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    Initiating space time stabilization procedure...
    Space time stabilized!

    Activating Faraday cage...
    Faraday cage active!

    Begin Transmission to Anti-Spambot Alliance, ReCaptcha encoded
    Nonmomentus Brain here.
    The previous estimates have proofen to be wrong. There is a 73% chance of chaoschamp to bluff regarding the Spambot Mk 4 army and a 97% chance that he is the cause for the recent damages o space time and the EMP.
    Live long and prosper.
    End Transmission to Anti-Spambot Alliance

    So you want a nuclear fusion reactor? That's one of the oldest ideas for IndustrialCraft. I suggested it even before nuclear fission reactors were added! Here's the link to the first time it was suggested.
    However, your presentation style is great! I'm sure it was much work to get all those pictures. Well done! On the other hand, running a search before so much effort would have saved you quite some time.
    Regarding your copper problem, try mining at y=40! You'll find most of the copper there.

    Live long and prosper!

    Begin Transmission to Anti-Spambot Alliance, ReCaptcha encoded
    This is Nonmomentus Brain.
    Should the war against the spambots require any powerful computers, feel free to consult me. I am the most powerful computer known. And yes, your computers are known, GregoriusT.
    I also calculated the probability for chaoschamp's message to be a bluff. It's 95<p<100 per cent.
    Live long and prosper.
    End Transmission to Anti-Spambot alliance

    Science Log, Stardate 0.06 after conversion
    After a crash landing with my shuttle due to malfunctioning computer systems, I have walked to the ruins of the facility. Or at least what I've thought would be ruins. The spambots obviously had stopped the self-destruction sequence. The facility had been devasted by the bots, but everything has still been working. I've known where to go, I'd gone that way many times, but it always had been too dangerous. But as I've returned, all the others had died long ago. Noone has been there to stop me. I've entered the password and entered the room. The spambots hadn't hacked the door, maybe the reactor's radiation had damaged their circuitry or they had been too stupid to understand the importance of the room. Anyway, then I've activated the machine. It has taken a long time, but the hidden star ship is almost ready to start and...

    ...I'm the most powerful computer in the galaxy.

    Or just coal dust. And give RE-batteries the same recipe, except using redstone. Imagine having to make a canning machine to make a generator. It would give you a reason to always have one. Of course, it does beg the question of how to power the canning machine to make a battery to make a generator... good old redstone-as-an-energy-source to the rescue. So you'd have to use two redstone to make a battery to make a generator: one to fill the battery hull, one to power the canning machine for that one operation.

    Using the canning machine for the normal RE battery too? Good idea. I'll add it to the OP.

    Isn't that the old recipe?!!

    Yes, just as I said. But my suggestion isn't re-implementing the old recipe, as I said.

    Single-Use Battery Rework

    Currently, Single-Use Batteries aren't really used. To fix this problem, I propose the following changes:

    • Addition of the Battery Hull
      This new item's only use would be being a crafting ingredient. Its addition would also mean that the RE Battery is now created by filling a Battery Hull with Redstone in a Canning Machine.
    • Changes to the Single-Use Battery itself
      Firstly, its texture would be reverted to the old one. Secondly, it wouldn't be crafted anymore, but created in the Canning Machine using fuel cells as input and Battery Hulls as containers, with the result being Battery Hulls filled with 6 cells worth of fuel and containing the EU equivalent of fuel mixed the same way.

    Hello, potential costumer!
    We heard that people disliked our new T-051 Non-Rechargable Energy Storation Units™. Because of this, we got our plans for the T-501 Non-Rechargable Energy Storation Units™ out again and improved them even further! That's right, they can be IMPROVED EVEN FURTHER! Using our Unmobile Food Canning Machine GTA4™ you can fill T-000 Empty Energy Storation Unit Hulls™ with Octanium C++ Fuel™ or Econium P-- Plant Fuel™ previously contained in a few C-600 Capsule Cell Containers™ to create T-510 Advanced Non-Rechargable Energy Storation Units that contain all the power of the fuel! Of course, they definitely can't be adulterated using light, energy and/or explosives to create some kind of hypothetical super-battery.

    :Force Field: = Nothing
    :Cable: = Uninsulated Copper Cable

    Battery Hull:
    :Force Field: :Cable: :Force Field:
    :Tin Ingot: :Force Field: :Tin Ingot:
    :Tin Ingot: :Force Field: :Tin Ingot:

    What? An apocalypse? Didn't notice that.
    And which movie you'll watch? Hmm... 2001: A Space Odysee? 10,000 BC? 1776? 1900? 1941? 1968 Tunnel Rats? 1984? 1990: The Bronx Warriors? 1991: The Year Punk Broke? 2001 Maniacs? 2009 Lost Memories? 2010? 2019, After the Fall of New York? 2046? 1408? 1492: Conquest of Pradise?
    Many thanks to whoever made the Wikipedia articles about these films.