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    So do you think the solar panel is overpowered after crafting them? Do you think they were worth the effort of making?

    They are a HUGE pain to craft but even with that, I am now charging a MSFU as fast as it can decharge, and its on the the set it and forget setups. I would suggest keep the crafting the way it is and reduce the daytime EU output down to 4 (keep the night time 1/eu). At that point they are still awesome to have but its not an item that is a "must" early on but you would sometime or another make a few even if its just for your remote off the wall bases that dont need a lot of power.

    Edit: On a side note you could make these items even more "endgame" by adding Iridium plates into the crafting recipe. THAT would have stopped me from making a whole stack because I do not have enough plates on this map yet,

    just tried this addon it is kinda op'd but then again the mats somewhat make up for it... on one hand i sink a butt ton of expensive mats into this and i get decent power generation and its not like i can mass produce this like the regular solar panels.

    I just kinda mass produced them, I just got 64 of them and then realalized I had my old solar farm going into an MFE so then had to make an MFSU for this array.

    I will say tho I was running around for about 1.5 hours grabbing and processing all the mats for this. All in all I had to make all of this, the rest I had on hand or wanted to keep on hand so I made more.

    64 energy crystals
    64 laps
    80 circuits
    3 stacks of carbon plates
    2 stacks of reinforced plating
    2 stacks of reinforced glass
    9 stacks of rubber

    I just have to say I am so glad I have 6 macerators, though I was tempted to make more and more compactors while doing this. Also note I NEVER want to see another piece of rubber again, holy crap that was a lot. And no none of this was TMI'd.

    edit: My storage room looks about as empty as it did on day 7 now...

    Well if we are discussing our cobble stone gens, here's mine.
    16 rows of lava 9 long, = 144 lava sorce
    a row of water to turn to cobble.
    16 bridge blocks from better then blocks on a 1.750 tick.
    even if there is a 10% loss of cobble due to lava that's still 130 cobble per tick.
    I am using red power wiring here but it is not needed, its just prettier.
    On the EE front I have an alch chest with a GOED and a blackhole band.
    I have also done this with piping from BC and ran this into a MASS of macerators and furnaces.

    watch what happens when you take like 4 MFSU outputs combine it into one and plug it into the terraformer, its awesome, as al said there is a "max" that each TFBP will take, they also have different ranges

    Irrigation- 3000eu
    Desertification- 2500eu
    Cultivation- 4000eu
    Chilling- 2000eu
    Flatification- 4000eu

    You cant assume everyone has buildcraft.

    Possible reasons for not getting it:
    incompatibility with other mods
    not liking it

    there is a forge BC so that solves incompatibility as long as you have block ID's which is not that that big of an issue esp if modders start using meta values more often. and as for not liking it you can just get the transport part of it if that's all you care about.

    I was recently playing with this a mag can do twenty above and below how ever if you hit it you will stop moving, and hitting shift will slow you down. the best I have found to do this is at the bottom place one below ground then 40 fences up place another at that point get off at a little transfer area and get back on it above for another 40, this is a good thing tho because you can fly right off the pole when going fast and land kinda painfully.

    is your solar panel array a flat one? if so its like drash said, you have a huge shunt fault and its the energy net is calculating all paths (think OSPF routing protocol) a way to help this is paint each other line in repeating colors then paint the line going to storage a different color EXCEPT where the branches meet into it. this will help. as for your world run it via script to go offline mode and give it more memory.

    java -Xms1024m -Xmx1024m -cp "%APPDATA%\.minecraft\bin\*" -Djava.library.path="%APPDATA%\.minecraft\bin\natives" net.minecraft.client.Minecraft

    paste the above in a word pad and save it as somthing like start minecraft.bat

    if you have the ram increase the 1024's

    so you already saw the answers but you STILL opened a thread... wheres al when you need him to yell at someone. Okay all these people who are having problems including you with the laps are doing somthing wrong, I have made 5 MFSUs in just my current world and never had any issue. Do this and you should not have anymore issues.
    1st I hope you have a backup of your .minecraft folder.
    delete your .minecraft folder
    restore from backup
    redownload all below mods so you have the most current for 1.7.3
    install modloader
    install modloader MP
    install minecraft forge
    install IC^2
    DO NOT backup your world and try to use it. start a new one.
    this bug happened in 0.9 the only way I have seen it persist is if you copy over your old world or had crystals already made.

    Edit: normally I am not this rude but come ON you already saw what happened to the other threads
    Edit2: also dont craft a lap with charged energy crystals.

    I think bottlenecking is the main problem with other types of transmission. Especially when powering transporters or mass fabricators. However this whole chunk loading business is something thats screwing with my plans for large scale power networks. (essentially a grid with multiple up and downloading points). Anyone know a way around this aside from using MFSUs all over the place? (which would introduce a new bottleneck....)

