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    1. Age: 14

    2. Skype Name: michael.porter44

    3.. How long have you used IC?
    I started using it the day it came out, for a few weeks, then forgot about it. Later on, I saw how far it had come, so I decided to use it again once ic2 came out, and I've been using it ever since.

    4. What is your time zone?

    5. Do you work better in groups or individually?
    It depends. Usually groups, but sometimes it's easier to do stuff alone.

    6. Do you use Mods other than IC2? (Please state)
    I use a few:
    BC/IC2 crossover
    ComputerCraft (Until I learn forth)

    7. Do you already have a Wiki account?

    8. Why are you interested?
    In the past, I have been frustrated with outdated or incorrect information on the wiki. Also, there is some information that would be useful but isn't on there.

    9. What special skill do you bring that would help the project?
    I'm really good at explaining complicated things in a simple way. I also check my info to make sure it's correct before I give it to people.

    would be interesting if it treated some surfaces like amplified ice and others like soul sand
    i'm -1 at the moment but i'm interested in fleshing out the idea

    That's kinda the idea. Some stuff will make you go slow, and some will make you go fast. So you would go normal on stone, slow on dirt, and fast on ice(?)

    I was thinking about rollerblades. They would be crafted like:
    :Intergrated Plating: :Jetpack: :Intergrated Plating:

    :Refined Iron: :Refined Iron: :Refined Iron:

    :Intergrated Plating: = Nothing, :Jetpack: = Boots (Except quantum)

    The rollerblades would be equipped like normal shoes, but once equipped, you will move at 1/4 of walking speed. If you hold down forward, you will slowly speed up to that of quantum boots pants. It would take about 5 seconds to speed up to top speed, and 3 seconds to slow down. If you double tap forward, you lock in, and keep going forward. If you try to turn, only your camera will move, and to turn, you need to strafe. Turn speed depends on how fast you're going.

    The durability depends on what boots you use. The protect you however much the boots would normally, and the rubber boots would negate fall damage. If you crash into a wall, you sustain damage based on the speed. It also has a chance to break off the wheels, leaving you with normal boots.

    The rollerblades, using refined iron wheel technology, can work on ice and ground.

    The advantages over q-boots:
    Don't need charging
    Great for long, straight distances

    Sluggish speed at first
    Difficult turning at speed
    Chance of breaking
    Has to be on flat land

    It's great for traveling a long distance, like on a walkway. It would allow you to move efficiently along large distances, which could be especially useful for smp, where you might do lots of traveling between bases, where it would be easier to lock in your rollerblades than hold control for 10 minutes. They definitely aren't nearly as useful as q-boots, but provide a nice middle ground.

    An upgrade to the composite vest with ceramic plates would make it resistant to projectiles, but take a bit more damage than normal. It would also provide heat resistance, allowing you to go for a lava bath, and since ceramics are very efficient insulators, they would allow you to go for long periods in lava, and not take much damage.

    The q chest maybe a similar upgrade?

    You can break the cables and reuse them though.

    The quantum drill would be basically an amped up version of the diamond drill.

    Craft like:
    :Iridium::Diamond Drill::Iridium:
    :Electronic Circuit::Industrial Diamond: :Electronic Circuit:

    where :Industrial Diamond: = lapo crystal and :Electronic Circuit: = Advanced circuit

    It would mine stone, ores, and obsidian about 20% faster, and it would be able to cut down trees with 2x more energy than an average block, at the speed of a chainsaw. It would stay the same for other materials though, because most others mine almost instantly already. It also holds 1m eu, eliminating the need for the lappack, allowing you to use your quantum chest.

    The real interesting part is that if you press m, if you hover over a block with the cursor, as soon as you get close enough, it will automatically mine it (is this possible?) and you press m again to change it back to normal. It also does as much damage to mobs as an iron sword.

    Currently, the only thing iridium is used for is making quantum armor. I thought of a few ideas.

    Quantum Accelerator:
    Speeds up/slows down time.
    Uses energy, the faster, or slower you want time to go, the more energy it uses. So 1.5x slower would use 128eu/t, but 2x would be 512eu/t.

    Not sure of a crafting recipe, I'm thinking something with iridium plates, teles, and freqtrans. Probably not so great in smp though. Probably wouldn't affect mobs or players.

    Quantum Fabricator:
    Like a mass fabricator, but 2x more efficient. Also works with upgrades, and has a built in recycler that automatically transfers scrap.

    Crafted with mass fab, adv machine on top, recycler on bottom, 6 iridium plates on the sides