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    Changelog For GT 6.07.15

    Developer Api

    • Made the Garbage Bin and Garbage Dump Storage accessible and also usable via API.


    • Military Bumblebees that produce Combs that yield Bone Dust, they will not attack Players, but they can attack any Mob closeby, even Skeletons and Stuff that would be immune to normal Bumbles.


    • Harvestcraft Candle Crafting Recipes.
    • Not all Mortar Recipes were showing in NEI, when looking up Recipes outputting Dust.
    • Issues with the Global Garbage failing to save its Files.


    • Global Trash (Ender Garbage Bin and Ender Garbage Dump)
      Using the Plunger to delete Fluids from a Tank will cause the Fluid to go into the Global Trash instead of being entirely voided. If a Mass Storage or Item Barrel with more than 512 Stacks inside it is broken, the previously voided surplus Stacks will now go into the Global Trash.
    • If you right click any Bibliocraft thing with a GT6 Item or Tool, it wont do any of the Items or Tools Right Click-Actions anymore.


    • Cooking for Blockheads has its Books now Shelvable. I cannot fully recommend that Mod though as it is exploitable (an Infinite Salt exploit, or removed Crafting Recipes still being there, for example) You must install this mod because the amount of exploits, and it's still a nice to have with Harvestcraft.
    • Better Records: URL and Multi Records are now Shelvable, and the normal URL Record is now actually visible in NEI, and craftable with other Mods Music Discs too, not just vanilla ones. Seems to be an interesting Mod, gonna List it in my Recommenders.
    • Erebus has Bumblehives generating in it now.
    • Twilight Forest has Bumble Hives generating in it now.
    • Atum has GT6 Ores and Desert Bumble Hives generating in it now.
    • Botania Livingwood and Dreamwood are now way more compatible and usable for GT6 Item and Fluid Barrels.
    • Betweenlands Mortar Recipes for Plants got taken over to the GT6 Mortar. GT6 Ores and Bumble Hives generate in that Dimension too now. Added Octine Crucible Set and Weedwood Barrels for both, Items and Fluids.

    News Report

    Also that green text is part where you must read, and for as the striked text that is either not mine or crossed out for reasons. Cheers to The Green Machine for the most exploitable ways. :P

    As for DecoBlocks Classic news I am going to make some of the tools like ruby, sapphire, topaz, amethyst, jade, peridot, pearl, opal, and amber, not too overpowered but overpowered enough.

    Lets keep the Fun there. I wont "fix" that XD

    I checked in my pack and all the EBXL logs are in the oredict, at least for extrabiomesxl_1.7.10-3.16.4.

    Found funny interaction though, some of the logs (well just the Sakura log) don't take up a whole block, so when you debark the log with a GT axe it actually gets bigger. :P

    Or maybe you should not debark that log Nonotan .

    GregoriusT that is wood works as intended.

    1. [ADDED]
    2. New Basic Machine, the Lightning Processor.
    3. Used to combine Nitrogen and Oxygen into Nitrogen Monoxide, and now also to charge Certus Quartz and the TechGuns Battery.
    4. Has the same Side Configuration as a Canning Machine.
    5. Also make sure you get the right Voltage as some Recipes require a rather high one!

    Yes, A new machine hopefully that doesn't take platinum. Also What is Nitrogen Monoxide Useful For?

    GregoriusT You better not delete this one.

    Bear used Bluepower because ProjectRed is so broken that it just voids items in its Project Table. Bluepower Devs moved all over to ProjectRed afaik and therefore indeed abandonned it.

    You might need to remove project table recipe so it will be uncraftable. That way you don't have to worry about the using the project table (Unless obtained via Creative Mode or Cheats) then your items won't void at a wooden crafting table (or crafting table without addons, reasons).

    Ok that is almost translates into

    (I am french sorry i speak not very well your language BUT ... i discovert gregtech (I do not know if we say it

    1- gregtech forced you to get out your rear end to finally offer you craft that will make you sweety on facebook when you film yourself doing them

    2 gregorius is a king of the bronze (with forestry)

    3- I love "l ore generation" as I love to chat with my girlfriend on the phone while I mine

    4 - gregorius is fantastic

    5 gregorius is fantastic ect ect ...

    6 -I wanted to say it)

    Also that translation on the marked color is actually changed due to swearing.

    Edit: Almost forgot someone needs to quote mine not the thread post.

    2nd Edit: Some translation could be really weird stuff.

    I just figured out how to create a multiplayer server which has industrialcraft in it. I want to use the world from my previous server but the problem is that none of the ores (Lead, Uranium, Copper, etc.) are in this world. So my question is how can I get this world to spawn the industrial craft ores?

    I am currently using minecraft 1.12 with the corresponding versions of IC2 and forge.

    You have to enable retrogeneration.

    Yay, I finally have a crystallization crucible so I can start making circuits. Only took me 8 months. Thank god the old worldgen spawned legit nickel ore at the bottom of that garnierite vein.

    Don't let it blow up if you put into too much heat, that thing is a literally expensive because of Iridium. If you don't like this go Download Decoblocks Instead, Because I have a set of metals, plus it supports later minecraft versions like 1.10, 1.11, 1.12. Of course I don't know how to migrate from 1.7.10 to 1.11 for a minecraft mod development version.