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    By the way, I asked the second question because everyone is dropping the vanilla server in favor of Bukkit. That's bad for a number of reasons, so I'm asking if anyone would use a hardcore SMP mod for the vanilla server.

    I hate Bukkit, but don't hate me. (See what I did there? ;)) I would use that on my server, so yeah, sounds cool.

    Plutonium is (Mostly) mad-made, and is a result of nuclear fission, usually from nuclear fission generators that turn uranium into plutonium. Yes, there are trace amounts in nature, but they are so small a 1x1x1 meter block is too much if it is to be generated with any chance of obtaining some. Also, plutonium that is used in nuclear reactors is not stable enough to be found naturally. Finally, this suggestion has already been denied and you have less than twenty posts *cough* SpwnX *cough*. Sorry, but no. (And yes, I apologize for being Mr. Realist here with that wall of text.)

    I have a few really good ideas about Cider, so I'm going to list them here, in no particular order;

    1. Basic Cider: Basic Cider would be brewed with normal Apples, similar to Rum. It would have both an alcoholic and non-alchoholic version.

    2. Cider+: Cider+ would be like normal Cider, but would be made with Golden Apples, and have a regen effect, and stronger buffs.

    3. Cider++: Cider++ would be like Cider+ but would be make with the new Golden Apples made from blocks, not nuggets (In the latest snapshot).

    4. For more advanced techniques, adding raw Gold Nuggets, Ingots and Blocks should affect the potency of the Cider

    5. Not sure about the effects, but they should be all positive on the Cider++, and ALWAYS should have better effects than eating plain.

    Here are some comments:

    Thanks for adding all that stuff SpwnX, I couldn't think of that much when I posted it.

    HAHAHHAHAHAHHA. It's funny because you only replied to half my post :p

    And people with less than 20 posts shouldn't be able to create new topics, otherwise some already denied suggestions and other non-sense may appear.

    Let's check this kids post count...

    One! According to this very helpful guideline, this shouldn't have gotten suggested. Can I ask you if you did a search for related topics, or looked in the denied ideas thread? Please think through what you suggest and present it nicely and without any useless garbage. Thank you.

    Currently Wind Mills are the endgame power generators: they cost only 6 iron ore and 2 tin ore (plus some other stuff you usually have plenty off) and produce 3.33 EU/t if placed at the correct height at zero cost beside the initial cable line and HV transformer. Compared to a nuclear power plant, you need about 21 wind mills to generate the same output as a Mk I reactor, but once you have them, you will never have to pay any kind of cost to keep them running, in contrast to the reactor which requires a constant supply of uranium.

    While I like wind mills in general, I think the average output is too high. But instead of lowering them in general I think just lowering the effective EU at which they have a chance to break down to 1.5 EU would bring them in line with the other generators. This would have a safe wind mill produce about 1 EU on average, which feels right compared to solar/water generators, but still give you the option to have them produce more. But if you do, you need to repair them every now and then which effectively gives them a resource they "consume" to generate power beyond that point.

    Read the bright pink underlined thing. Have you lost your mind? Not all generators are the same. ALL the generators have drawbacks and good points. Before you call me wrong, here they are:

    • Wind: Pros: Good energy gen if placed right, cheap. Cons: Breaks, takes lots of cable to bring to ground
    • Solar: Pros: Easy to place and use, unlimited. Cons: Stops working at night and rain, needs view of sky
    • Nuclear: Pros: Highest output of any gen. Cons: Meltdown, limited uranium
    • Manned Water: Pros: Good energy output. Cons: Requires babysitting
    • Unmanned Water: Pros: Unlimited. Cons: Lowest energy gen of any generator
    • Generator: Pros: Good energy output. Cons: Needs fuel
    • Geothermal Generator: Pros: Good energy output. Cons: Needs semi-rare fuel

    So that all the generators are "On par" with one another, they all need to stop working during day, use fuel, require babysitting, and need repairs, and remove any other options you have. WOAH! Guys, I think this may be the winning idea here.

    Honestly, these "This is OP!!!!!1!" posts are getting old. Research everything thoroughly, use spell check, proofread your post, and offer practical solutions to the problem, not nerfs.