be so impressed with your genius design they will scrap the rest of the list and tell every one to use your reactor design instead. Never mind that the other designs probably took hours trail and error testing, or math they probably didn't have the planner tool. So be confident cause there is no way Rick will yell at you like he did to the last 500 entries cause unlike them your a genius!

    time awake: 03:00:00:00
    *listens to nanomanz transmission*
    Sigh its to risky to teleport it could draw the spambots here I will have to leg it
    *leaves note for the others saying where he has gone*
    *looks at the expansive landscape before him*
    *glances around to see if no one is looking*
    *pulls out a unusually large spiked waffle iron on a chain*
    *begins spinning the weapon above his head*
    I could give Bertha some fresh air
    *launches into the air like thor*

    you had a bad conversation with technic user that won't give mod authors the respect they deserve we get it, but that's no reason to go off on a bash crusade all its going to do is stir up bad feelings and start meaningless arguments over a product whos day are numbered anyway(see mod api).

    taking down technic is like trying to take down other highly polarized issues ranting and flaming is useless all it does is get the names in peoples heads for them to look up the other sides perspective later. if you really want to take down technic then here is what you need to do.
    ignore it, pretend it doesn't exist if you never mention it then fewer people hear about it. when talking to technic users the furthest you should go is to refuse to refer to what they are playing as technic, be polite, and show them cool things technic can't do, and remember no one is going to desert technic if you go and accuse them or anyone they look up to of being a criminal. and keep all that up till the mod api comes out if technic insists on existing after that they will likely get sued off the face of the planet. by mod authors that feel they have the authority to do so since their mods are officially recognized by mojang.

    *later in a planing meeting @Leo's base*
    time awakesince i started keeping track again: 00:00:00:00
    ok while the "chosen one" goes and gets himself impaled on the pointy finger of a T1000 we should plan our next move. so lets start wit what we already know for those who don't know yet
    *gestures at I don't now*
    simply put the spam bot contamination is more wide spread then we could possibly have imagined every layer bellow layer 0 is solid spambots all the way to the core of the planet and as per standard gregtech quarantine procedure all space craft have either left the planet or have been scuttled. there is many scenarios and theories to explain why the spambots haven't gone all out on us. most of those scenarios are one which we don't have a snowballs chance in hell of getting out of this alive so we will just focus on and plan for the scenarios where we do stand a chance.

    the first scenario is that the spambots don't have the energy to attack us because they expended it all on reproduction and there fore will only react to strong energy signatures as they attempt to scrounge up more power this means that any radio or teleporter transmission capable of reaching orbit will cause the area to be over run with spambots within a few moments

    the second scenario is that the spambots seek to keep us alive so that they can advertise to us. if that's the case then we can assume that the reason they are attacking any significant energy signature is to attempt to stomp out any means of escape.

    what ever the scenario we basically have two options

    first we could salvage parts and build a ship to escape in. if we do this we would have to haul the parts to the summit of Mt. Alblaka-hocked-a-loogie. the tallest mountain in the world. with the hope that the mass of the mountain will slow the spambots break through enough for us to power up the engines and escape.

    second we could *looks in the general direction that T10a ran off* uhhh never mind it probably isn't all that possible forget i said anything.


    did we really need to know he was a technic user? I mean we have been saying recently that we shouldn't need to know and that technic users shouldn't point out that they use technic. so shouldn't that apply to technic bashing as well?

    any way when it comes to OP stuff the advantage of a OP mod is you have the freedom to make things as hard or easy as you want. the disadvantage is you get competitive boastful self proclaimed "bosses" like this. its like he is the buff version of a nerfer instead of nerfing things to his advantage he likes things buffed to his advantage. or he is like some one who things he is a great builder/architect and thinks his big ugly cobble castle is better that the smaller voxel box quality wizard tower a few chunks away. or he thinks he is the best at tf2 cause he crashes n00b servers and owns every one that can't find thier "w" key.

    blame the germans and their professor diesel (inventor of the diesel engine). studies show people like things that go VRRROOOOMMMM CHUG CHUG CHUG VROOOOOOOMMMMM!!!! over things that go wwwhhhhhhhhhh because they don't trust that the quiet one is really working or can keep up for very long. so now people incorporate noise makers into electric tools and vehicles that have to compete with petrol power.