    How about something like this, at each central station you are producing a high amount of EU (depending on your energy uses and needs) powering up two MFSUs, down convert that to MV to feed 4 MFE's each, then combine those eight to one line and step it back up to HV and just run glass as power lines, at any intersection you put BELOW your Line a down convert back to MV to power a MFE to use as a powersupply, you could even have multiples it that sight needed a large storage for some reason. once you get to a point where you want to stop incurring loss convert to MV feed another 8 MFE and then combine step up and retransmit. You could also add multiple Central power stations and satalite stations with ease and add them to the grid.

    Thanks to all the power coming from different locations (8 MFE's) it will not pop the line and the recharge of your transformers will be quite fast (1024-loss) and keeps getting faster the more power stations you add.

    I made a small mark up of this on my one of my test maps

    For those who want to know heres a list of the voltages and the machines that accept them.

    Mass Fab
    Induction furnace (noticed no difference in speed)
    Everything else

    Note some machines will not explode when first connected to the wires because they do not need energy. Once you try to operate them or remove and replace the cable it will blow.
    and also EV into a mass fab is a NUKE size boom.

    Pistons? :P

    thats a great idea, now I am gonna use Fourfires source log idea and move them around with pistons and get it all set up that way... gonna have to mine a shaft upwards so I can plant more and piston down the source. and the mod with the big green blocks, thats just a lighting mod (redpower is soooo awesome) I could have just put a torch down and it would have worked as well. As for the grass that it has to be planted on I remember the days I stair stepped grass down into a cave for an animal farm (which notch fixed and can no longer be done) so I could have done it that way... but I have EE so woot.

    really nice :)
    but can you also make a "controll" block that emit redstone when the reactor reached a (setable) heat ?
    but of yourse it must only emit redstone in one direction, otherwise it shutdown the reactor :/

    Nice work on the therm, however the above idea I hope never happens, it would make making breeders WAY too easy. unless once it hit the point the redstone would stay on until it hit like zero heat.

    I am also Using IC2 EE and Buildcraft so here is my main achievement my COAL FACTORY!

    hehe nice, I had one like that except for I used cobble stone coming from a generator from build craft quarry and that would be turned to dirt, and so on and so forth, I stopped at wood tho becaused I used a lot of wood and did not feel like chopping down trees. yeah the DM furnace thats a bug AFAIK, so how that we had the I-furnace with IC^2ed I dont use the DM furnace anymore. Also I now have a cobblestone generator using better blocks "bridge" block. At a size of 13 long, 8 high and 7 wide I produce about 50 cobble every 1.8 seconds, Pipe that into a alc chest with a GoED and bam diamonds galore. Just gotta keep it away from my main base a bit (20 blocks) so I don't get any lag from the sounds.

    Edit: nice rubber tree farm, is there a benefit to cutting them down to one log? I have an underground rubber tree farm and I only took off the leaves and left the whole log part.

    Anyone know why my images show us the URL instead of the image like below.

    your sure this is a good design? it produces more than the 32 heat you say
    the middle uranium rod produces (5 pulses * 10 to Hull) = 50 heat alone
    then your depleted isotope cells also produces some heat
    the outward cooling is 20water+1reactor+2*6chamber = 34 cooling

    so the result is for me 50-34 = 16 heat to hull ever tick (edit: haven't counted the depleted isotope heat)

    so is it safe to use this self heating breeder ??

    You might have got tripped up on the two empty slots, they did NOT have any thing in them, except at one point a lava bucket. Heres the full math on it.

    U-cell, 3 pulses, 0 cooling elements, 10 heat to hull each pulse. Total U-cell Heat 30
    Iso cell, pulses dont matter, cooling dont work on them, 1 heat to hull each, Total Iso heat, 2
    Total heat to hull 32

    Reactor, at 1 cooling, total 1
    Chambers, at 2 cooling each, six chambers, 12 cooling.
    Water, at 1 cooling each blocks, 19 water blocks. ( filled in one block with a piece of glass.)
    Total Cooling, 32

    Heat with 5 lava buckets and let it run.

    Is it a PERFECT breeder? I generates some heat... a lot of heat. I think, it is positive breeder, isn't it?

    yes it generates 32 heat, however outward cooling and the water cools 32 heat, balancing it out.

    As nargon just said albablaka's post is outdated the source shows 100 hp per reactor, hes post also says 10k for each reactor which its 1k for each reactor.

    actualy nargon pretty much wrapped up everything, I even housed this in glass which wont become lava even if I got this to 85% as only rock, iron, lava (lol) ground and clay, will become lava.

    tho as I was laying down to sleep I figured out how to give it 200 more hp, by putting the cells in the corner.

    so all I have to do is drop 5 lava buckets in and its good to go