Quantum Drill

  • The quantum drill would be basically an amped up version of the diamond drill.

    Craft like:
    :Iridium::Diamond Drill::Iridium:
    :Electronic Circuit::Industrial Diamond: :Electronic Circuit:

    where :Industrial Diamond: = lapo crystal and :Electronic Circuit: = Advanced circuit

    It would mine stone, ores, and obsidian about 20% faster, and it would be able to cut down trees with 2x more energy than an average block, at the speed of a chainsaw. It would stay the same for other materials though, because most others mine almost instantly already. It also holds 1m eu, eliminating the need for the lappack, allowing you to use your quantum chest.

    The real interesting part is that if you press m, if you hover over a block with the cursor, as soon as you get close enough, it will automatically mine it (is this possible?) and you press m again to change it back to normal. It also does as much damage to mobs as an iron sword.

  • OP in my opinion...
    It makes chainsaw, batpack, lappack useless.
    AND i like diamond drill as it is... adding a "crazy mining" function won't make it better

  • Iridiumdrill, didn't that got denied? Alblaka made Lappack/Chestplate/Jetpack to let you choose between diffrent styles of playing and the Mininglaser is instamining everything but Explosionproof material.

    So the result is NO!

    And welcome to the forums