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    Well, I just want to point out that as far as I know, arcane bores don't actually need vis. I've had one running next to an empty node with only a water crystal cluster just fine. At least I don't notice any speed difference. The only problem I have is that the repair enchant doesn't really work, and I have to manually bring it somewhere else for repair. Besides that, if I were to simply replace the pick/wand, I don't actually need any vis.

    Might also be a misobservation on my part, I'd be happy if someone can confirm this.

    Well, in any case Redpower tubes are faster. The normal pneumatic tubes are much faster than plain BC pipes, and magtubes are much faster even that pure gold pipes.

    As for sorting, with filters you can get up to 9 different items in any direction. It's only one way, but still works.

    If you have 5 series of MFSUs, it shouldn't be a problem. Even when the first MFSU of 1 series is full, until the entire series is full, it can store 512 EU/t. As you have 5, as long as 4 of the series are not completely full, all the EU is stored. As for some getting filled faster, yeah. I also have that problem. Until now, I have no idea how to resove this problem.

    +1 to the suggestion, but the 20 blocks free teleport will likely not be implemented. After all, a couple of blocks isn't that expensive. Especially since you won't be teleporting players, but entities. Only a couple thousand EU per teleport then.

    Well, in most cases, if you have 4 Storage units that all output directly to the machines, they suck up the EU all from one storage units, meaning 3 fill up and one is empty. This prevents having the maximum amount of output, so you can't really use high OC machines effectively without having an extremely large input. This block would remove this need, and allow you to use all the storage units evenly, removing the need to fill up some of the storage units before the others even get enough.


    This would be a type of special Block that attaches only to storage units. The purpose of this would be to even out the amount of energy in the storage units next to it. It would have 2 options, one is to balance amount of energy by percent, the other by absolute amount of EU. It should have a Limit of maybe 512 EU/t. An additional feature this block could have is that when it gets an input, it automatically distributes the energy to the Storage unit with the lowest amount of energy.

    This would be extremely useful for making parallel storage units, as as of now, usually such Energy storage systems usually get used one by one.

    :Refined Iron: = EU detector cable

    :Refined Iron: :Advanced Circuit: :EC Meter:
    :Glass Fibre: :Advanced Machine: :Glass Fibre:
    :EC Meter: :Advanced Circuit: :Refined Iron:

    Can someone tell me how much damage exactly Extreme Voltage does in uninsulated HV cable (to players)? It would be nice to know, thanks.

    BÙ XÍNG.
    (I'd do this in Chinese characters, but I don't really feel like using google translate.)

    Seriously. An energy source that INCREASES over wire distance? Ever took basic physics? Plus, since EU goes infinitely fast through wires, all you need is an MFS and you get an imput of at least 100, simply by hooking up 20 batboxes into one such wire.

    As for nuclear fusion, IT DOESN'T EVEN USE URANIUM (in most cases).

    What you're suggesting is then completely pointless. What you just said is an exact and perfect description of an electrolyzer. The best you could hope for is a revamp of the now existing electrolyzer, which I also think is rather needed. The 10 eu/t is simply too slow. In any decent world, your entire input is already bigger than that.

    BTW, Electrolyzer is only available for MV and HV.

    I remember when I forgot my mining laser on explosive... In my glass dome. Bad idea.

    As for the mode, I would gladly support it. Good name might be spread mode, as that would be the only way to keep damage but not destroy blocks.

    You can actually predict ghast movement? How? They change directions before the laser can even get to them...

    As for the second sentence, you can see that I complain how the player is faster than the laser ^^.