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    Description: The ability to craft at the very least wood in your 2x2 crafting grid using UU matter. (Maybe shapeless? But I imagine that might not be possible...)

    Reason: It's a really tiny tweak (assuming the code allows it). My main intention for this is that I would like to make a Sky-Block-like map based around UU-Matter. As it stands, I would need to include a crafting table. Not a big deal, but I like the idea of the player being able to truly start from nothing but UU - and that requires being able to make a crafting table, which requires wood... which you can't make out of UU without... a crafting table.

    It's not a big change. It's not super important. It won't break my heart if it's not implemented. But right now, if you were stuck in a void world with an infinite supply of UU-Matter, you wouldn't be able to do anything. This suggestion would fix that.

    (If anyone's interested, my plans for the map are: Quantum Generator from Advanced Solars [haven't done the math as to what the output should be yet] hooked up to a Mass Fab, with a wooden pipe and autarchic gate. All surrounded by bedrock to keep the player out)

    In his defense, I wouldn't click on "How to blow up your reactor" while looking for information on breeding uranium... While Alblaka makes amazing, funny, and informative posts, his thread titles aren't the most descriptive or helpful. ;)

    Its only requiring IC², though I made many Recipe compatiblities for Railcraft.

    I have made an electric Version of the Blast Furnace for Steel, Aluminium, Titanium, Chrome and Tungsten, so you dont even need that.

    Thanks for the quick response! I don't see a recipe for an electronic blast furnace on the wiki, but it's good to know that there's another way to get steel. How does one get mixed metal ingots without Railcraft's Rolling Machine? Does that get automatically disabled if Railcraft isn't installed, or is there an electric Rolling Machine I don't know about? ;)

    Hello, I've been introduced to your add-on through Feed the Beast. Like the wimp I am, I've disabled all the difficult configs, but someday I would like to play Gregtech the way it was intended; hardcore. So I was wondering which mods I NEED to use for Gregtech. As I understand it, I will need Railcraft to get the steel to make the electric tools (and of course, Industrialcraft). Gregtech changes the Buildcraft quarry recipe, but doesn't REQUIRE anything from Buildcraft, correct? Do I need any mods other than IC2 and Railcraft to be able to craft everything from Gregtech?

    So there I was, sitting there on my couch, thinking about Minecraft, when I thought "it would be awesome if there was an add-on where you could just walk onto a pad and it would charge all your IC2 items/armor in your inventory. I should check the IC2 forum to see if it's been done already." And it was! I am adding this to my mods folder and look forward to using it!

    However, I noticed a bug on MCHeavy's spotlight...…page&v=lkV0R9Etd4U#t=720s

    The lapotron Crystal disappears, with all its precious EU. :( Not sure if that's been fixed (or even noticed), but no one had mentioned it on this thread, so I thought I'd bring it to your attention.

    Guys, if you don't like the recipe, go try out Compact solars or something. It doesn't matter how much the Ultimate Solar Panel costs, it is an end-game item that is supposed to be freakin' hard to get because you will virtually never need another IC2 power source ever again. You don't have to worry about nuclear components, you don't have to worry about it exploding, you don't have to insert lava or charcoal or anything. It just sits there and gets you an insane amount of EU, day in and day out.

    Yes, the math is against it. It takes a "long time" to pay for itself. mak326428 says 18 1/2 hours. HeadHunter67 said over three hours for the Hybrid (tier 2). Big whoop. I don't know about you, but I play Minecraft a lot. Eighteen hours is a long time, but I plan on putting forth the effort to get the solars early, and then I will play for days and days and I will never need another power source. I will have more EU than I know what to do with. Throw in a mod pack (like FTB) and I can work on Forestry, or Railcraft, or any of seven other full mods. I have so much to work on, it'll probably take me months of real-life time to finish my "ultimate base" in which time the solar panel would've paid for itself hundreds (if not thousands) of times over.

    If the recipe gets any cheaper, it will be more overpowered than it already is. If the solars get nerfed, then the entire point of the mod is gone. And don't forget that you'll be using the Advanced Solar Panel to get the Hybrid, and using the Hybird to get the Ultimate Hybrid. And it fills up an MFSU in 16 minutes (of sunlight).

    Don't change the recipe.