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    It seems like your Bio Diesel Cell ought to be registered as equivalent to Forestry's Ethanol. SirSengir changed the name of the former Biofuel, you see. Or did I miss something? Right now, Diesel Cell is equivalent to Fuel, after all.

    Edit: I just realized that oceans will soon be my best resource... Can't wait for Eloraam's next update. I'll have a Tetrahedron-shaped sky fortress pumping water up through a tacky wool "syphon-hurricane". Assuming Frame movement doesn't break everything, of course. How well do GregTech machines work with Frames, btw?

    We have all kinds of delicious plants, but I've seen nothing that allows growing lapis. It feels like too much to grow it directly, but I think it has potential with tiny piles of dust. I saw you did some work on cropcards with I don't now and it's your dust, so I'm pitching the idea to you. :D

    Bluegrass - Tier X

    Discovered by: ;)
    Keywords: Blue, Lapis, Wheat
    Drops: Tiny Pile of Lazurite Dust
    Special conditions: Planted over 3 lapis lazuli ores

    Edit: Actually, I do like using the ores. Not blocks. The lazurite supply probably shouldn't grow exponentially without effort. In order to expand your lazurite farm, you'd have to Silk Touch new lapis ores. Plus no seed means they'd have to be successfully crossbred to get each new plant. Your thoughts?

    And how would you people imagine an electric Crowbar?!? I already have Problems imagining how the electric Hoe works.

    You know those garden tilling machines with the spinning tines that rip up and loosen the soil? It doesn't look like it, but an electric hoe would probably resemble that in practice. An electric crowbar? Just electrify the prongs on the end like a stun gun. Those rails will straighten right up at the sight of it.

    I see that Silk Touch automining is denied (and I approve of that decision). This may be treading the line, but it's not the same. Imagine putting an Iron/Steel/Diamond Jackhammer into a Miner and having it carve ugly scars into the landscape, leaving the ores untouched and vulnerable to exploitation. Then any interested industrialist could whip out his Rock Cutter and go to work. It would still be a manual process, but much simplified by having the useless blocks removed before-hand.

    Btw, some of the things on the to-do list are implemented already? Some look like things I've spotted in the changelog.

    Underlining was mine. The redundant second entry was likely the result of the rounding, which you mentioned later in your post.

    You know, I was looking at an old to-do list and one of the items on it was "Add RP2 dye support". . . :facepalm:
    That's going to be a part of the 1.3 update, definitely.

    A nikolite block, though. . . I don't have any real interest in doing one. Unlike the dye, that's not registered with the forge ore dictionary, and because there's no RP2 API support (that I'm aware of) working with nikolite would take, IMHO, much more effort than I'm willing to put in, especially compared to what I'm working on now.

    OTOH, I'm a big fan of redpower. I never got the point of blutricity, working with it has been a minor distraction at best, but other than that thinking of new uses for block breakers/deployers/frames/the rest of RP goodies has been bucketloads of fun. I stopped using buildcraft pipes ago, the only reason I have that mod installed is because forestry and logistics pipes are too awesome to pass up. Even auto-crafting is something I would dispense with if dropping it meant I didn't have to download 7 additional files every time I update my mods.

    As far as nikolite goes, it's mainly just to have something to do with the heaps of it that I seem to acquire. Its unique colour could make for an interesting decorative block as well. Curiously, would it work to just read the item id from the RP config file in order to set up the recipe? I know essentially nothing about modding, but another fellow did something similar to allow flax seeds to plant a custom crop, iirc. But if it ends up being too troublesome, then no worries.

    Added Torchweed, attributed to Captain Jack Harkness.

    Oh, I was hoping for this, when I read the crop name.

    Future crops-
    Something to give tin for cells, and might as well add a copper crop.

    Have them actually just grow Empty Cells and Insulated Copper Wire? As often as we all make them, I know I've wished more than once that they grew on trees...

    Edit: Speaking of trees, I have a question. (I haven't downloaded your addon yet, but I probably will later tonight, so forgive me if this is obvious.) Do your treeplants have the potential to make all breeds of vanilla planks and wood, or just Oak? Sometimes I like to mix things up aesthetically, therefore, I'd like to have this option. Not a big deal though.

