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    Makes me constantly think that Jeb just wants to 'cheese' content out of mods and make them into "new" vanilla blocks. Probably part of the reason we haven't seen an Mod API so far. (not that we honestly need one at this point with Forge, but still...)

    What's this Mod A-P-I thing that you speak of? /sarcasm

    Which is what makes this so funny for me. The blacklist functionality for Tekkit. After everything that's been done, you really think a login message is going to get people to stop using Tekkit? Bukkit is dead, Tekkit is stuck on 1.2.5 and Forge-like support is finally getting to where it should have been all along. If you don't want IC2 being used, then do it in a way that might have effect. Crash the client with a message similar to the Multiplayer Mod Incompatibility check... but that's beside the point.

    The fact that capes outnumber blacklists by better than 2:1 shows what the important part of that list was.

    This is a bad-practice for an aspiring programmer to be getting into. The blacklist and the cape functionalities both could have been added without online checks. Blacklist, Playerlist and Cape Art all could have been hardcoded at the loss of instant updates.

    The point of the blacklist is to make it so that packs do not grab a version of IC2 that does not have them blacklisted and simply use that without permission, so if it already retrieves a text file for a blacklist, why not just stick a cape list on there too? Sure, the capes certainly do not need to update in real time, but the blacklist does, and the text file gets retrieved no matter what, so it basically costs no additional time to have it there.

    no I don't agree with you, a separate mod would be useless because each user would need to install it to see the cape, which would make it pointless

    This. Who is going to download a mod that has the sole purpose of giving a cape to people 99% of Minecrafters will never see on a server?

    Ehh I don't see what's really the problem here, does any mod need capes? Probably not, but if you have the skill to implement them I really see no problem with including them in your mod. Could the list have been hardcoded into IC2? Yeah, pretty easily in fact, and it does sort of make sense to do so, but has anyone here actually experienced start-up lag from IC2 that they can attribute to a text file being retrieved?



    Note that GregTech did add Capes before RichardG did

    are you sure about that? I swear I remember seeing Direwolf20 have the tester cape in one of his let's play series before GregTech was even out.



    Though it could be possible that RichardG wants to take over the world...


    I know a way, but it is so painful, that I decided to no longer do it. That way is fixing every single Error-Message the decompiler throws at you. I needed a Day and a half for doing that.

    Its much easier to just unzip the jar and put it into your lib-Folder to read the Bytecode in eclipse, and when you then need to access a Class, just make a Dummy of it.

    Ah, I simply remembered you once saying that you had to wait 30 seconds for MCP to compile before you could test your code.

    Go to your .minecraft folder, go to the config folder, find the folder labelled redpower, open the redpower.cfg file inside it, find block 244, change it to something else under 4096. Repeat until errors stop with numbers specified in error log.

    Block ID error,


    RedPowerCore: BlockID 244 occupied by ic2.core.block.machine.BlockMiningTip

    Indicates that you should go into the RedPower config file and change blockID 244 to something else under 4096, repeat that for the different numbers until it stops crashing.

    But before you do that, IC2 1.111 is for 1.4.5, you want this one

    Not doable due code reasons (NBT tags), if i'm not wrong.
    Or devs are just lazy to implement a new item (when cell is full).

    Well... GregTech sort of does it with a few of its recipes in the machines, but doing it normally is impossible I believe.

    Hi there. I have a question about the quantum suit super abilities on SMP(FTB Direwolf 5.0.1). I have checked the changelog but didnt see any changes to the suit so im gonna post it as a bug here.
    1. The helmet doesnt feed you.
    2. The armor protects you from lava but not from fire, so i basically came back from a swim in a lava lake and died after 30 seconds of constant fire damage.
    3. Sometimes the chestplate doesnt protect against some damage at all.

    First off, FTB does not use IC1, this belongs in the IC2 section.

    1. Intentional, a recent change made it require canned food in your inventory to feed you.
    2. Was a glitch, has been fixed in a later version of IC2.
    3. I have no idea, having never experienced this problem, if you can find a repeated cause, feel free to make an official bug report.

    I've only done this once or twice, but hover over the source of the error at the top of the files where it should say package ic2.api and click move to package "ic2.api". That should solve the problem with the packages.

    Is there anyone out there that could give me a detailed explanation on how to install IC2 to a standard minecraft server? I already have it downloaded and installed to minecraft, I just need help putting it on a server so it'll work there. Thanks in advance!

    So you got it working on the client? It's literally the exact same steps on a server.jar, just don't delete META-INF, and delete the world folder it generates upon running it the first time.

    API download link, latest version [MC 1.4.7] Open Beta v1.115

    1. Place contents of .zip into folder on desktop
    2. (I'm assuming you're using Eclipse) Navigate to where you would make a new class, but click new folder
    3. Click advanced
    4. Click bottom option, "Link to alternate location"
    5. Browse to, and select your IC2 API folder on desktop
    6. Click finish
    7. Locate your new folder on the left side in the package explorer
    8. Right click the folder
    9. Select Build Path, and Use as Source Folder.
    10. Eclipse might give some errors with like all the files, but it should work, and if not, create an ic2.api package and move the files there.