    This looks interesting. I'll bookmark it.

    Since you're adding redstone blocks, I can't help but long for bluestone (aka nikolite) blocks. It would be nice if the painter was compatible with indigo dye as well, so I can save my lapis for lapotrons... laser beams... that sort of thing.


    Does anyone have a rough estimate of the time it takes for resin hole to respawn? I was just thinking it would be neat to set up an automatic rubber farm using treetaps in RP deployers. Problem being, if I were to set them up on a timer, I have no clue what interval to set the timer for.

    Edit:Technic wiki says 2 - 3 mincraftian days... rather discouraging. Seems stickreed is the way to go at this point. Or just a plain rubber tree farm with block breakers.


    First, Vanilla Ladders will not be changed due to being vanilla stuff, and like i keep repeating "MOST modders rather not touch any vanilla behavior/item/block"

    Second, vanilla ladders where made like that for ease of use (From what i can gather), since like you sure have noticed they barely have any hitbox going on with them, making placing a ladder on top of each other to be a pain in the arse.

    I understand that first point and I'll try to keep that in mind. Thank you. I don't really consider the hitbox to be ridiculously small... it's no troble if you have good aim. Oh well, doesn't matter.

    I like this idea for aesthetics but I believe it shouldn't be Alblaka's and his team's job to do this. Perhaps an independant modder yeah. But not IC2 as it doesn't include IC2 components.

    A good point. I just have a mild obsession with aesthetic and symetric design.

    Only for aesthetics? Sorry, this just isn't worth the effort.
    The IC team has lots of more important things on their to do list.

    Use scaffolds for a freestanding solution of climbing up.

    Very well... I won't die for the lack of special ladders.

    Ladders in real life, as often as not, stand apart from a wall for much of their length. Sometimes they're propped against an overhang high above them. Sometimes they hang down from a support high above, like on a fire escape. What I'm suggesting is mainly an aesthetic change, but could have some utility as well.

    I suggest a few changes to the behavior of vanilla wooden ladders and the addition of a new block, to be described later. Vanilla ladders would no longer have to be placed against a solid block all the time. They just need something to attach to. For the first one you place, this is still the side of a solid block. After that, you can place ladders on top or below the first. They would adopt the original ladder's orientation and rely on it for support. Breaking the original ladder by any means will, naturally, cause the whole structure to collapse.

    Ladders could be supported from the top, bottom, or anywhere in the middle, so long as at least one ladder is supported by a solid block. It would be reasonable to limit the extent of the support to 5 blocks, for example, much like scaffolds. But doesn't this make them too much like those scaffolds? No, I think there are still a couple of key differences: 1) ladders still need to be placed one at a time. Thus you may want to just skip them for very temporary construction work, if you don't want to go through that effort; 2) holding shift on a ladder will negate gravity, causing you to remain at your current height. If you really need to keep a steady grip on things, you may want ladders after all.

    Finally, I would like to see an iron version of ladders, behaving more or less identically to wooden ladders. This is mainly for aesthetics, once again, so that you could pair wooden ladders with wooden scaffolds/fences and iron ladders with iron scaffolds/fences. Also do note that a fire escape with a wooden ladder more often than not ends badly for all involved.

    Tell me what you think. Useless? Useful? Overpowered?

    Otherwise, it is limited simply by the quality of the cable connecting to the solar hub. If tin, you don't want more than 5 strung together; if copper, 32; etc. That would be much more freeform and, considering it, I'm happier with that. If cable isn't used and you were to, for example, have the hub output directly into a mass fab... well you could string up 512 of them safely, but that seems like it might be too ridiculous a situation to contemplate.

    I had a random thought. For tube shaped forcefields, a levitation unit upgrade would be interesting. I imagine it nullifying gravity and moving entities slowly outward along its axis. A vertical tube would, for example, lift a player into the air. This is inspired, of course, by the Excursion Funnels of Portal 2. As such, the polarity could be reversed to pull entities toward the generator. Cheers!